CryptoMeister Review – BTC SCAM!


CryptoMeister software is supposed to be some big time BTC educational tool. Apparently, it can help teach us everything and anything there is to know about trading with cryptocurrencies. Yes, it is no secret that cryptocurrencies are becoming ever more popular in the trading world. Seeing as Bitcoin has reached an all-time high value of $7,500, it is no surprise that scams are popping up everywhere. The people behind the CryptoMeister app know that people are weary of BTC trading due to the high risks involved. They hope to convince people that their stellar educational course will bring them confidence and the knowledge needed to successfully trade in the world of cryptocurrencies.

We are here doing a CryptoMeister scam review because there is a lot that you need to know about this malicious software. In fact, this is one of the first cryptocurrency trading apps that we have seen which actively installs software onto your computer with the aim of extorting money from you. We have received hundreds of complaints about this CryptoMeister system and they are not stopping. It would appear as though the CryptoMeister system is a good way to learn about Bitcoin and BTC trading, but this is not true in the least. This is a scam and just like all other scams out there, the aim of the CryptoMeister app is to steal money from you any way it can.



Who Is In Charge Of The CryptoMeister System

One the main website, we are told that a man named Aeden Kelly is leading the charge. Apparently he is some long time day trader with tons of experience in the worlds of cryptocurrency, Forex, and binary options too. He appears to be some highly knowledgeable big shot trader that has the skills and expertise to teach us all about BTC trading. However, we have a big problem with Aeden, which is that we only ever get to see a picture of him on the CryptoMeister site, but not live action shot of him talking.

We suspect that the image on the CryptoMeister website is nothing more than a stolen stock photo. We did a lot of research and digging around. Nowhere could we find a reference to this Aeden Kelly guy, well of course except for his association with this CryptoMeister scam. In all reality, this guy does not exist at all. He’s just a scapegoat being used to protect the identities of the real criminals in charge here. They know that what they are doing is totally illegal and they just don’t want to go to prison for it. The bottom line here is that we have no idea who is in charge of this shady educational and trading system, which is more than enough to send us running for the hills.



CryptoMeister App & Anonymity Problems

Something that really stands out as suspicious about this CryptoMeister app is that it cannot possible have the appropriate licensing to provide people with financial advice. Yes, providing people with financial advice is an activity which requires licensing. However, only legit and credible people or companies can acquire these licenses.

Since the CryptoMeister app is totally anonymous, you can rest assured that it does not possess the required licensing to engage in these activities in a legal manner. If these crooks do provide any kind of valuable advice, it would be like learning organ transplant surgery from some guy with a white van and rusty tools in the alley behind the hospital. Don’t trust the people behind the CryptoMeister app whoever they are! They are not allowed to do this legally!

CryptoMeister Scam App – Paying For Nothing

Nothing about this CryptoMeister system is legit, yet it still costs money. Sure, on the homepage it is claimed that this educational stuff is all 100% free, but that is just not true. You can sign up for free, but once you sign up, it will cost you lots of money access the real education materials. As you will see below, paying any kind of money for this is a joke because the education provided is simply terrible!

CryptoMeister System – Terrible Educational Material

Perhaps the biggest let down about this bogus app is that the educational material provided is totally bogus and absolutely useless. We took a good look at quite a big portion of the so called educational material provided and none of it is good in any way. All of this “info” is stuff that you could learn for free simply by going to Google or YouTube. You can also learn most of this stuff right here!

These scammers have no idea what they are talking about and the BTC trading training they provide is lackluster beyond anything else. The tutorials, E-Books, and other training materials are all filled with nonsensical material that will never come to good use when you go to trade with cryptocurrencies. Don’t listen to the horrible advice that these clowns try to shove down your throat!



CryptoMeister Software – RANSOMWARE!

The most disturbing thing that we found out about the CryptoMeister app is that it is actually a very dangerous piece of ransomware. Ransomware is a type of virus which finds its way onto your computer, usually through email. It then encrypts all of your files and holds them hostage, telling you that you will never get your files back unless you pay up, which in this case is 0.1 BTC or about $150.

Yes, that is right, as soon as you open an email or link from this system, your computer will be infected with a virus that holds your most important files hostage until you decide to pay up. Remember folks, once this CryptoMeister virus finds its way onto your computer there is almost nothing that you can do to remove it. We highly recommend staying away from this system as far as you can because it’s only aim is to rip you off.

CryptoMeister Review – Conclusion

As you can see, the CryptoMeister app is nothing more than a computer virus and a lie meant to steal money from you! Stay away from it at all costs! In case you are also interested in binary options, Forex, and other types of online trading, check out our sister site, for all of the latest news and scam reports!


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