Bitcy Review: A Crypto-Scam

Bitcy software is allegedly the world’s best high yield investment program for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Richard Lester, the man whom we are led to believe is in charge of this whole thing, claims that Bitcy software can generate over 7,000% ROI in a single month. Supposedly we just need to invest some money and let the software do all of the work for us. Sure, minimal investment and maximal profit sounds good, but it’s all just a scam anyway. We’re here doing a Bitcy scam review to give you fair warning about just how dangerous the Bitcy system is. Remember folks, HYIP programs are usually always scams, as is the case with this exact scam app.





How Much Money Can Bitcy Software Generate?

Allegedly, the Bitcy trading app can help us generate over 7,000% ROI in just the first month of using it. Just think of that folks. That would mean that you would profit by 70 times from your original investment. Apparently, the Bitcy Bitcoin app can turn $100 into $100,000 in just 30 days. Of course, this would be an absolutely fantastic thing, if we could just turn the program on, let it do its thing, and sit back as the profits roll in. However, this is also totally impossible. It simply is not possible to make that kind of money through Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading no matter who you are or what trading program you use.

The claim that the Bitcy app can make turn you into a millionaire in under 1 year is totally bogus. This is nothing more than a lie and a cheap trick meant to sucker in newbies and beginners who don’t know how cryptocurrency trading really works. We highly suspect that the Bitcy trading app never makes any kinds of trades or investments at all. It is simply an empty shell that steals your money, which is shown by the fact that these crooks never once mention what kind of trading strategy is involved. The only thing that you need to know here is that even the best trading programs in the world cannot muster those figures. 7,000% ROI in a single month is absolutely out of the question.


Bitcy Scam Software – Totally Anonymous

Another surefire way of telling that the Bitcy app is just a scam, has to do with the fact that we have no idea who is in charge here. We are informed that the man leading this Bitcy charge is named Richard Lester, a big time Bitcoin trading guru with tons of experience in the world of financial trading and investment. However, we know for a fact that this guy is just a scapegoat and a phony. We are never shown Richard in action or speaking live in person. All we ever get is a little picture of a random guy combined with some truly lackluster voice narration.

Well, we found the image of “Richard” on several stock image databases. You can rest assured that his name is not Richard. His image has been used to promote various other scam services and to sell an array of totally unrelated products. Richard Lester is not the real deal, Richard is not his name, he doesn’t know the first thing about Bitcoin, and besides being used to portray the leader of this operation, he has absolutely no association with this Bitcy scam. He is simply a scapegoat being used to protect the real identities of the scammers stealing your money. They don’t want to go to prison, so they choose to stay hidden in a guise of anonymity.





Bitcy Scam App – Made Up Address

Yet another telltale sign that a scam is happening here has to do with the fact that the address we are supplied with is totally made up out of thin air. The Address for the Bitcy software company is listed as 150 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, UK. However, we know for a fact that those buildings are occupied by other businesses, not by whoever created this Bitcy scam.





Bitcy Software – No Licensing

Ok, so now that we know that there is no legit person or company in charge of the Bitcy app, it leads us to the obvious conclusion that this software cannot possible be licensed. Bitcoin trading software definitely requires licensing and strict regulation. Well, licensing boards will only grant licenses to real, legitimate, trustworthy, and credible people and/or companies. Since the Bitcy app is totally anonymous, there is no way that it could have ever gotten the necessary licensing to engage in Bitcoin trading on your behalf.

In other words, if Bitcy software does in fact make trades and investments, it is doing so illegally. These crooks have no legal business handling your money in any way, shape, or form. This is somewhat beside the main point though, because we are almost 100% certain that this ludicrous BTC app never makes trades at all. If you weren’t already aware, this is a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme wrapped into one little stinky package!


Bitcy Scam Software – Fictitious Quotes

One of the things which Bitcy software does to try and lend itself an air of legitimacy is to include random quotes from famous people on their website. Bill Gates and several other well known financial gurus have various quotes featured on the Bitcy website. Sure, they might be real quotes with those men have said at some point in the past, but they have nothing to do with the this fraudulent BTC app.

The only reason why these quotes are included on the website is to make it seem like Bill Gates and other big time players were saying positive things about this Bitcoin system. Rest assured folks, neither Bill Gates nor anyone else of a high position in the financial hierarchy has every endorsed the Bitcy app or even said anything good about it.





Bitcy Software – The Ponzi Scheme

If you do not know what a Ponzi scheme is, it is a type of scam where criminals ask people for money in the form of investment, promising huge returns in a limited amount of time. These scammers then keep collecting money from more and more people, but never actually invest it or trade with it. They simply use new investments to pay small sums of money to old investors to keep them quiet and placated.

The problem is that no investor every actually makes a profit here, and by the time you notice that something is awry, it’s usually too late and the money is gone. This is exactly what the Bitcy app is, a Ponzi scheme. They take your investment, promise big returns, never actually invest anything, and use your money to buy gold plated caviar. Rest assured folks, you will never see a single penny in profits from this Bitcy scam system.





Bitcy Review – Conclusion

The only viable conclusion to come to about the Bitcy app is that it’s just another malicious Bitcoin scam. This is a fraudulent high yield investment program disguised as a legit Bitcoin investment opportunity. This particular trading app is just a horrible Ponzi scheme meant to steal your money and nothing more!


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