Crypto Revolution Scam Review: DANGER!


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies maybe revolutionary in nature, but the Crypto Revolution app is certainly not. We are told that this awesome BTC and cryptocurrency trading system can generate $10,000 per day with a $10 investment. Wow, wouldn’t that be nice? Well, unfortunately it is also not true. We did a lot of digging around here and all the signs point towards a SCAM! We are doing a Crypto Revolution scam review and you need to read it. You need to be warned about the very real threat posed to your financial security if you go anywhere near this bogus trading system!



Crypto Revolution App – False Logos & Associations

One of the first clear indications that Crypto Revolution software is a scam is in relation to bunch of logos plastered onto the main website. On the site there are a bunch of logos from McAfee, Secure Trading, Norton, and BitGo. These logos are in place to try and make us think that Crypto Revolution software is safe and secure to use.  After all, all of those companies are highly reputable and legit security services with proven track records. However, we did some snooping around and the results are crystal clear. This bogus BTC trading system is not secured by any of those companies or systems.

These icons are put on the website to give you a false sense of security and complacency. None of these security systems are actually in place. It’s a good way to earn your trust right before they stick the knife in your back and take all of your money. Rest assured, we have received a large number of complaints from disgruntled users who have been royally screwed out of money. People have had their credits cards used fraudulently, bank accounts hacked, and have been getting tons of spam emails, all courtesy of Crypto Revolution software. Secure is one thing that the Crypto Revolution app is definitely not!




Crypto Revolution User Testimonials – FAKE!

Another big red flag we came across in relation to Crypto Revolution is that the user testimonials on the website are not real. The site, mainly the presentation video, features a bunch of people talking about how awesome this system is and how much money they made with it. The reality is plain and simple. None of the people who left video testimonials are real, legit, or genuine in any way. Sure, the people have real heartbeats, but other than that, they are not genuine in the least.

They are fictitious personalities invented for the sole purpose of falsifying positive Crypto Revolution user testimonials. These crooks are nothing more than paid actors reading a poorly worded and horribly constructed script. You cannot trust any of the people who left Crypto Revolution testimonials. They simply are not real. Once again, this is a dirty trick meant to fool you into thinking that the Crypto Revolution app is the real deal. The reality is that this horrible BTC trading service is anything but the real deal.


Crypto Revolution Trading App – How It Works

Yet another telltale sign that the Crypto Revolution app is totally fraudulent has to do with the way in which it works to generate money for you. In fact, we are never actually informed of how exactly this system works. Yes, we are told that some groundbreaking and revolutionary trading strategies are involved, but past that we are not told a single thing. The problem here is that lots of money is at risk from an investor’s and trader’s standpoint.

We cannot possibly be expected to trust our hard earned cash with the Crypto Revolution app when we have no idea what it really does. We want to know what kind of trading strategies are involved, what algorithm is in place, and what kind of analysis tools are being used. Since we are never told any of these things, it stands to reason that Crypto Revolution software does not really make BTC trades at all. It is nothing more than an empty shell where you deposit money for the scammers on the other side to drain out as soon as you look the other way.


Crypto Revolution Trading Software – What Profits?

Yet another indication that Crypto Revolution software is a fraudulent mess is that they tell us we can generate up to $10,000 per way with it. Furthermore, supposedly we can generate 10K with a small investment of $10. Mind you, we are told that the Crypto Revolution app is totally risk free to use.

So, these crooks actually claim that their bogus BTC trading system can generate ten thousand dollars per day with absolutely no risk of losing our initial investment. Well, this definitely sounds way too good to be true. The bottom line is that no matter what trading strategy is involved, even the world’s best BTC trading services cannot get anywhere close to that number. Making this much money with an automated cryptocurrency trading system just is not possible in any way, shape, or form.


Who Is in Charge Of Crypto Revolution Software?

The fact of the matter is that we really have no idea who is in charge of Crypto Revolution software. Yeah, we are told that a man named Jack Harper is the owner and creator, but this just is not true. This man is a made up personality portrayed by a terrible voice narrator. The real criminals behind the Crypto Revolution app don’t want their real identities being revealed. They know that this Crypto Revolution app is illegal and they don’t want to go to prison because they stole your money. Using a voice narrator is a great way to shroud themselves in a cloak of anonymity.






Crypto Revolution Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, it is abundantly clear that the Crypto Revolution app is a scam. There is not a single legitimate thing about this whole trading service. The sole purpose of the Crypto Revolution app is to steal from you!

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