Bitcoin Method Scam Review: BOGUS!


Bitcoin Method software is a brand new BTC and cryptocurrency trading app. It is said to be highly accurate and very profitable. Yes, generating $14,000 per day would be awesome for BTC, but it also is not possible. The Bitcoin Method app is totally bogus and criminal. We’re doing a Bitcoin Method scam review to give you fair warning about this malicious and ill-meaning cryptocurrency trading app.




Bitcoin Method App – Fictitious Endorsements

One of the first and most obvious signs that Bitcoin Method software is a scam, is that the website is filled with fake endorsements. On the official website, there is a little section called “endorsements”. This sections features logos from trusted and reputable news outlets such as Fortune, CNN Money, Forbes, and True Money. Yes, these are all real news outlets, but you can rest assures that they have never endorsed this Bitcoin Method.

Not only have they never endorsed this ridiculous BTC trading program, but they have never even mentioned it. This is what we call false advertising. These crooks stole a bunch of logos, plastered them onto their site, and hope they will lend this Bitcoin Method app some legitimacy where there actually is none. This is just a dirty trick and nothing more.

Bitcoin Method User Testimonials – FAKE!

On the Bitcoin Method website and in the presentation video, there are a bunch of user testimonials from people who could not be any happier with this crypto trading system. However, if you watch these testimonials and do some research into the people making them, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s all a bunch of crap. The people featured in these Bitcoin Method user testimonials are phonies.

Yes, they are real life people with a heartbeat, but they are not genuine. Their personalities are fictitious and made up, just like everything they say about the Bitcoin Method app. The bottom line is that every last one of these reviewers is just a paid actor. They have been hired to read off a lackluster script, something which they can barely do. These people have never used the Bitcoin Method app and they definitely have never had any success with it.

Bitcoin Method Scam – Shady Pressure Tactics

Yet another telltale sign that a scam is afoot here has to do with the shady marketing pressure tactics employed by these scammers. On the website, we are informed that there are only 30 spots left to sign up with Bitcoin Method software for free. If we miss these 30 spots, apparently we will have to pay big bucks to use this BTC trading software. However, this is simply not true in any way, shape, or form. If you refresh the website, the number of spots always goes back to 30. Therefore, the ticker or counter which displays the number of spots left is rigged to always start at 30.

It’s enough spots to give you a second to think about it, but not enough to wait. This is specially designed to put pressure on you to make you sign up with Bitcoin Method software before you can really take a closer look at it. You can be sure people, the number of spots is not limited. This is just a fake gag meant pressure you. It’s a classic tactic used by shady marketers and scams like this Bitcoin Method scam app. These scumbags are scam artists. Their goal is to steal from as many people as possible, so they definitely are not going to limit the amount of people they screw over.

Bitcoin Method App – Impossible Profits

Perhaps the biggest and clearest indication that Bitcoin Method software is a scam is the totally unrealistic promise of huge profits. We are told that this software has a near 100% ITM rate and can generate up to $14,000 in a single day, every day. Well, this is totally bogus and just is not true, possible, or realistic. First off, we are never informed of any real kind of trading strategy. We have no idea what strategies are followed, indicators used, and what algorithms are in place that will actually allow the Bitcoin Method app to profit. This is a giant problem for us. If we are expected to invest our money with any kind of cryptocurrency trading app, we need to know exactly how it is going to put money in our pockets.

Also, being able to generate $14,000 per day with any kind of automated trading app cannot be done. Even the best of the best BTC trading systems out there can’t pull in more than $1,250 per day, which is just a fraction of what the Bitcoin Method app claims. Simply put, the ITM rate and the profits advertised by Bitcoin Method software are about as real as flying unicorns. Also, there are some fabricated results on the website. We are shown this little doctored screenshot of a clearly phony trading account. We know the numbers have been messed with because the ROI makes no sense in relation to the original investment. Also, the broker shown on this “results” page has not existed for several months now. It’s all just one huge load of crap.

Bitcoin Method Software – A Fake Owner

We are told that a man named Joe Templeton is the founder and owner of Bitcoin Method. However, this is as false and bogus as any other claim made by this absolutely fraudulent software. Joe Templeton is shown on the website. There is a little snippet that shows his face, plus a little info about him. The long story short is that the picture is just a stolen stock image combined with a totally made up name. This Joe guy is just a made up person meant to cover the true identities of the real criminals in charge here.


Joe Phony






Bitcoin Method Review – Conclusion

The only viable conclusion we can come to here is that Bitcoin Method software is a total rip off. There is not a single legit or credible thing about it. The only thing you will achieve with signing up for Bitcoin Method software is getting scammed and ripped off.

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