Crypto Coin Crusher Scam Review


We are here today doing a Crypto Coin Crusher review with the purpose of protecting innocent people like yourselves. We are told that this brand new cryptocurrency trading system has the power to generate $1,000 per day, at the very least, without fail on a daily basis. We are also told that the Crypto Coin Crusher app is 100% accurate and never loses trades. Well, this would awesome if it were true, but of course it is not true in the least.

This is by far not the only suspicious thing going on here, but we are going to get to those things in a moment. The point here is that the Crypto Coin Crusher system is a complete rip off and has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading. This Crypto Coin Crusher scam review is going to tell you exactly why this cryptocurrency auto-trader is so dangerous. After you are done reading our review, you will know exactly why you need to stay as far away from this malicious thievery as humanly possible.




Crypto Coin Crusher Software – Fake Members

One of the most obvious aspects of the Crypto Coin Crusher app which indicates that a scam is afoot has to do with the user testimonials and so called members. There is a section on the website with reviews and testimonials from alleged happy users that have profited by hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to this cryptocurrency trading system. However, we had our doubts about these Crypto Coin Crusher user testimonials right from the get go.

First off, all of the testimonials are overly positive. One of the people actually claims that they made close to $400,000 since they first started using this system. They say that within a couple of months, they had profited by several hundred thousand dollars. Well, we looked up the website and sure enough, the domain was only registered a few days ago. In other words, what is said in the Crypto Coin Crusher user testimonials is not true at all.

Moreover, we realized that none of the people who left reviews are real users of this program, nor are they real people at all. Ok, so the pictures used are of real people, but the names they are assigned are fake. These are all fictitious characters created by the very same people trying to sell us on this Crypto Coin Crusher scam application. At any rate, you can rest assure that these reviews cannot be trusted in the least.



Crypto Coin Crusher System – One Time Fee

Something else which came up as a red flag is the fact that we are told that we have to pay a one-time fee to use this cryptocurrency trading application. The one-time fee is a measly $37, which is not very much at all. However, hold on, this price has been marked down from $197. Well, this is nothing more than a cheap marketing trick used by every retail store in the world. These guys claim that the software is currently marked down by several hundred percent so you think that you are getting a massive deal and can save a bunch of money.

The reality is that the Crypto Coin Crusher app never used to cost $197. It is a marketing ploy meant to make you think you are saving money. Now, there is also the fact that paying $37 for this Crypto Coin Crusher system is a waste of money. This is a total scam and you will lose that $37. In other words, it is a really easy way for these scammers to screw you out of thirty seven dollars. Don’t trust this junk software because you will never profit a single penny if you make the terrible mistake of using it.



The Fake Crypto Coin Crusher System Owner

We are informed that a man who goes by the name of Alex Riles is the one who created this system and the one who owns it. However, we know for certain that this is not the case at all. First off, we only ever get to meet Alex through some voice narration, but we never see him live in the video, nor do we even get to see a picture of him. We have said it before and will say it again, you can never trust voice narration.

The only reason why the scammers behind this Crypto Coin Crusher scam are using voice narration is to keep themselves hidden from the public and protected from the long finger of the law. We know that Alex Riles is not the name that corresponds with the voice in the video, nor is he the person who created this Crypto Coin Crusher system. This cryptocurrency trading system is 100% anonymous and we have no idea who is really in charge of it. Like we have said hundreds of times before, anonymous cryptocurrency trading systems are not to be trusted in the least.



Crypto Coin Crusher Program – Impossible Results

The final thing that we definitely need to mention about this Crypto Coin Crusher scam software is that the advertised results are wholly impossible to achieve. We are told that this cryptocurrency trading platform has the unrivalled power to win every single trade it executes. These scammers actually try to tell us that the Crypto Coin Crusher system never loses a single trade. Well, if you know anything about trading in the market, you know darn well that just is not possible at all.

Risk is an inherent factor in trading and in the market as a whole. There is no amount of programming that any system can undergo which can mitigate or remove all risk from the equation. Winning every single trade over a prolonged period of time just can’t be done. If you think that you can earn $1,000 simply by turning the Crypto Coin Crusher application on, you are sorely mistaken.

Crypto Coin Crusher Scam Review – Conclusion

There is nothing else that you need to know about the Crypto Coin Crusher app. It is a scam, a rip off, and you will pay dearly if you make the mistake of using it.

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