Crypto CFD Trader Review: DANGER!


If you like reading about cryptocurrency scams, you should definitely read this Crypto CFD Trader review. Do not believe the lies told to you by this anonymous cryptocurrency scam system. You might think that it is a good automated trading tool, but that just is not true. This is the Crypto CFD Trader scam review and you need to read it. We are here to keep your financial security in top condition and that is what this Crypto CFD Trader review is all about.



How Does The Crypto CFD Trader System Work?

One aspect of this Crypto CFD Trader App that is highly suspicious is its inner workings. We are told that this is the most profitable and accurate cryptocurrency trading program in the whole world. However, we are never told anything about the inner workings of this program.

In other words, while we are told that it trades cryptocurrencies, we really have no idea how it works. This is not for a lack of doing research on this Crypto CFD Trader scam, but because these crooks refuse to tell us. If we are to trust our money with a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system, we want to know how it works.

We need to know what kind of trading strategies are being adhered to, what kind of market indicators are being used, and all of that fun stuff. Simply telling us that the Crypto CFD Trader system can generate tens of thousands of dollars without a good explanation of how it achieves this is totally unreasonable. This leaves us very suspicious of this whole thing and we think that it does not execute trades at all.




Crypto CFD Trader Program – Impossible Profits

Seeing as we have no idea how this cryptocurrency trading tools works, it stands to reason that it does not work at all. Seriously folks, we are told that the Crypto CFD Trader app can generate tens of thousands of dollars per week, all the while never losing a single trade. This is impossible for even the best cryptocurrency trading programs to accomplish, let alone a scam like this one.

What is really bogus here is the claim of being 100% accurate. Achieving a constant 100% ITM or trading accuracy rate is not possible no matter what dimension you are in. This is impossible to do no matter how much awesome programming the Crypto CFD Trader system has gone through. If you trade in cryptocurrencies, you will lose some of the trades you place and there is nothing that any signals platform can do about that.


Crypto CFD Trader App – Fake Owner

On the website, we see a picture of a man who goes by the name of Lenny Hyde. The little descriptive paragraph claims that he is the owner and leader of the Crypto CFD Trader scam app. Well, we know for a fact that this guy is not genuine, real, or even associated with this cryptocurrency system at all. He is a fake.

We found his picture on the internet and it has been used for selling everything from baking goods and video games to hair products and sex toys. Lenny Hyde is not his real name, he is a fictitious character, and he is certainly not the owner of this Crypto CFD Trader scam app. The real owners are keeping their identities a secret. Of course, the reason why the crooks behind this scam are remaining hidden from the public is because they know they are stealing from you and they don’t want to go to prison if they get caught.




Crypto CFD Trader Software – Unlicensed

The Crypto CFD Trader system is 100% completely unlicensed, unregistered, and not legally allowed to take money or provide you with signals. No real licensing agency would allow these total crooks to steal money from you. At the same time, any broker associated with this Cryptocurrency trading scam is totally fraudulent. No real broker would ever allow itself to be connected with this illegitimate rip off.


Crypto CFD Trader Software – Instant Withdrawals?

Yet another telltale sign that the Crypto CFD Trader system is a scam is that they claim to allow for instant withdrawals. If you did not already know, instant withdrawals are not a thing, never. Any and every broker out there will make you wait for at least 3 to 5 days for withdrawals to come through.

There is processing, banking, and other technical stuff to be done when it comes to withdrawing money. Telling us that the Crypto CFD Trader scam app allows for instant withdrawals is nothing more than a lie and a cheap trick.


Crypto CFD Trader User Testimonials – Fake!

The next thing we found that indicated that this terrible cryptocurrency app was a scam was a plethora of fake user testimonials. The pictures used for the people have been taken from other websites and the names they are assigned are completely fabricated.

You cannot trust the Crypto CFD Trader user testimonials because they were not written by the people you would think. The very same crooks that are trying to scam you out of money with Crypto CFD Trader software are the ones who wrote the testimonials. It is all just one massive lie.




Crypto CFD Trader Scam Software – Fake Endorsements

Another scam factor present here is how the Crypto CFD Trader system claims that it has been mentioned and even featured on several news websites. The official website for this rip off contains a banner which states that this program has been seen on BBC News, CNN, Bloomberg, and the New York Times.

However, this is just a lie meant to lend some false credibility and legitimacy to this total scam where none is due. Seriously, just go to any of those news outlet’s websites and look up the Crypto CFD Trader app. You won’t ever find a single mention of it, the reason being that they could not care less about this ludicrous cryptocurrency trading scam.




Crypto CFD Trader Scam Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you really need to know about the Crypto CFD Trader app is that it is a rip off. It is a scam, a rip off, and a thievery of epic proportions.

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