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The Copy Soros App might be one of the only ways of making money out there at this time. Yes, the coronavirus has ravaged the world, it has killed nearly 100,000 people, and has put countless millions on the unemployed list. If you are having trouble making money and staying afloat, trading Forex from home using the Copy Soros App might be your best bet!

Copy Soros App

Copy Soros App – Latest Trading Results – A BIG SUCCESS!

We were not quite sure how this Copy Soros App would perform in the midst of the coronavirus financial epidemic. However, even during this complete market meltdown, this software still seems to be performing as good as it ever did.

We recently did 2 live trading session with this day trading software, and both turned out to put a whole lot of money in our pockets. Let’s take a closer look at the results which the Copy Soros App was able to achieve during these 2 latest live trading sessions.

Win Rate

We were indeed pleasantly surprised by the results which the Copy Soros App was able to achieve, even in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. Now, we did 2 live trading sessions in as many days, and both turned out to be very successful.

For each session we placed 6 Forex trades, for a total of 12 Forex trades for both sessions combined. Well, for each session, 5 of the 6 Forex trades turned out to be profitable, for a total of 10 of 12 winning trades. This translates to a solid ITM or win rate of 83.3%.

Folks, the fact that this software was able to win over 83% of the trades placed with it is very impressive to say the least. Winning trades during a time like this, when the world market seems to be on the verge of collapse, is nothing short of astounding.


When it comes to the overall profits generated during these 2 trading sessions, they were also very good. The first trading session generated a profit of just under $750. The second trading session saw us bank closer to $900. In total, those 10 winning Forex trades with an 83% ITM rate generated roughly $1,650 for us.

Now, let’s remember that these trades were only open for a short time. It took under 2 days to generate these profits. Even with the world being in a difficult place, an average of over $800 in profit per day is way more than enough to pay the bills, feed your family, and to stay alive.

Copy Soros App

Copy Soros App – Awesome Features for Easy Trading

What makes the Copy Soros App so easy to use and so profitable, especially during this time of financial hardship, is the fact that it comes loaded to the brim with useful features. These are features which help to make trading much easier. We already said that this day trading software is designed for people who really don’t know the first thing about trading Forex.

The whole point of this platform is to make trading as easy, fast, and profitable as humanly possible. Of course, during this coronavirus epidemic, being able to make fast money with ease is essential. Indeed, there are plenty of folks out there struggling to stay afloat, something which the user friendly features of the Copy Soros App can definitely help with.

The Comprehensive News Section

One of our personal favorite features which comes with this Copy Soros App is the comprehensive news section. Yes, being aware of what is happening around the world is essential for the best Forex and crypto trading results.

News stories and various developments can and do have massive impacts on the financial world. This is no more important than right now during this CO-VID 19 pandemic, where markets are seeing massive fluctuations on a daily basis.

The comprehensive news section included here will help you determine price direction and give you great indications of which Forex signals and currency pairs are best to trade with at any given time. Right now, being up to date on coronavirus news will go a long way in making your trading much more reliable and profitable. This is something which the Copy Soros App can do for you.

Copy Soros App

Complete Signals

The top feature that makes the Copy Soros App so reliable, easy to use, and profitable, is that all of the Forex and crypto signals you get are totally complete. What we mean here is that for one, all signals come with entry prices, the best entry prices.

Moreover, all signals come complete with automatically set stop loss and take profit levels. In other words, the software knows at what price point to enter a trade, and it also knows when to close a trade, whether it is in the money or not.

Also, all signals come designated as either buy or sell signals, so you don’t even have to figure that out for yourself. On that same note, all signals are also confirmed by a legit and related news story, just to make sure everything is on track.

At the end of the day, what this means is that this software literally does all of the hard work and heavy lifting for you. All you have to do as a trader is to select the best signals from the list, execute the trade, and watch your profits accumulate.

Copy Soros App

Copy Soros App – Putting Money in Pockets When Nothing Else Can

People, even though the coronavirus is taking a massive toll on human lives, both in terms of health and finances, there is a way out of it. Sure, you might have lost your day job, but the Copy Soros App allows you to trade from home, even in total isolation.

It allows you to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a daily basis. In all reality, this day trading software for Forex and crypto might just be your best bet at making an income, feeding your family, and staying alive.


Copy Soros

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