WCapital Scam Review: REAL OR BOGUS?


OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: www.wcapital.biz

Have you seen the WCapital investment program? It claims to be this absolutely awesome investment system which allows you to make several hundred percentage points in ROI on a daily basis. As far as the website is concerned, this WCapital system engages in all kinds of activities including options, Forex, and crypto trading, plus a whole lot more. Yes, it already seems way too good to be true. Although the website does make some bold claims, it is actually still somewhat unclear as to what is actually going on here.

What we do need to say before we even start this WCapital review is that the website itself is really bad. If you click on some of the links, they simply do not work, and others redirect you to random sites. Moreover, the whole thing looks like it was put together with free website creation tools and it looks as though it was done by a 5 year old child, possibly one that is vision impaired. The whole thing just looks really bad.

Besides that, there is not a single shred of evidence offered here which would confirm or even support the claims made by the people behind this WCapital crypto investment system. However, after a lot of research and digging around, we have found plenty of scam factors present with this crypto system. This is our WCapital scam review and we are here to keep you safe. We want to provide you with fair warning about the very real danger you will be putting your financial security in if you get mixed up with this bogus investment scheme.


WCapital Scam Alert


WCapital Investment Program – FACELESS!

So, this WCapital app is 100% anonymous and faceless. In other words, we are never told who the leaders of this scam are. At no point on the miserable and low grade website are we ever informed of who is running the show here. This is a very bad sign to say the least. Folks, anonymous crypto investment systems are never to be trusted, not in the least.

Unless there is something illegal going on, there is just no good reason to ever conceal the identities of the people in charge. It is pretty obvious that something illegal and shady is going on with this WCapital system. If this crypto investment opportunity were the real deal, the owners would have no problems telling us who they are.


WCapital Program – FAKE CONTACT INFO!

Another scam factor that came to our attention in regards to this WCapital app is that the contact details provided on the website are totally bogus. We looked up the address provided and it certainly does not belong to these anonymous crooks. Also, the phone number and the email address provided are both totally fake too. We tried contacting these guys and we never got through to anybody. This is a surefire way of telling that there is a scam afoot here.

Moreover, the company itself does not seem to be registered or licensed in the UK as the website would indicate. We found absolutely no evidence that the WCapital company is located in the UK at all, let alone registered. Also, in terms of licensing, if these crooks are taking investments from people, they are doing so illegally. This scam is not licensed and they definitely do not have legal authority it collect investments from people at all.


WCapital Scam Alert



WCapital Scam System – IMPOSSIBLE RETURNS!

The most ludicrous aspect of this WCapital scam system is that it promises up to 200% in daily returns on a $2,000 investment. Furthermore, as far as the website is concerned, these returns are guaranteed 100%. It just does not make any sense, it is not realistic at all, and it is not possible in the least. If these kinds of returns were possible to achieve, world poverty would not be an issue and every crypto investor out there would be filthy rich.

There is also the fact that we have talked to many victims of this WCapital scam. As far as we are concerned, not a single person has ever been able to make a profit here. However, every single person who has invested money in this WCapital system has been ripped off and taken to the cleaners. It is obvious that this is a crypto scam that targets innocent investors and their wallets. Heck, these crooks never even clarify how exactly the ROI is to be made, nor is it possible to guarantee returns at all. It is just one huge scam and you could be the next victim if you are not careful.


WCapital Scam Alert



WCapital System – PONZI SCHEME!

Something else that needs to be mentioned about this WCapital scam is that it is a Ponzi scheme. It has all of the classic makings of a Ponzi scheme. It guarantees huge returns on small investments, but lacks any real details. Of course, no returns ever materialize, thus cementing this investment system’s reputation as a Ponzi scheme.


WCapital Scam Alert




The final thing that we need to say about this WCapital app is that it is clearly a pyramid scheme. These crooks have an affiliate program, one that tries to get investors like you to get your friends and family to also invest money. Apparently you will get a 5% bonus for everybody else you get to invest into the WCapital system. Of course, this is not true at all. Sure, they will happily steal money from your friends, but you will never get a cut of it.


WCapital Scam Review – Verdict

The final verdict we have no choice but to give is that this WCapital app is a complete rip off in every way imaginable. It promises big returns and big affiliate bonuses, but of course nothing ever materializes. Guys, the only people making any kind of profit here are the scammers running the show. Not a single person has ever made money here, which is more than enough proof to call this a scam. Please guys, just stay away from it at all costs.




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