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The BTrade Automated system is indeed one of the best crypto and Forex trading applications in the world at this time. This is true for a number of reasons. First off, as you will see from out BTrade Automated live trading session, making money with it is pretty easy and more than doable. Second, this BTrade Automated software is available for use worldwide, another big bonus no doubt. Today we are here to discuss our latest BTrade Automated trading session, profits, and to provide you with some important tips too!

BTrade Automated Software LIVE TRADES & PROFITS

As we mentioned before, we just used the brand new and revamped BTrade Automated system to place some trades. Although this app is primarily intended for Bitcoin and crypto trading, it does also allow for Forex trading. At this point in time, seeing as the crypto market is a bit of a mess, we decided it would be wise to stick to Forex. On a little side note folks, if you want the best chances at making healthy profits, we would recommend that you also stick to Forex trades.

Of course, we are all about keeping traders safe and protecting your finances. This is why we decided to take the BTrade Automated app for a test drive, so you don’t have to. Our goal here was to place some live BTrade Automated trades to see what the results were going to be like. Here, we placed a total of 3 separate Forex currency pair trades.




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To be honest, we did not expect spectacular results, but they happened anyway. Of these 3 trades which we placed using this autotrader, the BTrade Automated app won all 3 of those trades. In other words, this software managed to provide us with a 100% ITM or win rate. Guys, it literally cannot get any better than this, winning all trades placed. Now, this is not something which you should expect to happen all the time, but as you can see, it is indeed possible.

What is also nice here is that we managed to make fairly healthy profits. What you should keep in mind here is that we had these trades open for a very short amount of time. The profits we managed to rake in here only took about one hour to achieve, which is very impressive indeed.

Through these 3 winning Forex trades, the BTrade Automated app managed to provide us with close to $300 in profits. No, this is not massive, but considering that it only took 1 hour for these profits to accumulate, we are quite impressed. Just do the math here folks. We made nearly $300 in a single hour of trading, so imagine the money you could make if you used this software to trade all day long!



Important BTrade Automated Trading Rules

Now, if you want to win as many trades as humanly possible, with this BTrade Automated software, there are some trading rules and tips which you definitely need to follow. Let’s go over the most important ones right now.

  • The BTrade Automated app comes with an important news section and an economic calendar. Whatever you do, do not ignore these and start trading without consulting them. You always want to keep an eye out for 3 Bull News when checking the economic calendar. Trading anything, whether Forex or crypto, during a 3 Bull News release, is not recommended. Close your trades a few minutes before the important news release, and do not open positions until the release is well past.
  • Always consider the included confidence factor rating when trading with the BTrade Automated system. This is an indicator which informs you of the percentage chance of any given position being a winner. You never want to trade with any pairings if they display a confidence rating under 75%. It just is not worth it.



BTrade Automated Autotrader – AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!

Something that we do want to stress about this BTrade Automated software is that it is available for use worldwide. If you have ever wanted to use an autotrader to trade cryptocurrencies and Forex before, you might have run into some issues. Depending on where you live, such as Canada and the USA, just to name a couple countries, you probably ran into problems.

In other words, some countries, such as the ones mentioned above, have barred the use of autotraders, for the most part that is. However, since this BTrade Automated trading program was redone and revamped, it has made some big changes, ones which allow this app to be used in almost all countries around the world.

This means that if you live in the USA, Canada, or a number of other countries which usually do not allow for the use of software like this, you are in luck, because you can use the BTrade Automated app to trade. It’s a big bonus for anybody who lives in Canada, the USA, or other such countries where this kind of thing is usually not allowed.



BTrade Automated Live Trading – Final Thoughts

So, as you can see from our most recent BTrade Automated live trading session, it is absolutely possible to make healthy and consistent profits with it. Yes, we would recommend sticking with Forex trading for now, at least until the Bitcoin and crypto market bounces back a bit. Either way, whether you want to trade Forex or Bitcoin, the BTrade Automated app is probably your best bet at making money doing so.

This is especially true if you live in countries such as The USA or Canada, where such applications are usually barred from use. Sure, this BTrade Automated system might be your only option in terms of autotraders, depending on where you live, but at least it is a really good option. We would absolutely recommend taking this crypto and Forex autotrader for a spin, at least if you like making easy money!

Btrade Automated

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