BTC Prestige Scam Review: BEWARE!


If you think that BTC Prestige software is a good way to make money through crypto trading, you are sorely mistaken. This cryptocurrency trading system might seem really attractive, or really loud and flashy anyway. Yet, the reality is that this is indeed another big Bitcoin scam and the target is you. This is our BTC Prestige review and you need to read it. There are tons of scam factors present here, all of which you need to be aware of.


BTC Prestige Scam


BTC Prestige Software – 100% ANONYMOUS!

The first thing that stood out to us about this BTC Prestige app is the fact that there is no sign of any leadership. Nowhere on the website are we told who created this cryptocurrency trading app, who funded it, or who programmed it. We literally have no clue in terms of who the leadership team consists of. This is a really big problem to say the least.

Rest assured folks, this is not due to a lack of research on our behalf. The owners of this BTC Prestige software are purposefully going out of their way to remain hidden from sight. This automatically raises our suspicions to the maximum. We have said it many times before, but it is worth repeating.

If this cryptocurrency trading system were the real deal, the owners and leaders would have no problem letting us know who they are. The only reason for these guys to keep themselves hidden in a shroud of anonymity is because they are stealing from innocent people like you. These criminals just do not want to end up in prison for thieving from you.



BTC Prestige Trading Scam – Fake Members

Something else that stands out about this BTC Prestige trading software is that the members displayed on the website are total phonies. Whenever you open the website, the claim is that somebody just joined the system. There is a little picture of a supposed new member, with only a first name.

Ok, so the fact that these members only have first names such as Madonna or Cher is already odd enough. However, there is also no other evidence to prove that these alleged members are actually a part of this BTC Prestige system. There is not even any way to prove that these people are real in any way at all.

It is pretty obvious that the members just consist of stolen stock images and generic names. These people are not real, they are not genuine, and they have certainly never used this cryptocurrency trading software. You simply cannot trust anything that is said on the BTC Prestige software website.


BTC Prestige



Yet another red flag that came to our attention about this BTC Prestige scam software is that the website claims that this junk software is trusted worldwide. Hmm, well, once again, there is absolutely no evidence to prove that this is true at all. This is not FOX NEWS.

We don’t believe people just because they say something. Taking this statement at face value is not something that we would ever do. We want real proof and evidence! Who are these traders? Have they made money with this app? Where are these traders? Simply put, it is easy to claim that the BTC Prestige system is trusted around the world, but that is only a baseless claim without empirical facts to back it up.

As far as we can tell, nobody in the world trusts this BTC Prestige system, not a single one. We have spoken to many people who have already been scammed by this Bitcoin trading scam. The fact that nobody we’ve spoken to had anything good to say is more than enough for us. We know for a fact that this is a rip off and that nobody in this world actually trusts it.

BTC Prestige System – DOES IT WORK?

The obvious answer here is no, the BTC Prestige system clearly does not work at all, as is evidenced by the hundreds of complaints that we have received about it so far. Just to humor you, this crypto trading app offers nothing to convince us that it really does work. For one, there is no mention of any real trading strategy, market indicators, analysis tools, or anything else that would explain how this app executes so many successful trades.

These criminals simply say that their crypto software uses the best algorithms and has the best signals, but how this is achieved is a total mystery. Moreover, these fools claim that you can easily make tens of thousands of dollars per day. Yet, for one, nobody we have talked to has ever profited with this BTC Prestige software. Also, these guys guarantee earnings, which is ridiculous.


BTC Prestige Scam


You simply cannot guarantee returns when it comes to trading. Trading cryptocurrencies is by no means risk free and there is always a chance of losing trades and losing investments. The fact of the matter is that nobody has ever made a single penny through this crypto trading scam, nor will anybody manage to do so in the future. This horrible system is meant to steal money from you, not to help you make more of it.

BTC Prestige App – Stupid Claims

The other thing that we want to mention is that the whole premise behind this system is pretty stupid and nonsensical. To keep it short, apparently Russia and China are about to do something which will cause the value of Bitcoin to skyrocket. There is no clear explanation of what is going to happen or what these governments are planning to do.

Once again, we are expected to take these crook’s words at face value. Trust us when we say that the whole thing just does not add up. Furthermore, inserting a bunch of random quotes and sentences that may or may not have been uttered by famous people is just a crappy marketing ploy. Bill Gates has never had a connection to this BTC Prestige trading scam, nor will he ever.


BTC Prestige Scam


BTC Prestige Review – Conclusion

Please guys, just keep your distance from this BTC Prestige scam app. It is nothing more than a low down cryptocurrency trading scam that is meant to take all of your money!




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