Bitdax Global Review: ICO SCAM!


When it comes to cryptocurrency ICOs, you do really need to be careful in what you invest your money into. For instance, this particular Bitdax Global ICO seems to be the real deal. Sure enough, the website looks fairly legitimate and well put together. Yes, no doubt, if you don’t look really close, it would seem as though this initial coin offering might be profitable.

However, we know better than that. We know how to spot a scam real quick, and what we see here is nothing more than another crypto ICO scam that is hell bent on screwing as many people out of money as possible.

Bitdax Global Scam


There are quite a few different scam factors present here, all of which need to be talked about. Once again, as is often the case with these cryptocurrency initial coin offerings, there is much more evidence to show that it is a scam than there is to prove that it is legit. We are here today doing this Bitdax Global scam review to tell you all about this initial coin offering scam. There is a lot to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

Bitdax Global System – ANONYMOUS!

The first thing which shows the Bitdax Global ICO to be a scam, is that it is completely anonymous. What we mean is that it has no clear leadership or ownership. Heck, we are not even told who the programmers of the trading system are. As far as we can tell, there is absolutely no mention of anybody who could be in charge here. This is a huge problem, one that makes us extremely suspicious.

Think about it folks. These guys are asking for a ton of money to invest into their initial coin offering and into the automated crypto trading app. However, they refuse to tell us who they are. This is very fishy and it definitely arouses our suspicions. If the Bitdax Global program were the real deal, the owners would not have an issue with telling us who they are. The only real reason why any crypto ICO like this would choose to stay anonymous is because something illegal is going on.

Well, we do actually have plenty of solid empirical proof that there is some illegal and shady stuff going on here. So, these guys are crooks, they want to steal money from you, and that is why they are choosing to stay out of sight. People, you can never trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency trading system, ICO, or any other kind of investment program when you do not know who is in charge.

Bitdax Global LTD – FAKE COMPANY!

Another telltale sign that there is a scam going on here has to do with the company itself. We are told that Bitdax Global LTD is registered in the UK. However, there is no proof of this. We did a lot of research and we looked at all possible business registries.

For all intents and purposes, the Bitdax Global LTD company does not actually exist. It is not registered or incorporated. At the same time, it appears to not have any real physical HQ, a real phone number, or contact details of any kind. The only place where this business seems to exist is on the website itself.


Bitdax Global Scam


Moreover, it is also painfully obvious that the Bitdax Global ICO is not licensed at all. You cannot just start your own crypto initial coin offering and start taking investments from people. This is something that requires a lot of licensing and regulation. Only the most transparent, real, and reliable companies will be afforded these investment licenses. It is painfully obvious that this particular ICO is not licensed at all.

Bitdax Global Scam – NOT PROFITABLE!

Ok, so these crooks claim that there are many different ways for you to make money with this Bitdax Global ICO. However, it is all just a load of crap. First off, the business trader and business builder opportunities offered here are totally bogus. They pretty much just claim to give you money for free. Apparently you can earn a ton of money for not really doing anything at all.

Second, there is supposed to be a great cryptocurrency trading program and signals provider app included here. Well, we are never told how it works, what analysis it performs to execute successful trades, or anything else. We are supposed to believe that this Bitdax Global system includes a great auto trader with absolutely no evidence to prove that this is real.


Bitdax Global Scam


What we do know is that we have received a ton of complaints about this particular initial coin offering. People everywhere report that the automated trading app simply does not work at all. Either it loses all trades, or it was never intended to win trades in the first place. It is just another way for these crooks to get their hands on your money. From what we have gathered, nobody has been able to make any kind of profit here.


Bitdax Global Scam


Other Bitdax Global Scam Factors

  • The so called training and mentorship team consists of fake people. Nobody displayed on the website is a genuine member of this Bitdax Global system. They are all nothing more than stolen stock photos and fake names.


Bitdax Global Scam

  • The Bitdax Global affiliate program is a total joke. While it is not illegal to make an affiliate program, refusing to pay out the affiliate bonuses is definitely illegal.
  • The Bitdax Global system claims to have over 15,000 members, yet there is not a single shred of proof to support this claim.


Bitdax Global Scam

  • The website claims that this ICO has great support for customers and clients, yet no such support seems to exist whatsoever.

Bitdax Global Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, this is just another initial coin offering scam. The problem is that the website is well made and it looks legit to the untrained eye. Make no mistake about it folks, the Bitdax Global ICO is not legit, it is not real, and it is not reliable. Everything about it is completely made up and fabricated out of thin air. Any money that you invest in this cryptocurrency ship will sink along with it. Please folks, just stay away from the Bitdax Global initial coin offering at all costs.




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