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The BTC Grand HYIP is an investment program focused around crypto with so called 200% profits in 6 days. Besides this claim, there are a few other questionable claims and statements on the website. The whole thing doesn’t make much sense. We are here doing this BTC Grand scam review to provide you with fair warning about this potential cryptocurrency scam.

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BTC Grand Investment App – ANONYMOUS!

For one, the BTC Grand HYIP is totally anonymous. The website never bothers to provide us with the names of the people who own or operate this crypto investment system. Guys, this is no accident. This is done on purpose. Whoever is in charge here does not want us knowing who they are. The only reason why this is the case is because there is something illegal going on here. Unless these crooks are stealing from people, there’s no reason why they would choose to conceal themselves.


BTC Grand Program – NO DOMAIN INFO!

Another thing that came to our attention is that the BTC Grand website has no info about it. We did a quick domain registry check and we came up totally empty. All of the information in regards to the website is private or redacted. In other words, somebody has gone out of his or her way to make sure that their identity is concealed. They don’t want us knowing who they are, and this is super suspicious.



One of the biggest red flags that came to our attention here has to do with the BTC Grand company itself. According to the website, this company does have an official registration number. It even goes so far as to claim that it is registered in the UK with the UK companies house. Guys, this just is not true at all.

If you look up the BTC Grand company in the UK Companies House, it is nowhere to be found. This is just a blatant lie. This company has no official standing. It’s not a legal entity. It is not registered in the UK, or anywhere else. It is not licensed. In other words, this whole thing is one big illegal scam and it has no authority to take investments from people.

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What really does not sit right with us is that the BTC Grand system does not offer any evidence of their trading. Do they use their own trading platform? What kind of crypto assets are being traded? Which indicators are in place? What trading methodology is being utilized? There is literally not a single shred of evidence which would prove that any such crypto trading actually takes place here. This is just a little too suspicious for us to get behind.


BTC Grand Trading Scam – NOT PROFITABLE!

Yet another scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the 200% profits in 6 days promised by this BTC Grand system. Yes, that is right, apparently, if you invest $10,000, you will get $30,000 back in just 6 days. Well, supposedly your pure profits are $20,000, but you also get your principle investment back. Guys, does this not seem way too good to be true? For one, as we mentioned before, there is absolutely no evidence that any crypto trading goes on here.

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Even more damning is how the profits are guaranteed. Folks, there is no way to guarantee profits through crypto trading. Life just does not work that way. Trading cryptocurrencies is risky, and the chances of losing money are fairly substantial.

It literally is not possible to guarantee any returns, let alone that your money won’t be lost. This whole thing just does not make any sense at all. What these guys promise is not just unrealistic, but also downright impossible. There is also the fact that the chart on the website is a fake. We know that no one has actually gotten any kind of returns here. The so called payouts shown on the website are forged and completely bogus.

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BTC Grand System – A Ponzi Scheme!

Something that we can say with absolute certainty here is that the BTC Grand program is a Ponzi scheme. Guys, it promises huge results. In fact, it guarantees your returns 100%. Yet, there is no evidence of any trading that goes on here. There is no useful information provided to us at all. Also, as we have discovered, the profits don’t materialize either. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.


BTC Grand HYIP – A Pyramid Scheme!

Last but not least, the BTC Grand HYIP is quite clearly a pyramid scheme. Now, although pyramid schemes are not technically illegal, they sure are shady. There is an affiliate program in place here. We are told that if we get somebody else to invest, we will get a nice 3% cut of the action. Sure, this sounds great right?

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Well it is also a big pile of stinking lies. This is just a way for the crooks running the show to get their hands on more money. They are widening their net by getting you to convince others to invest. Now, what is definitely illegal is how the BTC Grand system does not actually pay out the affiliate referral commissions as promised. We have talked to about a dozen people who have gone through the BTC Grand affiliate program, but never received their promised commission.


BTC Grand Review – The Verdict

The only reasonable conclusion that we can come to here is that the BTC Grand investment system is a scam. The owners are purposely keeping themselves hidden. The company is not legit or registered as claimed. There is no real info provided about trading. The profits are way too high to be realistic, plus they never materialize. Finally, the fact that this system has an affiliate program proves that it is both a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme. People, please stay away from this cryptocurrency investment scam. All you will accomplish here is the loss of your investment.



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