Bitcoin Trader Scam Review: BTC FRAUD!


There are so many crypto scams out there that want nothing more than to steal your money. Based on the evidence, it is quite evident that the Bitcoin Trader app is one of these thieving scams. At a glance, using just peripheral vision, it might seem like this crypto software is the real deal. After all, the website is flashy, colorful, and filled with well-known faces like Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

Yeah, including some celebrities in the mix, even if they don’t know about it, is not a bad tactic. However, it is a tactic that we here are familiar with and we know that it is nothing but hot air. Once we started doing a little more research on this Bitcoin Trader system, it became obvious what is really going on here.

These crooks promise massive profits of $13,000 daily with near perfect accuracy rates guaranteed. Besides that, there are a bunch of other scam factors to speak of. These criminals offer absolutely no proof that this automated cryptocurrency trading system works. However, on the flipside of the coin, there is more than enough evidence to prove that it is indeed a scam. We are here today doing a Bitcoin Trader review with the purpose of shutting it down once and for all!


Bitcoin Trader Scam


Bitcoin Trader Scam App – Unreal Profits

Perhaps the most obvious sign that there is a scam afoot here is how the promised profits and the ITM rate are both ridiculous past belief. First off, apparently this Bitcoin Trader system has an awesome accuracy rate of 99.4% guaranteed. Now, we are never told what kind of technology is used here.


Bitcoin Trader Scam


We are not informed of any trading strategies, or anything else of importance for that matter. We are just supposed to believe that this crypto trading app can win pretty much every trade it executes, but we are never provided with any proof that this is true.

Moreover, a 99.4% ITM rate is pretty ludicrous to claim no matter what. Simply put, there is not a single trading system in the world that can achieve that kind of accuracy rate, especially not guaranteed.


Bitcoin Trader Scam


Furthermore, the claim that the Bitcoin Trader system can generate over $13,000 per day without fail is just as stupid as the claim regarding the trading accuracy rate. Sure, you might be able to make a thousand, or maybe even two thousand dollars a day through automated cryptocurrency trading. However, that is already pushing it. Claiming to be able to generate that much on the daily is purely bogus! If you want to make some real money through trading, at least with binary options, you should try using BINBOT PRO!


Bitcoin Trader Scam


Bitcoin Trader App – NO FEES & NO WITHDRAWALS!

One of the more ridiculous aspects of this Bitcoin Trader app is that it is supposedly 100% free to use in every way. As the story goes, there are no commissions to be paid on trades and the software does not cost anything to use. At the same time, apparently there are no broker fees to be paid either. So how exactly do the people behind the Bitcoin Trader system make money? Through thievery, that is how.

Do you really think that a legit cryptocurrency trading system would not charge money for its use, or at least not charge any commissions? And why exactly are the brokers not charging any fees? The reason is because this software is totally bogus. The reason why it is free to use is to lure people in. People think that oh, it’s free, so it must be awesome, what a deal!


Bitcoin Trader Scam


However, once you deposit money into your trading account, the money all goes missing. It disappears right in front of your very eyes. Folks, nothing is free and nobody just hands out money like this. If the Bitcoin Trader app were the real deal and were profitable, it would charge you money for use, either through a license or commissions. Being totally free is very suspicious.

We also know for a fact that it is totally impossible to make any withdrawals here. We have gotten hundreds of complaints from people who claim that making a withdrawal through the Bitcoin Trader app just does not work. In other words, not a single person has ever managed to make any kind of profit with this bogus cryptocurrency trading scam.




Bitcoin Trader Software – NO REAL PEOPLE!

For one, we know that the Bitcoin Trader system is anonymous. Yes, there is a name associated with this app. His name is Gary Roberts. As far as we know, these crooks try to claim that he is the CEO and founder of this automated crypto trading app.


Bitcoin Trader Scam


However, we have heard his name before mentioned in other scams like ICE 9 Tech, the Quantum Code, and the Orion Code. It is clear that this man is just a made up personality, not the real deal. In other words, the Bitcoin Trader app is anonymous and faceless. Folks, you can never trust any kind of anonymous trading system, never ever.

On that same note, all of the Bitcoin Trader user testimonials are also totally fake and fabricated. We see a bunch of pictures of people, combined with fake names, who claim to have become filthy rich thanks to this crypto trading app. Yet, it only took a little bit of research to find out that these are all stolen stock photos and fake names. These people are not the real deal, not at all!


Bitcoin Trader Scam


Bitcoin Trader Review – Conclusion

There is really nothing left to say about this totally ridiculous and absolutely ludicrous BTC trading scam. That is all it is, a complete rip off meant to suck as much money out of as many people as humanly possible.

These criminals have no intention of helping you generate money for yourself. However, they do have every intention of stealing every last penny that you make the mistake of depositing into your Bitcoin Trader trading account. People, the Bitcoin Trader system is a scam and you need to stay away from it at all costs!




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