Becoming a Successful Stock Market Trader

Hello to all of you aspiring traders out there, my name is Janice Greene, and I have now been a successful stock market trader for the past six months. I may still be in the beginning stages of my journey as a trader, but I have managed to see a great deal of success in that time.

What I have to say here is that I really could not have done it without Stock Trading Mentor Box. This particular stock market trading school helped me to become the successful stock market trader that I am today. Let me tell you the story of how Stock Trading Mentor Box helped turn me into a profitable stock market trader.

My Name is Janice Greene 


Life Before Trading

Before I ever thought about trading the stock market, I was working as a landscaper and gardener. Now, I know what you might be thinking, which is that being a landscaper is a great job. After all, I got to spend tons of time outside in mother nature, meeting new people, and working with plenty of awesome plants.

Sure, that may be true, but it also involved working up to 10 or 12 hours per day, lifting heavy rocks and stones, digging holes, moving dirt, and dealing with customers who were not always exactly pleasant to be around. When it came done to it, I had enough of rude people telling me I was charging them too much for work that they could have done themselves. Yeah Right! Anyway, that’s really beside the point, because after 10+ years on the job, I was ready for a change, mainly because my legs and back were always in pain. Who would have thought that lifting stones and digging holes all day long would be bad for your back. Go figure!

Stock Market Trader

I was just done with it all, and right about when I was ready to find a new job, I came across some videos of stock market traders who were making hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day trading stocks, all from the comfort of their own home. I instantly decided that this was what I wanted to do, trade the markets, sit on my couch, and make a great living. Thus, my journey to becoming a successful stock market trader began.

My Not So Successful Start as a Stock Market Trader

So, these online gurus all told me that stock market trading was easy. Just do it, they said. Well, as I quickly figured out, stock market trading is a lot harder than it looks, much harder. I started out by investing around $2,000. I wanted to start relatively small, but with enough money to actually turn a decent profit. Well, as you can probably guess, I may as well have flushed those $2,000 straight down the toilet. They were gone within days.

Well, I guess that’s how we learn, and let me tell you, I definitely learned. For this reason, to help me become a successful stock market trader, I figured that I would take part in a trading course. So, I looked up some stock market trading courses, chose one, and got started. The course cost me $1,500, which is a sizeable sum no doubt. I figured it was well worth it seeing as I could easily make that money back within weeks.

However, I was very wrong, because what ensued was one of the biggest wastes of time in my whole life. Let me tell you something, not all trading courses out there are worth it, such as the one I took at first. I honestly don’t want to spend too much time talking about it. It’s kind of too painful to think about. I spent $1,500 on a trading course that had about as much value as a stick of gum. Heck, you actually get a few minutes of enjoyment out of tasty chewing gum, more than can be said for this course.

What really bugged me about the first stock market course I took was not that the educational value wasn’t there, which it wasn’t, but that the teacher was just nonchalant, absent minded, and downright cavalier in his attitude towards us. He was clearly just there for a paycheck and didn’t give a darn whether or not we, the students, actually turned out successful. I was ready to give up on learning to trade the stock market at this point, that is until I came across Stock Trading Mentor Box.

Stock Market Trader

Becoming Successful with Stock Trading Mentor Box

Hands down, joining Stock Trading Mentor Box is the best decision that I have ever made. I don’t have much time, but let me just give you a quick rundown of what I liked so much about this stock market trading course, besides the fact that it turned me into a successful stock market trader.

Stock Market Trader

  • I really like how the course was well structured. Instead of just random facts and info, it actually started simple and progressed in a way that made sense. It was organized in a way so that I could learn the basics first, and then go from there.
  • I did also appreciate how Stock Trading Mentor Box came packed with educational value. I had access to over 50 full length and very comprehensive trading lessons. I feel confident in saying that this course taught me all of the skills that I now have, the skills that make me a successful stock market trader.
  • I also really like the teacher, Andrew, as he has this way of explaining some of these complicated concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Not only is learning from Andrew fun, but easy too. He’s just a really approachable person that is always willing to help and answer questions when needed.
  • The fact that the course costs just $399, allows for full, unlimited, and lifetime access to all course content, can be taken from home and on my own time, and even comes complete with a state of the art technical indicator are all others things I really liked about Stock Trading Mentor Box too.
  • This stock market trading school also comes with the UPSI or Ultimate Profit Scalping Indicator. This is a state of the art trading tool that made my life as a trader much easier and more profitable. 



The bottom line is that Stock Trading Mentor Box did indeed help me become a very profitable and successful stock market trader. Sure, I still lose trades, and even have losing days too, but around d 80% of my days are now winning days.

I trade 5 days per week, and on 4 of those days I make great profits. I now have enough money on a consistent basis to study for a new career at a real university, to travel the world, and to spend a little extra on myself too. Simply put, thanks to Stock Trading Mentor Box, I now have the financial freedom to live my life to the fullest. Thank you Andrew!

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