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Yes folks, we just did our first live trades with the brand new Auto Trading Hub system, and yes, they turned out to be successful. In yesterday’s Auto Trading Hub reviews, we established that this autotrader is indeed trustworthy and legit.

Auto Trading Hub

However, this is not the same thing as providing reliable signals. Of course, we just had to test the Auto Trading Hub app out for ourselves, which is what we did right here live on camera. The fact of the matter is that we achieved way better results than we were expecting, and that is just fine with us!

Auto Trading Hub Autotrader – First Live Trade Session

The main thing which we are here to discuss today is how we managed to make a pretty healthy profit through our very first Auto Trading Hub live session. Yes, that is right, whenever we do sessions with any autotrader, will always do them live on camera. We place the trades live and we show you the profits in real time too.

The reason we do this is so there is no dispute about the legitimacy of our trades or if we have falsified them in some way. We just want to assure you guys that we do in fact do all of our trading live so you can see it firsthand. The point we are making here is that you can see for yourself how this Auto Trading Hub app managed to win trades for us, real trades, and they produced real profits too. Just take a look at the live video which we embedded here today.


Auto Trading Hub Software – FIRST LIVE PROFITS!

At any rate, for our first Auto Trading Hub session, we only placed a total of 2 trades. Yes, usually we would place 4 or 5 trades at a time. However, this was our first time really trading with this software, so this was a test run. In case something went wrong or this app turned out to be less than reliable, we wanted to engage in some risk management, which means starting out small. It’s a wise move when something like this Auto Trading Hub autotrader is new and untested.

Anyway, we placed 2 trades, both of them Forex trades. If you have noticed, we are fans of Forex trading over most other kinds of trading, simply because Forex has managed to always provide us with pretty decent results. Here, we placed a USD/JPY and a USD/CHF trade. We did not invest too much per trade, but hey, both ended up being winners.

In other words, the Auto Trading Hub app, through 2 trades, provided us with a 100% ITM rate. In case you are wondering about overall profits, we pulled in just over 144 Euros, and it only took about 1 hour for these profits to accumulate. The bottom line here is that we made 144 Euros through 2 winning trades in mere minutes. Therefore, as you can see, the Auto Trading Hub system is in fact profitable and a reliable signals provider, especially for Forex currency pairs.

Auto Trading Hub Live Profits


How To Trade With Auto Trading Hub Software

Something which you are probably interested in knowing is how we managed to achieve such stellar results in our first live session. To be quite honest, there is not too much to know about using this Auto Trading Hub software. It is actually very simple, so simple that a baboon could probably win trades too. The dashboard and the platform of this autotrader is very simple and designed so any newbie can use it with ease.

  • On the right hand side of the dashboard, you can select your charts for a certain asset class and time period. You can trade with cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and more. You should definitely look at the chart first.

Auto Trading Hub Assets

  • On the left hand side of the Auto Trading Hub dashboard, you will see all of the automated trading signals which are provided to you. In order to place a trade, all you need to do is select the asset class and specific position you wish to execute. Here you can simply press the “trade” button, after selecting your trading volume, and the trade will be automatically executed for you. Yes, the stop loss and take profit levels are already set, but you can change them yourself if you like.

Auto Trading Hub

  • Before you place any trade, be sure to check the indicated success rate. To the very left, you will see something called the “success rate”, which is a percentage that indicates the chances of any possible position turning out a winner. The rule of thumb here is that you should never open any position if this success rate is under 75%. However, the higher this percentage is, the better the chances of that specific position turning out a winner.

Auto Trading Hub Success Rate

  • We would definitely recommend only trading during the recommended trading hours. This means only executing positions between 9 am and 7 pm. Do keep in mind that this time slot is for the GMT time zone. So, wherever you live, you do need to adjust your personal recommended trading hours to match the 9 am to 7 pm GMT hours.


Auto Trading Hub First Live Trading Session – Final Thoughts

Ok folks, so as you can see, we have now officially tested the Auto Trading Hub system for ourselves. We showed you the results live on camera. There is no disputing the fact that this Auto Trading Hub program is indeed a reliable signals provider and a legit way to money in your pocket through day trading.

This is a super simple to use autotrader that makes life really easy for everybody and anybody, even for brand new traders that have never gone near Forex, stocks, or crypto before. If you are interested in making healthy and consistent profits through day trading, you should absolutely try out this Auto Trading Hub program. At this time, we think it is one of the best autotrading platforms available for use, and it has the very real ability to put money in your pocket!


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