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Yes, the Auto Trading Hub system was just released today and we could not be any more pleased. We have waiting a very long time for a new autotrader platform to come out, and it is finally here. There is quite a bit that you need to know about this new Auto Trading Hub autotrader, so let’s talk about it right now!

Auto Trading Hub

How Does Auto Trading Hub Software Work?

So, you are probably wondering how exactly this Auto Trading Hub app works to put money in your pocket. First and foremost, do keep in mind that this is a semi-automated trading app. This means that you have to select which positions to place, and then click on the trade button to execute those positions. Don’t worry though, because this software features a killer algorithm along with a few other tools which make selecting the right trades to place about as easy as can be.

Auto Trading Hub

All you have to do is select an asset type, look at the charts, pay attention to the indicated success rate, and you are good to go. This is indeed one of the really big benefits you get with Auto Trading Hub software, which is that it is super user friendly, easy to get the hang of, and easy to profit with. Simply select the positions which have the highest success rate, choose your investment amount, and place the trade. It really does not get much easier than that!

Auto Trading Hub

What you should also know is that the Auto Trading Hub system used an algorithm which incorporates 14 separate trading strategies and indicators in order to ensure that losing signals are not provided to you. Now, of course there are going to be some that slip through the cracks. No, this autotrader is not going to win every single last trade you place. However, when it comes down to it, it should still be way more accurate than most other autotraders out there at this time.

What Can I Trade With The Auto Trading Hub Autotrader?

Are you a Forex trader, a crypto trader, a stock trader, or do you like what commodities have to offer you? Well, it really does not matter in the least, because Auto Trading Hub software is designed to handle them all.

It is actually one of the first modern autotraders out there which can handle such a large number of asset classes. A problem with many other trading apps out there is that they only allow for crypto, stock, or Forex trading, but usually not all at once.

Auto Trading Hub assets

It is a big problem if you want to trade more than one asset type. Yet, this brand new piece of technology has the capability to trade all of these asset types. You can use it to trade Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFD, Indices, commodities, and more. This very high level of versatility and functionality is definitely one of the reasons why the Auto Trading Hub system is very attractive.


Winning Trades With The Auto Trading Hub’s Success Rate

One of the best things about this Auto Trading Hub app so far is that it comes with the so called success rate. The success rate is something that has been featured in various other autotraders before. However, as far as we can tell, it has never worked as well as it does here. If you do not know, the success rate is a winning indicator which can be seen on the dashboard.

Auto Trading Hub success rate

This success rate is a percentage which indicates to you the exact chances of a specific trading position being a winner. This is perhaps the most useful tool that this automated trader’s platform could possibly have. For instance, a Forex pairing might have an indicated success rate of 91%, which is very good and therefore indicates a great chance that the trade will turn out profitable. This success rate is definitely something that you will always want to pay attention to at all times.

Auto Trading Hub System – Signing Up & Brokers

You probably want to know how you can sign up for the Auto Trading Hub system. Well, first off, just follow the links which we have included here in our article. Once you get to the main site, you will see the sign up link, where you will have to enter some personal info. You will then get an email, which you need to open and click on in order to confirm your Auto Trading Hub account.

You will also need to download the Auto Trading Hub extension for Google Chrome. Yes, this is not actually a piece of software that you download onto your computer. It gets installed right onto your internet browser, which in our opinion is actually quite convenient.

However, you cannot start to trade just yet. You still need to sign up and activate your broker account. No, you cannot use this Auto Trading Hub app without a broker, or any other autotrader for that matter. When you go to the broker’s tab, you will see a selection of brokers to choose from. Now, this is going to depend on where you live.

Auto Trading Hub Brokers

There might only be a single broker available in your location, or several. As you can see from our own screenshot here, we managed to connect 3 different brokers at once. Don’t worry though, because it has been confirmed that all brokers associated with this Auto Trading Hub app are 100% legit. Once you have activated and connected your broker, you can then deposit money for trading, and get right to it!

Auto Trading Hub Detailed Review – Final Thoughts

Ok, so if you want to start making good money on a daily basis, through day trading, whether Forex, stocks, crypto, or otherwise, we would absolutely recommend using the Auto Trading Hub autotrader. We have taken a very close look at it, and we know that it is legit, trustworthy, and reliable. We will be conducting many tests and live trading sessions with it over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned!


Auto Trading Hub Sign Up

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