If you like investing in cryptocurrency programs, the system may have caught your attention. The Aerobit app claims to be this high powered cryptocurrency investment system. As the story goes, if you invest some of your Bitcoin stash here, you will get absolutely massive returns on a daily basis. We are told that the system works through cryptocurrency trading and asset diversification. So, it sounds good enough, but if you look closely, it quickly becomes apparent that something shady is going on here.

The website actually looks pretty decent and it is clear that a fair amount of work went into producing it. However, looking good is different from being good. What is on the outside is not always what is on the inside. Heck, these guys do not really provide us with any solid evidence that this crypto investment program is legit or actually works. Moreover, we personally have found a plethora of scam factors which reveal software for what it actually is. We are here today doing this Aerobit scam review to provide you with the truth. We are here to keep your Bitcoin and your cash safe, something that definitely will not be possible if you get mixed up with this scam.


Aerobit Scam – An Anonymous & Fake Company

When it comes to any kind of cryptocurrency investment system, you always want to be sure that you are investing with the right people. You want a company that is real, licensed, and has totally transparent leadership. Well, when it comes to the Aerobit program, we are not confident in the least. To start off, the supposed owner and CEO of this BTC investment app, Jacob Wiltz, is not a real person at all.

On the website, it is mentioned that Jacob is the CEO, but there is no evidence to prove this at all. We looked him up online and came up totally empty. From what we have gathered, he is just a fictitious personality meant to confuse us. Whoever is in charge here, it is not this fake Jacob character. The app is totally anonymous and faceless, which is a huge problem when it comes to trusting these crooks with our hard earned money. The only reason why it would be anonymous is because there is something illegal going on.

Next, the company itself appears to be totally non-existent too. Well, it exists on the Aerobit Website itself, but that is about it. We are shown a bunch of UK registration documents, and even provided a company address and contact details. Well, all of this is completely fake. The documents have been manufactured and fabricated, and the contact details and address have just been made up out of thin air. None of this is true at all.


Aerobit Scam


Finally, this also brings us to the conclusion that this app is not licensed to perform any of the financial activities which it claims to perform. Any person cannot just go out accepting investments from people. This is not legal. Seeing as the company is not real or registered, nor are the leaders showing themselves, it is solid proof that it is not licensed either. This whole thing is one giant illegal cryptocurrency scam. Software – NOT PROFITABLE!

In terms of how the system functions, it is actually very unclear. We are told that it engages in cryptocurrency trading, arbitrage, and a diversification of assets to accrue profits for us. Well, this sounds good to the untrained ear, but for anyone who knows what to listen for, it’s just a pile of senseless and meaningless junk.

There is no proof at all that any of these activities ever take place, plus it is also unclear what the path is here. We are not ever told about which assets are to be invested in, which cryptocurrencies are traded with, what the strategies for trading are, or anything else of importance. We are really left in the dark here, with no way of knowing what the actual road to profits is. It is just way too suspicious for us to handle and the total lack of info is not promising in the least.


Aerobit Scam


Next, the claim that if we invest 5 BTC, we can make 9% in ROI per day, is also highly questionable. Have you ever heard of real returns like this? It really does not seem likely to us that these kinds of returns are possible. Folks, this would mean that you have to invest about $30,000 worth of BTC and will get close to 300% ROI per month. Do you really think that you can make close to $100,000 per month simply by doing nothing? The whole thing just does not make any sense at all.


Aerobit Scam


These guys even try to show us a page that features recent payouts made to previous investors. This is just another sneaky trick and lie orchestrated by these guys. The payouts shown are totally bogus and simply are not real. Finally, we also know that the system is a pyramid scheme, a very illegal one. It claims to offer people referral bonuses for getting other people to invest money. Now, this in itself is not illegal. However, what is illegal is never actually providing these referral payouts to people.


Aerobit Scam Scam Review – The Verdict

At the end of the day, the only thing which we can label the system is a complete rip off. It consists of a fake company which is neither registered nor licensed, plus the leaders are anonymous too. Furthermore, we really do not know how this app is supposed to work, but we definitely know that it does not provide any kinds of results. Whether it is from your investment or from the phony referral program, you just won’t ever make a single penny here. The Aerobit system is designed to steal money from people, which is exactly what it will do if you invest your money into it.

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