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Have you seen the XBT News Trader system yet? If you have, you are lucky that you still have your eyesight, let alone any cash. We have a lot to talk about when it comes to this cryptocurrency trading scam, so let’s get this XBT News Trader scam review on the road.


XBT News Trader




The first thing that we noticed about this XBT News Trader scam is that the website pulls a classic sales tactic on us. We are informed that there are a limited amount of licenses for people to sign up with. In other words, if we do not sign up for this crypto trading app right now, we might lose our chance to do so forever. Folks, there is no kind of tracking going on here, the amount of licenses is not limited, and it never changes either. This is a classic pressure tactic used by scumbag marketers to try and push crappy products.


XBT News Trader Scam Software – A Fake Leadership Team

One of the first scam factors that we noticed here has to do with the leadership team. On the website, during the video, we are shown a picture of a team that is supposed to be the XBT News Trader leadership team. However, this is nothing more than a Photoshopped image to look real. The people displayed here are just phonies, paid actors, and random images.

These are actually people that have already been used for many other crypto scams and other advertising campaigns. Chances are that these people do not even know that their images are being used to represent the XBT News Trader leadership team at all. The reality is that we do not actually know who is in charge here at all. It is a totally mystery. Folks, you just cannot trust any kind of broker or automated cryptocurrency trading system where the leaders refuse to let us know who they really are.



A big telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the XBT News Trader LTD company and the investment advice it offers. The LTD should mean that this company is real, certified, registered, and licensed. However, we could not find a single shred of evidence which would confirm that this XBT News Trader company is registered anywhere in the world. In other words, the company is not real, it does not have a real HQ, and the contact details are totally fake.

This means that the company itself is fraudulent and is not licensed. Well, to provide real investment advice to people, a company needs to be registered and licensed. Without this license, any investment advice provided is illegal. So, the XBT News Trader system is providing people with illegal and unlicensed investment advice that should absolutely not be followed in the least.



One of the things that we noticed right away about this XBT News Trader scam system is that it used unregulated and unlicensed brokers. This is actually how they steal money from you. Yes, the software is free to use technically, but then you have to deposit a minimum of $250 into a broker account. We did some research here and it is apparent that the broker being used here is not the real deal.

The broker is an illegitimate, unregulated, and unlicensed scam broker that serves the sole purpose of stealing money from innocent people like you. Trust us folks, you will deposit money into this broker account and the criminals running the show will drain it all out right away. This is how this particular cryptocurrency trading scam functions, by using a broker as the middleman, a broker that will screw you over without a shadow of a doubt.

Is The XBT News Trader System Profitable?

While the people behind the XBT News Trader app would have you believe that you can earn thousands of dollars on a daily basis through cryptocurrency trading, this is not at all true. First off, we are never really told how the XBT News Trader system works or how it determines the most profitable signals to be executed. We are left totally in the dark in terms of the inner workings here.

Next, there is absolutely no proof that this cryptocurrency trading app is profitable in the least. We have not come across a single person that has ever made any kind of money using this system. There are however plenty of people that have lost their money, which is very unfortunate, but it is also the reality behind this scam. People, you just won’t ever make a profit here. This XBT News Trader trading system is specifically designed to steal money from innocent traders and leave them wondering what ever happened.


XBT News Trader App – An Old Scam With A New Name

Finally, what came to our attention about this XBT News Trader software is that it is a complete rip off of an old scam that we busted just last week. The scam we are talking about here is the Bitcoin News Trader scam. Well it is not actually a rip off per say.

The crooks who created the Bitcoin News Trader app are the same scumbags that created this XBT News Trader scam. We know this for a fact because the domain name was changed, the name of the app was changed, but the look and all of the features, lies, and false claims stayed the same.

It is painfully obvious that both of these cryptocurrency trading scams were created by the same group of crooks looking to steal money from you. The fact of the matter is that the Bitcoin News Trader system was not successful because we and many others blacklisted it so fast, but that did not discourage these clowns from trying again. Folks, this is a scam so just stay away from it!

XBT News Trader Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the XBT News Trader app is a scam. There are no two ways about it. It’s a rip off and if you get mixed up with it, you will lose all of your money without a shadow of a doubt.




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