World OTC Software is Back!

After everything that has happened, it’s almost hard to believe, but it does appear as though the World OTC trading system for cryptocurrencies is back. World OTC is also known as World Over the Counter, and for some time this was a very popular cryptocurrency trading solution that was able to put thousands of dollars into the pockets of those that used it.

However, the good people at World OTC seemingly made some honest mistakes, or what we assume to be honest mistakes, because they got into legal trouble and got shut down. The result was not only that people could no longer use this profitable crypto trading software, but many people lost money too, and lots of it. Anybody who had money in their trading accounts when this software shut down lost it all.

Of course, this was a huge issue, and many people were super upset with World Over the Counter, and rightfully so. Those people thought that they had gotten finessed out of their hard earned money, a fair assumption no doubt. However, there was just a shocking announcement, which is apparently that World OTC software is now back and operational again.

Moreover, it appears as though the people who lost money when it first shut down are now getting their money back, and apparently many already have. It seems as though the people behind this crypto trading app are trying to make things right, and yes, if you are one of the people who lost money here, you should be able to get it back.

Now, we personally don’t want to guarantee that what the people at World OTC are saying is true, because we simply don’t know. Only time will tell. However, we would like to know if World OTC is legit and if what they are saying is true, particularly in terms of refunding people the money that was lost when the initial shut down took place. We want to hear from you, from anybody who lost money due to the shut down, and what your experiences are in terms of getting your money back.

World OTC Legal Issues

Ok, so what you need to know here is that the World OTC trading system was shut down all of a sudden, without warning, about two months ago. Without warning, anybody who had money in their World Over the Counter trading accounts lost it all. For anybody on the inside, as well as those looking in from the outside, what had happened was seemingly clear.

The people behind this software had cut and run with all of the money that people had invested in their trading accounts. Rightfully so, people assumed that this was a scam and that it had stolen all of their money. It certainly looked that way. However, as the people behind the World OTC system are now claiming, this shut down was legit, and it had to do with tax reasons.

Now, we don’t have the specific details in regard to why exactly this trading system was having tax issues, but we do know that it appears to be in relation with the US government. Apparently, World OTC got into some heavy legal trouble with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, specifically in relation to unpaid taxes.

The software was shut down because of something to do with taxes, or so we are told. Remember folks, we aren’t 100% sure whether or not this is true, but this is the info that we were provided. As far as we have been told, the FBI forced World OTC to shut down due to massive outstanding fees and fines in relation to tax issues.

World OTC

World Over the Counter Returns

Just the other day, it appears as though World Over the Counter made a surprise return. If you were caught off guard by this, no worries, because you’re not the only one. World OTC came out of nowhere with this return.

According to the people behind it, they managed to raise enough funds to pay off the fines levelled on them by the FBI. Apparently, now that these fines are paid off and that all tax issues with the US government have been solved, the system is once again operational. From what we can tell, it is indeed back up and running.

However, this still begs the question of whether or not it is a scam, and if people should use it again. Move onto our next section to find out whether or not this system is legit and if they are actually doing what they are promising, mainly giving people their lost money back.


World OTC Software Promising to Give People Their Lost Money Back

Of course, if you are one of the people who lost your money when World OTC shut down, you probably don’t want to make a new account and deposit more money. After all, you are probably worried that this is a scam going through a second round of thievery.

Well, this is a fair concern no doubt. However, according to the people behind World Over the Counter, they are currently in the process of reinstating and reactivating old accounts, and giving people their money back.

According to official documents, many people who lost their money due to the shut down have already gotten it back. Moreover, if you are somebody who lost money due to this, you can contact the people behind World OTC, customer support, and you will also get your money back.

Now, we obviously don’t know if this is true, as we haven’t heard from any real people who got their money back. This is why we are actually here today, to ask people to contact us via email ( and to come forward, if they have gotten their money back. If you got your lost money back from World Over the Counter, we want to know about it, and if you didn’t get your money back, we want to know about it too.

World OTC

World Over the Counter is Back….? Only Time Will Tell

We definitely hope that World OTC is legit and that people are getting their lost money back. Contact us and let us know what your experience with it is!



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