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UltimateFX Traders claims to be a world class broker and trading system for Forex. The website does actually look pretty legit. However, looks can be very deceiving indeed, and we do think that this is the case here.

Although the website looks as though a lot of work went into creating it, we think that this whole thing is nothing more than a game of smoke and mirrors. It’s all an exercise in highway robbery, and here, the victims are anybody who signs up with this system and invests money for trading.

The UltimateFX Traders broker makes some really ridiculous claims, such as providing massive and unrealistic sign up bonuses. These guys also claim that you will more or less double your money with each trade. Yeah, it certainly all sounds a little too good to be true.

When it comes to brokers and trading platforms, if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a pile of BS. We are here today doing this UltimateFX Traders review to keep you and your money safe from theft! Keep reading if you want to find out what is actually going on with this Forex broker and trading system.

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UltimateFX Traders Scam Factors

Like we mentioned above, there are a number of red flags and scam factors which definitely indicate that this UltimateFX Traders system is not what it appears to be. Let’s take a closer look at all of these scam factors right here and now.

Totally Anonymous

The first UltimateFX Traders scam factor that popped up here has to do with the leadership and ownership of this broker. To be clear, there is a complete lack of transparency here. Nowhere is there a single mention of who could be in charge here, just nothing at all.

This means that this is therefore a totally anonymous broker and trading system. People, unless there is something shady and illegal going on, there is no other reason why these people would choose to stay hidden from sight. The fact that whoever is running the show does not want us finding out who they are is a clear indication that there is a scam going on here.


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The Company

What also came to our attention here is that the UltimateFX Traders broker, as well as the companies behind it are all totally bogus. We don’t want to get too deep into it, but the claim here is that there is a company which owns this broker located in the Marshal Islands, as well as another company in California which this broker operates under.

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Folks, nothing you see on the site is true. Any and all entities which claim to be associated with this UltimateFX Traders broker are not legit in the least. There is nothing that resembles any sort of real registration or licensing here.

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UltimateFX Traders User Testimonials

Another UltimateFX Traders scam factor that came to our attention here has to do with the clearly bogus user testimonials. On the main site there are three testimonials left by supposed happy customers.

Well, these user testimonials consist of 1 or 2 quick sentences, the names of the people who left them are not real, their identities cannot be confirmed, and we don’t even get as much a picture of their faces. There is literally not a single piece of evidence which can confirm that these UltimateFX Traders user testimonials are in any way legit.

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Ridiculous Promises

What really stands out here is how the UltimateFX Traders system makes some truly ridiculous promises, specifically in terms of the potential ROI. We are told that each and every single trade will produce a guaranteed ROI of 85%, all with the single click of a button.

Folks, if it were that easy to virtually double your money, don’t you think that everybody would be doing just that? The bottom line here is that there is not a chance, not in a frozen over hell, that this app can perform anywhere near what it promises.

Another ludicrous claim made by these crooks is that if you sign up for a high level account, you will get a hefty 75% welcome bonus. In other words, if you deposit $10,000 for trading, you will get a cool $7,500 just for doing so. People, do you really think that these crooks are going to hand over a pile of money for free?

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No Profits – Only Losses

The biggest telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the simple fact that nobody has been able to make a profit or withdraw money. So far, we have received literally hundreds of complaints from angry scam victims that have had their money stolen from them. One of two things happens here.

The first possibility is that the UltimateFX Traders platform appears to lose all trades, and therefore your money. However, don’t be fooled, because this is not just bad luck. This broker is engineered to display losing trades, but it never actually trades at all. The people behind it simply drain all funds from your account under the guise of lost trades.

What has also been happening to people is that when they go to withdraw any sort of funds, the crooks running this scam simply deactivate and block their accounts. Whatever the case may be, these crooks will undoubtedly steal your money.


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UltimateFX Traders Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the UltimateFX Traders broker is indeed a complete and utter scam. This is nothing more than a way for the anonymous crooks running this scam to steal your money. It serves one single sole purpose and that is to screw you out of your hard earned money.

When it comes down to it, this is a completely illegal and unauthorized Forex broker. It has no authority to be in this business whatsoever. The only thing that you will accomplish by investing money into an UltimateFX Traders account is the total loss of all of your funds.



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