TopInvestus Scam Review – DANGER AHEAD!


TopInvestus software claims to be the world’s best piece of day trading tech for Forex, CFD, and more. According the official site,, you can make countless thousands of dollars each day through trading. Apparently, this system is 100% reliable and only results in profits, but never in losses. The website claims that this is the best invention since sliced bread, oh but we beg to differ.

The fact of the matter is that we have found a ton of TopInvestus scam factors, clear indications that something illegal and shady is in the works here. For one, the site itself is totally void of information, thus creating a total lack of transparency. Moreover, any info featured on the site is not true in the least. Through our research, from what we can tell, the TopInvestus trading system is a rip off. This is our TopInvestus scam review and we are here to protect you from these malicious thieves.

TopInvestus Scam Factors

Alright, so as we mentioned in our opening salvo, this TopInvestus trading system may look legit upon first glance, but when you look deeper down, you’ll notice a lot of suspicious scam factors. Let’s take a closer look at this Forex and CFD trading system, specifically the factors which confirm that it is indeed a scam.


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First and foremost, the website is not transparent in the least. In other words, nowhere on the site is there any information in regards to ownership or leadership. This trading software is totally faceless and anonymous. We have no idea who is behind it, and that is a big problem.

Unless these crooks are doing something illegal, why else would they choose to remain hidden from sight? The fact of the matter is that you cannot ever trust any kind of anonymous trading software that wants you to make huge deposits. If you deposit money here, it goes missing, and because TopInvestus software is anonymous, there’s no one for you to point the finger at.

No Contact Info

Something else that stands out about the TopInvestus system is how there is absolutely no contact information listed. Sure, the site claims that you can call or email for help, but there is no such phone number or email address provided. This is very suspicious to say the least. Why don’t these people want anybody to contact them? The only reason why is because they are criminals.


Owned By A Shell Company

Ok, so technically speaking, the TopInvestus software is owned by a company called Silverdale Holdings LTD. Sure, it might sound legit, but it’s just an empty and totally bogus shell company. We did some research into Silverdale Holdings LTD, and of course, it’s not legit either. Silverdale Holdings LTD is registered and apparently has its home in London, England.

Well, we looked the registered address up and it certainly does not belong to this company. Moreover, neither Silverdale nor the TopInvestus system is licensed or registered by any necessary authority. This trading software and the company behind it are illegal. In no way are they allowed to do anything related with finance whatsoever.


Fake Awards

What is almost comical about the TopInvestus scam is how the official website has a whole section of bogus awards which this trading app has supposedly won. The site lists something like 30 different awards, all of which boil down to “best trading software”. Well, if you do just a bit of research, you will quickly realize that the vast majority of these awards are not real at all and do not exist in real life whatsoever. The few awards that are real have never actually been awarded to TopInvestus software.


A Tricky Demo

Yet another TopInvestus scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the so called demo. Apparently, there is a demo account available, one which allows you to check the software out, see how it works, and of course, see that it always wins 100% of trades.

Yes people, this is a trick. The demo here has been rigged or engineered to only win trades. It’s designed to make you think that the full version is also going to be profitable and successful. It’s a cheap trick people. It lures you in, then by the time you have deposited money for a live account, it’s already too late.


Bogus Education

Next, although this is going to be a quick one, TopInvestus also claims to provide people with a plethora of Forex and CFD trading education. Well, while there is technically some content in this section, it’s all totally worthless and useless. This is all nothing more than basic terms and advice, stuff a child would probably know.

No Profits

The most important aspect or scam factor that needs talking about here is how the TopInvestus system does not produce any profits whatsoever. We have personally gotten hundreds of complaints about it so far, and the narrative is always the same. Simply put, as soon as people deposit money for trading, it disappears into thin air. As you can see, the one and only purpose which this Forex trading app serves is to steal money from you!


TopInvestus Review – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that TopInvestus software is nothing more than a way for the anonymous crooks behind it to steal your money. Seriously folks, there is not an honest bone in the whole body of this trading software. The one and only purpose which it serves is to scam you out of all your money. Please people, whatever you do, stay as far away from this Forex trading scam as humanly possible.



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