Signatex Review: ANOTHER ICO SCAM!


New ICOs are always really exciting, but this Signatex ICO scam is anything but groundbreaking. We are told that this Signatex system can provide us with absolutely ridiculous returns on even the smallest of investments. Apparently this ICO is centered around cryptocurrency mining, yet what kind of crypto is mined we do not know. The bottom line is that this Signatex ICO is a Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, and a crypto mining scam all rolled into one little crappy package.

We are here today doing a Signatex scam review to get to the bottom of this junk once and for all. It might look really attractive upon first glance, but with some further research, it quickly becomes apparent that this is anything but the real deal. There is not a single shred of evidence to back up the claims made by this totally anonymous, unlicensed, and ridiculous cryptocurrency mining scam. Keep reading our Signatex review to find out all of the dirty details that will scare you away from this crypto mining scam once and for all.



Signatex ICO – Totally Anonymous

One of the very first things that came to our attention about this Signatex scam is that it is anonymous. We are never provided with the name of a person who is in charge of this thing. We have no idea who owns it, who created it, or who is in charge of the proceedings. This is a very bad start indeed.

If we are expected to trust this Signatex system with our money, we need to know whose hands it is in. The only reason why the crooks behind this cryptocurrency mining scam are choosing to stay hidden is because they know what they are doing is illegal. They simply do not want to go to jail for stealing your money, something which they will inevitably do sooner rather than later.

Signatex Scam System – A Fake Company

Furthermore, we are told that the name of the company is Signatex LTD. However, we know for a fact that this company does not actually exist at all. There are some incorporation documents featured on the website, which are meant to gain our trust, but these are totally fake and fabricated in every way imaginable. We checked with the FTC and the FCA.

The Signatex LTD company is not registered at all. In other words, this company does not really exist at all. It’s all just one big scam meant to convince you to fork over your hard earned money to these crooks. Rest assured folks, do not give these crooks your money because you have no idea who you are handing it over to.



Signatex App – Not Licensed To Take Investments

Yet another telltale sign that this Signatex ICO is a scam, is the fact that it is no licensed to do anything at all. Taking investments from people is considered a financial activity that requires a license to do.

The problem here is that no real licensing agency would ever give these crooks a license. This Signatex scam is a Ponzi scheme, it does not have a real person at the helm, and the company itself is anything but real. You can bet your bottom dollar that these crooks definitely do not have a license to take your money. If these scammers do take your money, they are doing so without any legal consent. In other words, you can be sure that they are simply stealing your money.

What Is Signatex Software Supposed To Mine?

The next red flag that came to our attention about this Signatex mining scam is the fact that we are never told what it mines. There are literally thousands of different cryptocurrencies out there. SO, which one or ones does this particular system mine?

This is totally basic information that should be provided to us. After all, it is the base of this whole cryptocurrency mining operation. Not telling us what this Signatex system mines for is totally outrageous. It is a pretty clear sign that it never actually mines for any cryptocurrencies at all.



Signatex Scam Software – Impossible Results

Another surefire way of telling that this Signatex systems is a scam, is by taking a look at the profits promised to us. We are told that this system can provide us with returns upwards of 150% per day or over 4,500% per month. Yes, of course this would be totally awesome and radical if it were true, but it is obviously about the furthest from the truth as humanly possible. Heck, getting even 1% or 2% in daily returns is much better than can be expected.

However, not even the best crypto mining systems out there can provide a fraction of the returns as promised by the Signatex app. It is wholly impossible and totally unrealistic to think that you can gain 150% ROI per day from a cryptocurrency mining program. Even a fraction of that number is totally inconceivable. This is just a really cheap way to lure in crypto newbies that don’t have a clue what realistic returns look like.



Signatex Scam System – The Ponzi Scheme

Something that we do know for sure about this Signatex app is that it is undoubtedly a Ponzi Scheme. These crooks promise absolutely ridiculous results even on the smallest of investments. Sure, just like a classic Ponzi scheme, they might give you a little sum of money in the beginning just to keep you complacent and on board, but that is about it. You will never break even with this Signatex scam, let alone make a profit.

It is nothing more than a simple way to steal your money from you. At the same time, this particular mining system is also a pyramid scheme. They try and get you to do the dirty work by promising huge commissions for getting your friends to sign up. Well, you can rest assured that you will never see any kind of commission money. It’s just a way to get you to rip off your friends for them.

Signatex Scam Review – Conclusion

This Signatex system is nothing more than a cryptocurrency mining scam. It will never provide you with any returns at all, but it will definitely steal your money from you.




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