Royal FX Trade Broker Review


The Royal FX Trade broker for BO, cryptocurrencies, and more, looks to be legit, at least the website does. These guys claim to offer massive ROIs of several hundred percentage points in just a few short days. Yes, the website,, looks very legit.

These people have clearly put some effort into creating a website that would dupe unsuspecting investors to fork over their hard earned money. Between the nice looking site and the claims of being able to generate massive returns, the Royal FX Trade scam broker has managed to sucker an ungodly amount of victims out of their money.

The fact of the matter is that although the site looks legit, the whole thing is a massive exercise in thievery. This is our Royal FX Trade broker review, and we are here to shut this malicious scam down once and for all!

Royal FX Trade Broker

Royal FX Trade Scam Factors

There are several scam factors and red flags which can be seen on the website. They all point towards the fact that this is indeed a scam broker, not the real deal.


First off, we noticed that the Royal FX Trade broker is completely anonymous and faceless. In other words, there is not a single mention of company leadership or ownership on the entirety of the website. This is a big problem.

If this were a legit broker, then why would the owners choose to stay hidden from sight? This kind of anonymity with any kind of investment program is always very suspicious. It’s a clear indication that something shady and illegal is in the works here.


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A Bogus Address

The next red flag that came to our attention has to do with how this broker claims to be registered and based in London, UK. There is an official address provided, but it is bogus.

Ok, so the address does technically exist in London, but it definitely does not belong to tis Royal FX Trade broker. It’s just a cheap trick meant to make this scam broker seem like the real deal. It’s a lie!

Moreover, we did bother to check the UK Companies House, the official UK business registry, and of course, we came up empty. This company is not actually registered in the UK at all.

Licensed in “NAVADA”

What really does not make sense about this Royal FX Trade broker is how it says that it is based in the UK, yet the website displays a business license from the “State of NAVADA”. Why a UK company needs a business license for one specific State in the USA is totally confusing and it doesn’t make any sense. However, this is not the main problem.

Take a look at the spelling here, specifically how “NAVADA” is spelled. For those that don’t know, this US State, home to Las Vegas, is spelled “NEVADA”, with the first vowel being an “E”, not an “A”, as is shown on

In other words, these crooks tried to forge a business license, and to avoid severe criminal repercussions, they decided to spell the name of the State wrong. The nerve it takes to do something like this, so clearly fraudulent, is actually kind of impressive. However, the fact of the matter remains the same. This NAVADA business license is total BS.

Royal FX Trade Broker

No Licensing, Period!

The bottom line is that the Royal FX Trade broker is not licensed anywhere in the world. It is not licensed by the SEC or the FCA, nor by any other such regulatory and licensing body. In other words, this broker is not actually allowed to handle your money or to provide financial investment services of any kind.

Bogus Accounts

The next Royal FX Trade scam factor worth talking about has to do with the various investment accounts. The highest package claims to provide investors with 15% ROI for 20 days, that’s 15% per day for 20 days, for a total of a 300% return in just under 3 weeks.

People, this is simply not true at all! Legit investment platforms can’t muster numbers anywhere near that. It’s just a lie meant to attract unsuspecting investors. It’s simply impossible and completely unrealistic.

Royal FX Trade Broker

No Payouts

There is of course the fact that we have received literally hundreds of complaints about this Royal FX Trade scam broker. Literally everybody we have talked to says the same thing. Scam victims invest their money into, and then it’s gone. Simple as that. These people are thieves.

Fake Awards

The website also displays a bunch of so called awards which the Royal FX Trade scam broker has received. This is all BS as well.

We see that this broker has received awards from the National Business Awards, from SME Buckinghamshire, and it received the Best Business Award 2015. These are all fake. This company did not even exist in the year 2015.

False User Testimonials

The other thing worth mentioning here is that all of the Royal FX Trade user testimonials featured on the website are fake. We tried finding at least one of the people who left these so called user testimonials, but could not find a single one, not so much as a single social media account. It’s clear that these are fake user testimonials made by the con artists trying to peddle this snake oil.

Royal FX Trade Broker

Royal FX Trade Scam Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that is nothing more than another scam broker. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent investors, to line the pockets of the criminals in charge. Of course, this is an anonymous scam broker, one with a fake address in the UK and a fake business license from the USA.

Therefore, we don’t actually know where the money is going, but we do know that it is being stolen from investors.

Let’s not forget that the Royal FX Trade website is peppered with fake claims, fake awards, and fake user testimonials. The only thing that we do know for sure about this scam broker is that it is designed to scam you out of your money. Please people, whatever you do, stay as far away from this horrible broker as you can!


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