Rain Cloud Coin Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: raincloudcoin.com

Rain Cloud Coin Software is allegedly a really great crypto trading app, but we have some serious doubts about this. These guys claim that you can make thousands of dollars per day with accurate signals. However, there is really no proof that this is true in any way, shape, or form.

The website itself is totally lacking of real information which would convince us of its merit. Yet we have found a ton of evidence and many scam factors which confirm that it is indeed a complete rip off. It is pretty obvious, glaringly so, that this Rain Cloud Coin software is a scam. It has all of the classic makings of a cryptocurrency trading scam.

The owners of this Rain Cloud Coin system would have you believe that you can become rich with this app. Yet, as far as we can tell, the only people becoming wealthy from this software are the anonymous criminals behind the scenes. We are here today doing this Rain Cloud Coin review to provide you with useful insight into this scam. Beware folks, this cryptocurrency trading scam will take you for everything that you have!


Rain Cloud Coin Scam


Rain Cloud Coin Software – Anonymous Leadership

Do you know who the owner or leader of this Rain Cloud Coin software is? We certainly do not have a single clue. No, it is not because we did not bother to do any research. It is because the owners of this crypto system are purposefully going out of their way to remain anonymous. They are keeping themselves hidden from us on purpose, and it is because they are scammers. Why would a legit crypto trading system refuse to divulge details in regards to the leadership?

As soon as we realized that this Rain Cloud Coin app was totally anonymous, faceless, and lacked transparency in every way imaginable, we were tempted to just stop writing altogether. Far too many times have we come across crypto trading scams that were anonymous. People, anonymous crypto trading systems are always scams. The one and only reason for the owners of such trading systems to stay hidden from the public is because they are doing something illegal.


Rain Cloud Coin Scam


How Does The Rain Cloud Coin System Work?

Well, the easy answer to that question is that this Rain Cloud Coin scam software does not work at all. We are never given any usable information in regards to the inner workings of this supposed world’s best crypto trading platform.

Sure, the website makes some claims about good algorithms and trading strategies, but these are totally bogus and unfounded claims. When it comes down to it, it is painfully obvious that this Rain Cloud Coin program does not actually work at all. You just cannot trust any kind of cryptocurrency trading system when it refuses to tell you how it works.

It just keeps displaying losing trades. Literally every single trade placed is a loser, all of the time, and this can be confirmed by talking to any of the countless victims that this scam has taken to the cleaners. Moreover, we have talked to many people out there that have been screwed out of money by this scam. There is a general consensus no doubt.

The bottom line is that not a single person has ever been able to make a profit with this Rain Cloud Coin software. However, we do know for a fact that way too many people have been stolen from.

At the end of the day, the Rain Cloud Coin system is designed specifically to make it appear as though all trades are lost, when in fact no trades are ever executed in the first place. It is just a terrible empty shell, more or less just an account where for you to deposit money, just so the anonymous leaders can steal it from you.


Rain Cloud Coin Scam


Other Disturbing Rain Cloud Coin Scam Factors

There are actually quite a few other suspicious signs and scam factors that came to our attention here. All of these factors prove once and for all that this Rain Cloud Coin trading system is indeed nothing more than a monumental rip off. It has been engineered to steal money from people and you are the one that is sitting in the crosshairs.

  • First off, the website for this Rain Cloud Coin program is total garbage. It just looks really bad. It has a ton of spelling mistakes in it. Also, half of it is in French. It appears as though these guys did a really lousy job at translating the page from French to English. Seriously folks, do you really think that a crypto trading system with a terrible website, grammar errors, and evidence of laziness is going to be profitable in any way?

Rain Cloud Coin Scam


  • None of the brokers associated with this Rain Cloud Coin app are reliable at all. Literally not a single broker that is associated with this scam is legit. Just like the app itself, the brokers are put in place to steal money from you. That is their sole purpose. Don’t trust the brokers here because they will do nothing more than rob you of your money!




  • The Rain Cloud Coin app website claims to offer great support that always gets back to the client within 15 minutes. The fact of the matter is that there is no support to speak of. The contact details provided are totally phony and nobody ever got back to us. We tried talking to these clowns a few times to no avail.

Rain Cloud Coin Review – Conclusion

If you still think that the Rain Cloud Coin app looks attractive and profitable, you could not be more wrong. It has been designed with the sole purpose of taking money from innocent and hardworking people such as yourselves. Please folks, just stay away from it as far as you possibly can. Absolutely no good will come from getting mixed up with this cryptocurrency scam software.




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