Q Profit System Scam Review

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If the Q Profit System looks like an attractive BO trading service to you, look again because it is anything but a legit trading app. There are some big claims of big profits, risk free trading, and high rewards, but those are all just lies. We are here doing a Q Profit System scam review and it is to give you fair warning about this really dangerous app. Sure, $5,000 per day definitely sounds really attractive, but so does a unicorn that lays eggs made of $100 bills, yet both of those things simply don’t exist. Keep reading because there is a lot of info you need to know about when it comes to this shady Q Profit System app.




How Does The Q Profit System Generate Money?

Perhaps the most unrealistic and unbelievable things told to us by the crooks running the show is that the Q Profit System app was developed by NASA. We are told that this system used quantum mechanics as its main trading strategy to execute highly profitable binary options trades. This sounds really good on the outside, but not when you look closer. Quantum mechanics and space exploration has absolutely nothing in common with BO trading, nothing at all.

Using this as a trading strategy for BO is like using a banana to help you do calculus. It just does not work at all. You can rest assured that there is no comprehensive or even slightly usable trading strategy involved here. Furthermore, there is no chance that NASA is in any way involved in this scam. It is all just a bunch of lies meant to lure you in and steal your money. There is no doubt about that, not a single shadow. We really have no idea what the Q Profit System does or how it does it. This is a complete mystery and therefore this app cannot be trusted in any way, shape, or form.

How Much Money Can The Q Profit System Generate?

Apparently, the Q Profit System app can help us generate over $5,000 per day totally risk free. This is another bogus claim. The best trading systems out there can achieve ITM rates of around 85% to 90%, but no higher than that. Saying that this software is risk free is a total lie. Risk is inherent in the trading world and there is nothing that any service can do to change that. Also, making anything more than $1,250 per day with any binary options trading service is simply not doable. These are all lies. They are promises of big profits that hold absolutely no merit whatsoever.





Q Profit System Scam – A Bogus Representative

One of the first important things to note about the Q Profit System app is that the leader of it, Jerry Douglas, is a total phony. Jerry claims to be some big time financial investment and trading expert who created Q Profit System software so that people like us could make an easy profit trading binary options. However, there is absolutely no evidence to confirm that this many is in any way real or credible.

We know for a fact that he is a paid actor, not an investment guru, and definitely not the creator of this Q Profit System scam. He is nothing more than scapegoat or shield being used to hide the true identities of the scammers in charge. They know darn well that their actions are absolutely illegal and fraudulent. They are using this Jerry Douglas persona as a way to keep themselves out of jail for stealing your money.




Q Profit System App – The Problem Of Anonymity

Another problem closely associated with our first point of not knowing who is in charge of the Q Profit System app is that it is anonymous and therefore is probably not licensed to trade in any way. You see, binary options trading, financial advice, and signals provision are all activities which require licensing and regulation. However, licensing boards will only grant these licenses to trading platforms that are owned and operate by legit and credible people.

Since Q Profit System software does not have a real person or company at the helm, you can rest assured that it does not have the necessary licensing to operate in this world legally. We highly suspect that the Q Profit System app never trades at all, but if it does, it is not doing so in the realm of legality.

Moreover, since this ridiculous pile of trash that has the nerve to call itself trading software does not have licensing, there is no chance that it is hooked up with a reliable broker. Reliable brokers will only allow themselves to be connected with licensed apps and since the Q Profit System app has no license, you can rest assured that the broker does not either. In short, the brokers associated with Q Profit System software have to be scammers and they are in place to rip you off.





Q Profit System Software & Pressure Tactics

Yet another telltale sign that a scam is afoot here has to do with the cheap marketing tactics employed by these scumbags. We are told that there are a total of 50 spots which are for the first 50 members to sign up. These spots are absolutely free, which means that we can apparently use the Q Profit System app for free. However, this is not true at all.

There is a counter on the Q Profit System website which starts at 50 and counts its way down as we stay on the page. However, whenever the page is refreshed, the counter starts back over at 50. This is a very clear sign that there is a scam going on here. There are not 50 free spots. This is just a crappy marketing pressure tactic being used to try and get people to sign up before the consequences are considered.

Q Profit System Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Q Profit System is a rip off. There is not a single legit, credible, or trustworthy aspect to this whole thing. It’s just a giant scam meant to steal as much money from you as humanly possible. In case you are also interested in binary options, Forex, and other types of online trading, check out our sister site, BinaryOptionsArmy.com for all of the latest news and scam reports! if you would like to find out more about cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading, go to our Cryptocurrency Explained section!




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