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As the story goes, the OcuMoney.Win app is supposed to be a super profitable advertising system. Apparently, for each advertisement you feature, you get some money. As well, you are also allegedly granted commissions for referrals. Hmm, this already sounds very suspicious to us, and definitely way too good to be true.

From our point of view, OcuMoney.Win software just looks like another online get rich quick scheme. However, the only people getting wealthy here are the anonymous crooks running the show. The OcuMoney.Win system is actually quite confusing. There is a total lack of coherent information about it. There is no clear avenue to which we get to our money.

As well, there is quite a bit of evidence to prove that this indeed another huge online investment scam. This is an advertising scam that comes in the form of a Ponzi scheme, on that will end up costing you a whole lot of money. This is our OcuMoney.Win scam review and we are here to warn you about the very real danger which you will be in if you get mixed up in this mess.


Ocumoney.Win Scam


OcuMoney.Win Scam System – UNCLEAR!

Ok, so we are told that this OcuMoney.Win app has the ability to generate over $500 per day for just 3 hours of work. As the story goes, these profits will come from advertising revenue. For each ad that we display, we will be given 10 cents. Also, for each person that we refer to this system, we will be given a 50% bonus commission. Now, making money through website advertisement is nothing new and is legitimate enough, but when it comes to this app, it is all just a little unclear.

The problem here is that you actually need your own website to display ads and make money. Does the OcuMoney.Win system create this website for us? Do we have to make our own website? Do we just use social media to get it done? How do we refer people? Do we get 10 cents only once for displaying the ad, or do we get 10 cents every time someone clicks on the ad? This is all information that is missing here. It’s pretty clear that these crooks just want to make some quick money off of you one way or another.

OcuMoney.Win Program – MONEY FOR NOTHING?

Something else that is quite suspicious too is what we like to call the TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE FACTOR! In other words, these guys promise that we can make money with this OcuMoney.Win system. However, they never mention how they make money. After all, nobody gives away free money, so these clowns have to be making a profit one way or another. They never talk about any kind of cost for buying or using this software.

Also, they never talk about whether they take a cut from your earnings. Clearly these guys are making money in some way, but in which way is somewhat unclear. It is possible that they just get you to do all of the work, while they actually keep the money for the advertising. Also, if you are giving them your bank account details so they can send you the earnings, which never show up by the way, it is very possible that they just want access to your bank account info. Folks, nobody ever gives away money for free!



OcuMoney.Win Scam System – ANONYMOUS!

Of course, big surprise, the OcuMoney.Win system is 100% anonymous. Nowhere on the website are we told who is in charge here, who owns this software, or given any contact details of any kind. The OcuMoney.Win app has absolutely no transparency and lacks clear leadership. This is a huge problem to say the least. No matter if it is a cryptocurrency scam, a binary options scam, or an ad revenue scam like this, you just can’t trust them if they are anonymous.

Unless there is something illegal and fraudulent going on, there is just never a good reason for an investment system like this to be anonymous. The only reason why the guys in charge want to remain hidden from sight is because they steal money from people and they just do not want to end up in prison for doing so.

Other OcuMoney.Win Scam Factors

There are a few other really suspicious aspects of this software that absolutely need to be mentioned, so let’s do that right now.

  • For one, the OcuMoney.Win system has never provided anybody out there with profits so far. We’ve talked to quite a few people who have gotten mixed up with this mess and they all say that they never received any kind of payout.
  • The referral program also does not provide any payouts. Just like nobody has earned money from the ad revenue, nobody has earned money from referral commissions either. These guys just don’t pay any money out at all.
  • The displayed payouts on the website are completely bogus. The people shown are simply made up user names and their so called winnings are simply non-existent.
  • It is pretty obvious that the crooks running the show here simply want access to your bank account details so they can steal money from you. There are already some reported cases of bank account theft and fraud which can be directly traced back to this OcuMoney.Win scam system.


Ocumoney.Win Scam

OcuMoney.Win Scam Review – Conclusion

As you can see, the OcuMoney.Win advertising system is just another rip off. It will never lead to profits of any kind, except for the anonymous criminals running the show. This whole thing is intended to screw you out of your money, not to help you make it by any means. People, just stay away from this OcuMoney.Win scam because it will cost you everything that you have.




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