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The OC Software app claims that it can generate at least $100,000 per month through automated cryptocurrency trading. While this would be awesome, there are way too many scam factors present here for us to be able to trust this system. It is all just way too good to be true. We are here today doing this OC Software scam review to provide you with fair warning about this pile of junk crypto software!


OC Software Scam



The first telltale sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the so called owner and creator of this OC Software system. He claims that his name is Edward Robinson. He even claims that he has been featured in various publications like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Apparently he is the “nicest rich guy in the world” among many other self-proclaimed titles. Sure, he seems like a legit guy, especially because in the video he is boarding what seems to be his own private jet.

However, it is pretty obvious that this Edward guy is not the real deal. First and foremost, the only popular Edward Robinson to be heard of is a famous actor that is long dead. If you look up Eddward in relation to this OC Software system, you won’t find much at all. In other words, this guy is a phony, not the real thing. He is simply an actor being paid a few bucks to portray some rich guy that supposedly created this program.

Folks, this man is a fictitious character boarding a plane that has been rented for a couple of minutes. Besides being the actor in the video, he has no association with this crypto trading scam, which is exactly what it is. The OC Software app is totally anonymous and it completely lacks transparency. We do not actually know who is in charge here. This makes it all very dangerous and extremely suspicious to say the least. Whenever we come across an anonymous cryptocurrency trading system, we automatically know that it is a scam.


OC Software Scam



OC Software App – FAKE USERS!

Something else that we noticed about this OC Software trading scam is that the user testimonials and featured winners on the website are just as phony as Edward himself. The official website displays a bunch of people who supposedly made it big using this crypto trading software. However, there is simply no proof that these people are real at all. All we get is some crappy headshot of random people combined with clearly fake names, names that consist of first names only, like Madonna or Cher.

This does not inspire confidence in the least and it makes it pretty obvious that these people have never used this OC Software trading app at all. Moreover, the bottom of the site features OC Software user testimonials from Twitter and Facebook. These are nothing more than some decent photo editing work. If you go on Facebook or Twitter, you won’t find these user testimonials anywhere. All we get from this crypto trading bot so far is a bunch of lies and false claims that have no basis in reality whatsoever.


OC Software Scam



How Does The OC Software System Work?

The OC Software trading system claims to work by using some really good satellites and trading algorithms to execute lighting quick trades that are always profitable. If we have a dollar for every single time we heard this exact same story or explanation, we would be billionaires by now. While this explanation of how the OC Software app works sounds quite good, it does not actually have any merit or substance.

We want to know about the algorithms, trading strategies, analysis tools, and indicators being used here. Simply telling us that the OC Software system is really fast and always makes profitable crypto trades is not nearly enough to convince us that this cryptocurrency trading app is legit. It’s just a convoluted and nonsensical mess that leaves us with more questions and suspicions than we had before we watched the video.


OC Software Scam




What is totally ridiculous is that we are told that this OC Software app can generate over $100,000 per month without fail. That is right, apparently there is no risk of losing your investments here and you will make at least $25,000 per week guaranteed. Well, seeing as the explanation in terms of the inner workings of this app was totally bogus, it stands to reason that this is BS as well. First and foremost, even the best of the best cryptocurrency trading systems cannot do this, and if they can, it is not very often.

Sure, there may be some apps that might come close to this, but the OC Software system is certainly not profitable, especially not at the level claimed by these anonymous crooks. Furthermore, guaranteeing profits through crypto trading is not possible. There is always a risk of loss no matter what system you are using. Therefore, we have no choice but to label this whole thing as a complete rip off.


OC Software Scam



OC Software Trading Scam – $5,000 FOR FREE?

The claim made on the OC Software website is that you will get $5,000 for free just for trying the software. If you don’t make at least $100K in the first month, you will get $5K for free from the owners just for giving it a shot.

Folks, nobody gives away money for nothing, especially not that much. For one, nobody gives away free money, and second, from what we have gathered, nobody has ever received this money anyway. This is just another piece of evidence which proves that this OC Software system is indeed a scam.


OC Software Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the OC Software system is a total scam. It serves the sole purpose of losing trades, or appearing to do so, in order to line the pockets of the anonymous crooks running the show. This is simply a monumental exercise in thievery and nothing more.




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