The FX Robotix App Is HERE!


We are pleased to announce that the new FX Robotix trading application is finally here. Today we just want to do a quick introduction, a basic FX Robotix review to provide you with some basic facts about this killer new automated day trading application.

FX Robotix Software

FX Robotix Trading Software – More Than Just Forex!

Ok, so as you might have gathered from the name of the software, it is intended for Forex trading. When it comes to Forex trading, we are sure that this app is going to provide users with some of the best Forex trading signals around.

This is what this software is all about, providing users with a massive selection of Forex trading signals that can then be executed upon, all in one place.

However, the is more to it than that, because this FX Robotix app does more than just Forex. This day trading software is also designed to provide you with cryptocurrency signals upon which you can execute profitable trades. The fact that this new autotrader serves both cryptocurrency and Forex trading needs, all in one place, is definitely very convenient.

FX Robotix Software


FX Robotix App – Intuitive & User Friendly

The next aspect of this FX Robotix software worth noting is that it is designed for newbies and beginners. We have taken a close look at the platform, and from what we can see, the layout is super intuitive and it’s not hard to find different features.

Moreover, the platform as a whole is designed to be very easy to use and quite minimalistic too. You really do not have to know much about Forex or cryptocurrency trading to use it successfully. Simply put, it will do the vast majority of the hard work for you, so you can just place trades on the go, all without having to do research and market analysis.

The FX Robotix system is definitely one we would recommend for novices with limited or no trading experience. Now, this is not to say that trading professional cannot use it successfully, but does cater more towards beginners that need a straightforward system to make quick and easy money.

FX Robotix Software


FX Robotix System – Simple 1 Click Trading

What really stands out about this FX Robotix trading platform is that it feature one click trading. Yes, this does relate to the previous point of how user friendly and simple this software is, but there is more to it than that.

This will be much easier to explain in our next review where we cover the most important platform features, as well as our live trading videos.

However, that said, what you need to know here is that the FX Robotix system generates a myriad of trading signals, and executing trades with those signals only requires a single click of the mouse. We have been waiting a long time for software to come along that is very fast at executing trades, and this is it.

FX Robotix Software


FX Robotix Software – Accurate & Profitable

The next aspect of the FX Robotix platform worth talking about, perhaps the most important point in fact, is that this app is indeed very accurate and profitable. The reason we are saying this is because there are tons of signals providers and trading applications out there. However, the vast majority of them simply are not very profitable.

In other words, while there are signals providers out there, most of them generate low quality signals that lead to losing trades. Well, this is not the case with this FX Robotix platform. It generates some of the highest quality cryptocurrency and Forex trading signals in the world, and we are totally serious about that.

So far, we cannot tell you anything about the average ROI, as we will figure this out first hand when we perform our live trading sessions. However, what we can tell you is that we know for a fact that this FX Robotix system will allow you to win well over 80% of trades placed. That is no small number and it will undoubtedly lead to you banking profits on a daily basis.

FX Robotix Software


FX Robotix Platform – 100% Free

What you are really going to love about the FX Robotix application is the fact that it is free to use, 100% free of cost. This is definitely deciding feature, because most reliable signals providers and autotraders cost a good deal of money to use.

Of course, if you are starting out with limited funds, having to pay an absurd amount of money just to trade is out of the question. Well, be sure folks, this app has no cost at all. Moreover, registration consists of a simple 3 step process, so that is very easy as well.

Now, to be clear, there is one very small caveat here, which is that you do have to use one of the associated brokers. The list of available brokers is quite large, and yes, all brokers associated with the FX Robotix app are 100% legit, but you do have to use one of the connected ones.

FX Robotix Software


FX Robotix Trading App – Awesome Customer Support

The final thing about this FX Robotix system that we would like to talk about today has to do with the premium customer support it comes with. Now, it is true that this software is super user friendly, more than ideal for beginners. However, with that said, there are always bugs, problems, and learning curves too. For this reason, the FX Robotix app comes complete with 24/7 support via email, phone, and live chat.

FX Robotix Software


FX Robotix Trading Software – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that we could not be any happier that this FX Robotix system is finally here. It is set ot be one of the biggest and best day trading platforms in the world. It provides accurate signals, is super easy to use, totally free, and highly profitable too. If you want to make healthy profits trading Forex and cryptocurrencies, we would definitely recommend trying out this brand new FX Robotix platform.


FX Robotix App

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