Mining Cheap Scam Review – DANGER!


The Mining Cheap system claims to provide investors through huge profits through Bitcoin cloud mining. The website, does not look legit at all, there’s no information present, and it doesn’t appear to actually produce profits either. This is our Mining Cheap scam review and we are here to shut this horrible cryptocurrency scam down once and for all!

Mining Cheap Scam

Mining Cheap BTC Miner – Anonymous!

The Mining Cheap Bitcoin miner is what we would call a totally faceless and anonymous scam. In other words, nowhere here is there any sort of mention about who could own this Bitcoin miner or who is in charge of its operation. This is a big time scam factor which indicates that something very shady and illegal is going on here.

Whenever you are faced with an anonymous investment program like this, you need to be suspicious. You always need to think that unless there is something illegal going on, there’s no reason why the people in charge would purposely choose to remain anonymous. The fact that these crooks are hiding from sight is a clear indication that this Mining Cheap Bitcoin miner is a complete scam.

Mining Cheap Company Info – Nothing!

Something else that is very suspicious about this Mining Cheap BTC mining program is how there is absolutely not information available about the company, nothing at all. There is not a single address, phone number, or email address included here. It is very obvious that these criminals do not want people knowing who or where they are, and they don’t want anybody to be able to contact them.

This kind of thing is always indicative of a scam. If these people were legit, if this BTC miner were the real deal, then why is there absolutely no way to contact anybody. From what we have gathered over the years of busting scams, this alone is enough for us to label it as a complete scam. This is not normal and you should not trust these anonymous crooks.


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Mining Cheap System – No Registration or Licensing

Something else that is important to note about this Mining Cheap cloud miner is that it does not appear to be registered or licensed in any way, shape, or form. Seeing as there is no address listed as well as no company HQ, it is impossible to tell where this program comes from.

Seeing as it is impossible to tell where it comes from, it’s safe to assume that it really does not have a specific country of origin. In other words, it’s not actually registered or incorporated in any one country. For this operation to be legal, it would have to be registered somewhere. The exact same thing can be said in terms of licensing.

For this Mining Cheap Bitcoin miner to be legal, it would have to be licensed by the appropriate financial authorities, which it is not. This Bitcoin mining scam has no such license. Therefore, it is operating illegally. It has absolutely no right or authorization to perform any sort of investment services for people.

Mining Cheap Investment Accounts – Ridiculous!

Yet another red flag that popped up about this Mining Cheap scam is how the promised profits are truly ridiculous. The best investment package here, the diamond plan, promised to provide investors with a return of 0.0385 BTC every single day for 200 days, all with an investment of just 0.6 BTC.

Right now, 1 Bitcoin is worth $8,871 USD, and 0.6 BTC is worth about $5,322 USD. With an investment of just over $5,320, you can therefore supposedly make around $341 USD per day. Multiply this by the 200 day contract period, and you be able to make roughly $69,000 USD in those 200 days.

Folks, this is not true at all. Sure, Bitcoin mining can be quite profitable, but not nearly as profitable as these crooks claim. This would equal a return of over 1,200% in under a year. Even the best of the best investment programs, HYIPs, cannot produce these kinds of returns. It just is not true at all!

Mining Cheap Scam

Mining Cheap System – Fake Payouts

The next red flag worth mentioning in relation to this Mining Cheap BTC miner is how the website clearly displays a bunch of fake payouts. Folks, just because you see a chart of alleged payouts on the site does not mean that they are real. These are very easy to forge and to falsify. Heck, a 5 year old using Microsoft Paint could easily put together this payout chart.

The reason why we know that this is all a huge load of BS is because we have been in contact with literally dozens of scam victims, and the story is always the same. Anybody and everybody who has invested money with the Mining Cheap system has lost all of their money.

These crooks never provide their investors with any profits. Either the initial investment simply disappears, or accounts get locked and blocked. Either way, you aren’t ever going to see any money back here. You won’t make a profit and your initial investment will be lost too.


Mining Cheap Affiliate Program – More Lies

The final scam factor that you need to know about here has to do with the Mining Cheap affiliate program. There are several levels of affiliate commissions, allegedly. Altogether, there is supposedly the potential to earn up to 30% in affiliate commission bonuses. However, this is nothing more than pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme rolled into one. This is a multi-level marketing scam.

This affiliate program is just an easy way for these criminals to get you to do the heavy lifting. Through this affiliate program, the Mining Cheap BTC miner literally gets you to scam other people. Make no mistake about it, because these criminals will steal money from whoever you refer, but you won’t ever see any kind of bonus. It’s just a cheap marketing trick, nothing more than a lie.

Mining Cheap Scam

Mining Cheap Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that this Mining Cheap Bitcoin miner is a scam, a rip off, nothing more than an exercise in highway robbery. Stay away from it at all costs!


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