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If you like trading cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, you definitely want to check out the Maximus Edge CryptoBot app. Let’s get right to it and provide you with the most valuable Maximus Edge CryptoBot trading tips right now!

Maximus Edge CryptoBot Tip #1 – TRADING TIMES!

One thing that you definitely need to pay attention to here is that you need to trade during the right times. We have received a lot of complaints from people who have been losing money with the Maximus Edge CryptoBot system due to trading during the wrong times or on the wrong days of the week. Folks, please only trade during the hours from 9 am to 7 pm in the GMT time zone.

If you do not live in the GMT time zone, please make the appropriate calculations so you are trading during the right time in correlation with the GMT time zone. At the same time, please only trade during the week, and not on the weekend. The markets are pretty much frozen solid over the weekend, and although you can trade crypto on Saturday and Sunday, it really is not worth the risk or the trouble.




Maximus Edge CryptoBot Tip #2 – USE THE ORIGINAL VERSION!

Perhaps one of the most important tips that you need to follow in regards to this Maximus Edge CryptoBot app has to do with the various version of it. Yes, there is the original app and platform, but there is also a newer Maximus Edge CryptoBot app that was recently updated and released. Common sense would usually dictate that the more recent and newer version of this crypto and fiat currency trading app would be the better one, but in this case, this is not so.

We really do not want to get in too deep here, but the point is that the older version, the original version of this software, is by far the better one to be using. We have had a lot of experience with this crypto trading system, as have thousands of others. Based on the words of others, and our own experience, we can safely say that the older and first version of Maximus Edge CryptoBot software is by far the most profitable one compared to the newer version. In other words, please only sign up for the original version of this cryptocurrency autotrader, links to which can be found here in this article.


Maximus Edge CryptoBot Tip #3 – THE BEST ASSETS!

One of the things that many people may not realize about trading with the Maximus Edge CryptBot app is that there are some assets pairings which are better to trade with than others. Here we are speaking specifically about currency pairings. Yes, this software excels when it comes to trading currency pairings, as we and thousands of other traders out there have made loads of cash trading currency pairings.

However, although the Maximus Edge CryptBot system displays dozens of fiat currency pairings, not nearly all of them are ideal to trade with. Below we have listed a few different currency pairings which tend to have the most volatility and flow. In other words, the pairings listed below have the highest profit potentials and momentum, this allowing for the biggest profits to be made. Here are the currency asset pairings that you want to stick to.



Maximus Edge CryptoBot Tip #4 – USING THE CONFIDENCE FACTOR!

Lots of people have been asking us about the confidence factor included with the Maximus Edge CryptoBot program. Lots of people also seem to be totally ignoring this confidence factor, which is not something that you want to do. There is a reason why this Maximus Edge CryptoBot software comes with this confidence factor feature. It is to help you make more profitable trades and to help minimize losses. We really don’t know why people are ignoring the confidence factor. In terms of trading with this app, it is one of the biggest mistakes that you could possibly make.

Guys, the confidence factor included here is a really solid way to tell just how profitable a trade is going to be. Moreover, it is a great indicator of the exact chances of any given trade actually being won. It shows you which assets to bet your money on when trading, so ignoring it is not something that you want to do. For instance, one asset might display a confidence factor of 65%, while another displays a confidence factor of 90%.

Obviously, the asset with the higher confidence factor is the one that you want to trade with. Another important thing to keep in mind here is the minimum confidence factor. Generally speaking, you never want to trade with any asset or asset pairing that has a confidence factor under 75%. It just is not worth the risk, and plus, there are usually always other assets and cryptocurrencies with much higher confidence ratings than 75%.




Maximus Edge CryptoBot Tip #5 – 3 BULL NEWS!

Yet another tip that you absolutely need to follow when trading with the Maximus Edge CryptoBot app is to only trade with assets, specifically fiat currencies, which are not experiencing 3 Bull News. To put it simply, 3 Bull News is bad and you need to stay away from it. To figure out which currencies are experiencing 3 Bull News, check the economic calendar.

For example, if the GBP is experiencing 3 Bull News, you do not want to trade with it, as the risk of losing your investment is very high. With that being said, the USD is special here. Because the USD is the world’s most powerful national currency, it is experiencing 3 Bull News, you don’t want to trade with any fiat currencies at all. If this is the case, you want to stick to trading only with cryptocurrencies.

Maximus Edge CryptoBot Tips – Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, the Maximus Edge CryptoBot system is one of the best of its kind of trading crypto and fiat currencies. We would definitely recommend giving it a try if making money is something that you would like to do.


Maximus Edge cryptobot

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