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You have probably heard of the new Facebook Libra Coin cryptocurrency slated for release sometime next year. However, what you might not be aware of its that there are currently many imitators and scammers using this name to trick people out of their money. You need to be aware of the difference between the real Facebook Libra Coin and cheap Libracoin imitations looking to thieve money.

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The Real Facebook Libra Coin Cryptocurrency

So, what you need to know here is that there is indeed a 100% legit cryptocurrency which Facebook is working on right now. Yes, it is called Libra Coin, and it is set to be released within the next year. What you need to know here is that the official Facebook LibraCoin is going to be the real deal.

This is a big time altcoin backed by a massive institution and it already has dozens of investors. Not only are there dozens of investors backing this soon to be available cryptocurrency, but they are massive investors too, with ones like Visa, PayPal, ebay, Spotify, Lyft, Thrive Captial, Uber, and many others. So, yes, this new Facebook Libra Coin is absolutely set to explode.

It’s another awesome decentralized cryptocurrency that is going to offer many services and benefits to holders of this cryptocurrency. The main takeaway here however is that the official Facebook Libra Coin is not set to be rolled out until somewhere in the first half of 2020, so not until well into next year. However, the whitepaper for Libra Coin was just released, and you might be interested in checking that out.

Libra Coin
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Fake Facebook Libra Coin Scammers

What we are really here to talk about today is how there are actually many scam versions of this crypto ICO floating around out there. In fact, we already busted one such imitator, which is found at To get the full scoop on this particular scam, click here for our in depth review of it. The point that we absolutely need to hammer home is that the real Facebook Libra Coin cryptocurrency is not slated for release until well into next year, in 2020.

Libra Coin Scam Alert

This means that any such ICO, website, or cryptocurrency that claims to be associated with Libra Coin, at this point, is a scam. The legit coin is not out yet and there’s no way to invest in it at this time, so if you have people like the ones at asking you to invest, it is a scam. Folks, you need to be aware that there are a lot of crooks out there looking to piggyback off of the good name of Facebook and the notoriety which their own Libra Coin ICO is generating, but they are not legit at all!



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Facebook Libra Coin, Scammers, & Our Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, yes, the real Facebook LibraCoin is definitely something to keep your eye on, as it does appear to be a legit cryptocurrency and investment worth making. However, it’s not out until 2020, so you do have to wait, but this does not mean that scammers, like, will not try to trick you, so be weary of these cheap imitations!

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