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The Kirkland & Felt program claims to be a super profitable crypto mining and trading investment system. The claim here is that you can earn several hundred percent in profits per month simply by investing some cash. Apparently, top trading and crypto experts are in charge here, and they know how to generate a whole lot of cash. Sounds really awesome right?

Kirkland and Felt

Well, it all sounds a little unrealistic to us. Heck, it sounds impossible if we are going to be honest. The Kirkland & Felt HYIP provides literally no proof that any of the claims made are true. On the other hand, through our extensive investigation, we came across quite a few scam factors. This is our Kirkland & Felt scam review and we are here to figure out whether or not this is a scam.

Kirkland & Felt Company Leadership

For one, we really are not too sure about the leadership team at Kirkland & Felt. Yeah, they sound like high class lawyers, but whoever is behind this is nothing more than a low class scumbag. The fact of the matter is that we are certain that neither John Kirkland nor William Felt exist at all. Yeah, we are told that these two bozos are the head of the operation, and even giving some personal info about them.

However, when we went to go do some research about them, there was literally nothing to be found. From what we have gathered, these are fake people. They are scapegoats, fictitious identities made up out of thin air. They are not genuine people. They are just random names listed on the Kirkland & Felt website. Yeah, they sound professional, but they just don’t exist. This Kirkland & Felt investment platform totally lacks transparency. The real owners are anonymous and faceless. They do not want us knowing who they are. Seems quite suspicious, does it not?

Kirkland and Felt

Speaking of the actual company, Kirkland & Felt, it also appears to be bogus. Yeah, the claim is that this company is based in the UK. There’s even an address provided. Google Maps was super quick to contradict this. In other words, the address provided on the site certainly does not belong to this company. In fact, the company itself does not even exist at all, at least not in any legal sense.

Funny enough, even though the Kirkland & Felt system is based in the UK, the UK itself does not seem to have any knowledge of this! The company is not registered, licensed, incorporated, or anything else which would make it legit. It’s a fake company. It’s not real. The only real thing about the Kirkland & Felt HYIP is that it’s designed to rip you off!

Is The Kirkland & Felt HYIP Profitable?

The main thing here is of course whether or not the Kirkland & Felt system is profitable. Well, we’re told that this is a dual function crypto investment platform. On one hand, you can invest in a crypto mining program, and on the other, into a crypto trading program. Guys, quantity does not translate to quality. Those are two very different things.

So, when it comes to both the cryptocurrency mining and trading programs here, there’s no evidence provided that either of these things exist. We are not shown a single shred of evidence which would indicate that any such mining or trading goes on here. There’s no screenshots of any platforms and no pictures of facilities. We are given literally zero information about the actual business model here. It just does not sit right with us.

Kirkland and Felt

There are very many questions that remain unanswered in regards to this Kirkland & Felt investment platform, way too many for us to ignore. Furthermore, the level of ROI promised is just totally unrealistic. These guys claim that you can make hundreds of percentage points any investment in just a few days. It’s simply not true. For one, Bitcoin and crypto mining is not very profitable anymore. It costs too much to operate in comparison to how much profits it can produce.

Moreover, these guys are guaranteeing profits through crypto trading. This is not possible to do. If you know a thing or two about cryptocurrency trading, you know that losing your money is easy. These guys seem to claim that they can mitigate all risk, therefore guaranteeing profits. Guys, this just cannot be done. It does not matter who is in charge of the Kirkland & Felt system. These profits are not possible to achieve.

Other Kirkland & Felt Scam Factors

There are a couple of other scam factors worth mentioning here, so let’s do that right now.

  • The Kirkland & Felt platform shows a bunch of payouts on the website. Well, there is no way to confirm that these payouts are in any way real. It’s just a simple chart with random amounts and clearly fake names. This Kirkland & Felt system does not appear to be trustworthy at all.
  • The Kirkland & Felt investment program also appears to be a pyramid scheme. There is a referral program in place which promises 10% commission to anyone who gets their friends to invest. Although it does sound like a good deal, it also is not true. We have gotten several complaints from people who have gone through the referral program. The bottom line here is that no one has ever received a commission as promised.

Kirkland & Felt

Kirkland & Felt Review – The Verdict

The verdict here is that the Kirkland & Felt HYIP is indeed a total rip off. The claimed owners aren’t real people. The company is not licensed and totally illegal. The way in which it is supposed to make money doesn’t make sense. The profits don’t add up, the payouts chart seems fake, and to top it all off, it’s a Ponzi scheme too. Guys, you need to keep your distance from this Kirkland & Felt investment platform. It is undoubtedly a massive scam.




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