InstantHour Review: CRYPTO SCAM ALERT!


The InstantHour ICO is making its rounds across the internet. It has apparently managed to scam hundreds of innocent people out of their hard earned money. It has only been around for a few days now, so it is definitely making quite the negative impact on the crypto trading community.

Supposedly, the Instant Hour system is supposed to be this awesome HYIP investment system for cryptocurrencies. We are told that it is both a crypto mining app as well as crypto trading software too. This already peaks our suspicions quite a bit, as doing both mining and trading is highly unlikely, not to mention very hard too.


InstantHour Scam


This whole InstantHour system just seems way too good to be true. There is absolutely no evidence to back up any of the claims made by these crooks. However, there is more than enough solid proof to prove once and for all that this is just a dirty crypto scam. We are here today doing this InstantHour review for your benefit. We want to warn you about the very real threat that this crypto mining scam poses to your financial security.

Instant Hour LTD – ANONYMOUS & FAKE!

Perhaps the first and most suspicious aspect of this InstantHour ICO is that it is totally leaderless, faceless, and apparently non-existent too. For one, we are never told who the people in charge are. Sure, we are shown a little picture of a group of people with a heading that reads “Who We Are”, but none of the people have names.


InstantHour Scam

The picture is just a random picture of a room full of people sitting around a table. They have no relation to this InstantHour system. We are left wondering who the real criminals behind this crypto scam are. We have said it before, but will say it again. You just cannot trust an anonymous cryptocurrency investment program of any kind. Whether it is automated crypto trading or crypto mining, if you do not know who is behind the system, you cannot trust your money with it.

Furthermore, we also know that the company itself is totally fake. Apparently, it is called Instant Hour LTD. The registration document provided would seem to be proof of this. However, when we took a closer look at the business registration document provided, it was clear that it has been fabricated.


InstantHour Scam


The document is a fake, a phony, a simple recreation with the name of this InstantHour company plastered onto it. This Instant Hour system consists of anonymous leadership, a fake company, and absolutely no real license to take investments from you. This whole crypto mining and trading app is nothing more than an exercise in thievery, with the sights set on you.


We are told that this particular crypto mining system can mine or BTC with incredible efficiency. As the tale goes, making up to 25% hourly through crypto mining is totally possible here. However, even though making that much ROI per hour is simply impossible, there is also no evidence that any mining ever happens here.

The InstantHour system claims to perform BTC and crypto mining, yet we are never provided with any pertinent info that this is true.

We want to know where the mining is taking place, where is the hardware? How much hardware is there? What are the mining capabilities of this Instant Hour app? What are the overhead costs? Seeing as we are provided with exactly none of this info, it is fair to reason that this Instant Hour ICO is just another big cryptocurrency rip off.


Just like there is absolutely zero evidence of any Bitcoin mining going on here, there is also no evidence of any crypto trading. The Instant Hour program claims to produce some of the profits through automated crypto trading.

However, there is no proof that this is true. Never do these guys mention ITM rates, trading profits, what kind of assets are traded, how automated the system really is, trading strategies, or anything else of importance. We are simply expected to believe that this InstantHour ICO trading app executes highly profitable trades without a single shred of evidence to back it up.





InstantHour System – NO PROFITS!

Something that we can tell you for sure is the fact that there are absolutely no profits to be made with this InstantHour scam system. We are told that we can make as much as 25% ROI per hour, 100% ROI in 4 hours, or 600% ROI in a single day. No matter which way you do the math, not only is this highly unlikely, but also completely impossible.

For one, we are never told how the InstantHour system actually makes this money. Yes, we are told that it trades crypto and mines BTC, but as we mentioned above, both of these things are very unlikely. Also, we are not told what percentage of our profits are to come from mining and how much will come from trading. This whole Instant Hour ICO is very vague, it lacks information, and quite honestly, it just does not make any sense.

The main point here is that multiplying your money by a factor of 6 on a daily basis cannot be done and it surely cannot be guaranteed. There is also the fact that every single person we have talked to so far has reported that their money has simply gone missing. Nobody has ever made any kind of profit with this InstantHour scam app.


InstantHour Scam


Instant Hour Scam Review – Conclusion

The only important thing to remember about this InstantHour system, is that it is indeed a total rip off. It is an exercise in thievery that targets crypto traders such as yourselves. It is completely anonymous, the company is bogus, and there is no proof that any crypto mining or trading ever takes place here.

Moreover, we know for a fact that nobody has ever managed to make a single penny in profits with this InstantHour ICO. People, just stay away from it because it is undoubtedly one of the biggest cryptocurrency ICO scams of this year!




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