IMB Day Trading Academy $500 Giveaway!


If you have not yet checked out the IMB Day Trading Academy, we would recommend doing so, because it will help you become a professional trader. When it comes to trading Forex, stocks, indices, CFD, and commodities, it is much harder than it looks. However, this is not to say that with the right training, you can’t make healthy profits on a daily basis. Now just consider a free $500 giveaway! 

IMB Day Trading Academy $500 Giveaway

The IMB Day Trading Academy has proven time and time again that they have what it takes to teach people from all walks of life how to be a professional and self-sustaining day trader. For a low onetime fee of $299, you can join this trading school and start making money on your own. You will get access to lots of awesome course materials. This includes a free trading EBook, over 50 trading lessons, a private member’s chat root, and more.

However, today we are here to talk about the $500 giveaway which the IMB Day Trading Academy is doing. This is a monthly $500 giveaway with multiple winners each time!

IMB Day Trading Academy – Free $500 Giveaway

Folks, do you like free money? Because this is exactly what this is. The highly reputable IMB Day Trading Academy is currently doing a $500 giveaway for anybody out there. Now, what you do need to know here is that this $500 giveaway is happening every single month. Moreover, there are 3 lucky people who will win this $500 every single month. Therefore, as you can see, there is actually a pretty good chance that you could win the IMB Day Trading Academy $500 giveaway.

Moreover, what is really cool here is that you do not actually have to join the IMB Day Trading Academy to get this $500 giveaway. Yes, you do have to enter your email address and sign up for the draw itself, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to join the academy. Simply follow our links to the official website, sign up for the draw, and you will be entered to win one of three monthly $500 giveaway prizes. It really does not get any better than that.

Furthermore, when you sign up for this draw, you will also get free access to the IMB Day Trading Academy EBook, which is definitely worth the read. What is quite convincing here is that Andrew, the leader of the IMB Day Trading Academy, uses a randomised picker to choose the winners for the $500 giveaway. Moreover, you can see him doing all of this live, and he even sends the winnings to the lucky winners in his live video. It is proof that this is a real giveaway, not just some marketing ploy.

IMB Day Trading Academy $$$$ Giveaway – Final Thoughts

Guys, if you want to start making good money through day trading, learning from Andrew and the IMB Day Trading Academy is the way to go. Heck, even if this does not sound like something for you, at the very least, you could still win $500 for doing nothing at all.

IMB Day Trading Academy

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IMB Day Trading Academy $500 Giveaway!
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