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ICO Money Maker Scam Review


The ICO Money Maker app is a new cryptocurrency ICO and trading app which is said to be profitable. We are told that it can generate up to $5,000 per week without fail. However, we did a whole lot of research when it comes to this ICO Money Maker software. All of the signs point in one single direction and that is not North or South, it is in the direction of a scam. There is not a single legitimate or credible aspect to this ICO Money Maker app. It is all one big lie and one big false claim. We’re doing an ICO Money Maker scam review to give you fair warning about how dangerous this system is. It has one purpose, which is to steal money from you, and we are going to prove that right now!



ICO Money Maker App – Same Scam, Different Name

One of the first and most obvious red flags that we came across with the ICO Money Maker app is that it bears a striking resemblance to another scam we just covered. The scam we are talking about is the Crypto Money Maker app. Both of these systems look exactly the same. Their websites look the same, the presentation video is virtually identical, and they use all of the same dirty marketing tricks too.

In all reality, both the ICO Money Maker app and the Crypto Money Maker app were made by the exact same people. They simply took one scam, changed a single word in the title of it, and are trying to pass it off as something totally new and different. The fact of the matter is that both of these cryptocurrency trading systems are total scams, they were made by the same people, and they will achieve the same results. Both of these cryptocurrency trading systems are intended to do nothing more than rip you off.

ICO Money Maker Software – FREE SIGNUP NOW!

We also know that a scam is afoot with the ICO Money Maker trading app because there are classic pressure tactics being used here. These are tactics that shady and malicious marketers use in order to fool people into signing up for junk like this BTC trading app. On the website, we are told that there are X amount of spots left to sign up for free. If we do not sign up with the ICO Money Maker app before these spots run out, we will have to pay lots of money to use it. However, like we said, this is just a dirty marketing tactic.

There are in fact not a limited amount of spots. The number of available spots is unlimited. Put it this way, this is a scam meant to steal from you, so the thieves are not going to limit the amount of people they try to screw over. Also, if the ICO Money Maker app were real and legit, there would be absolutely no reason to give it away for free. Nothing worth using, especially to trade cryptocurrencies and make a profit, is going to be free. Nothing is free, especially not if it puts money in your pocket. Telling us that this app is free to use if we sign up right now is nothing but a cheap lie.

How Much Money Can ICO Money Maker Generate?

Now, at first, being able to make $5,000 per week with a cryptocurrency ICO program does not seem so farfetched. In fact, the best cryptocurrency trading systems in the world can actually profit by a little more than that. However, the real problem here is that we are never told what the ICO Money Maker app really does. We are not informed of which currencies and ICOs it engages in, what trading strategies are involved, what algorithms are in place, or anything else of importance. Sure, claiming that the ICO Money Maker app can generate $5,000 per week without fail sounds good, but there is not concrete evidence to back this claim up with.

We cannot possibly be expected to trust this ICO Money Maker app when we have no idea how it functions. For us to believe that it can make money, we need to know how it goes about it. There is also the fact that during the presentation video, as well as on the website, we are shown tons of clearly false, fake, and fabricated results. The trading results we are shown, very profitable results, are in fact doctored. They just are not real. It’s another trick meant to make you think that the ICO Money Maker app is profitable, when in fact it is just an empty shell designed to steal money from you.

ICO Money Maker Software – Fake People

Yet another thing that is clearly evident about the ICO Money Maker app is that everybody we see here is totally fake. We are told that a man named Tony Shaffer is at the helm of this cryptocurrency trading app. However, we never get to see him live in action, nor do we even get to see a picture of him. All we have is a name and some voice narration. Well, we did some digging around and the results speak for themselves.



This Tony character is just that, a character. He is not a real or genuine person. He has nothing to do with this app, nor is he even a real human being. This invented personality is nothing more than a scapegoat intended to shield the real crooks behind this ICO Money Maker app from prosecution. The people behind this scam are well aware that their actions are illegal. They are using this Tony Shaffer identity in order to remain anonymous and safe from the long finger of the law.





ICO Money Maker Review – Conclusion

There is nothing else to be said here. The ICO Money Maker app is a scam without a shadow of a doubt. There is not a single honest thing said here. The purpose is to steal from you, something that the ICO Money Maker will do very well if you give it the chance.

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