How to Start Trading Forex for Beginners

We are here to help you make money, so let’s not waste any time and teach you exactly how to start trading Forex.

Start Trading Forex


How to Start Trading Forex for Beginners

Let’s get right to it and take a look at the six most important tips that you need to follow in order to start trading Forex profitably and reliably.


An Education Matters

If you want to start trading Forex the right way, then the absolute most important thing that you need to do is to get yourself a solid education. The fact of the matter is that Forex trading is quite difficult, and there are many factors involved, along with many different types of information you need to know, and many skills that you need to master. When it comes down to it, learning how to trade Forex on your own is very difficult, if not downright impossible.

For this reason, it is recommended that you get yourself a solid trading education, so you can learn all about brokers, trading platforms, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, charting solutions, indicators, entries, exits, stop loss, and so much more. Learning all of these things on your own is nearly impossible. This is where a Forex trading school such as the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy comes into play. This is at this time one of the most reputable and popular trading school out there.


Demo Accounts are Key

If you plan to start trading Forex, perhaps one of the most important things that you need to do is to start trading on a demo account. Plenty of brokers and trading platforms out there offer so called demo accounts. These accounts allow you to trade with real and current market conditions, but using fake or monopoly money instead of real money.

This way, you can practice all of your most important trading skills without having to put real money on the line. When it comes down to it, in terms of your start in Forex trading, this is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. You can use demo accounts for as long as you see fit, preferably until you feel comfortable and confident enough to start putting real money on the line.


Learn Your Fundamentals

In terms of how to start trading Forex, one of the most important skills or topics that you need to be familiar with is fundamental analysis. In trading, fundamental analysis refers to the analysis of fundamental news developments.

These developments could be in regard to a specific company or its stock, a government, a country, a currency, or anything else of the sort. The point here is that economic, political, and industrial news developments can all have major impact on national fiat currency values, and therefore on Forex trading.

Therefore, if you want to start Forex trading the right way, you need to know how to perform fundamental analysis. A good tip that we can provide you with here is to go to and check out the economic calendar. Knowing what three bull news is and how it works will be essential to your success when trading Forex using fundamental analysis.

Start Trading Forex


Learn Technical Analysis

When it comes to how to start trading Forex, the other type of analysis that you need to be familiar with is technical analysis. Technical analysis is all about the numbers side of things, such as trends, momentum, volatility, and volume.

In other words, it’s about analyzing the technical and numerical aspects of specific currencies, securities, commodities, or anything in between. In order to perform technical analysis the right way, you need to be familiar with indicators. Technical indicators are the main tools at your disposal for technical analysis.

Now, the point here is that there are hundreds of indicators out there. Some can be used individually while others are best used in combination, and this is how trading strategies are formed. Therefore, you need to know which indicators work best for various trading situations, and what trading strategies are best for your circumstances,


Don’t Forget Risk Management

When it comes to your start in Forex trading, one of the things that so many newbies forget to do is to engage in proper risk management techniques. Of course, risk management is all about risking is little as possible for the best possible results.

The rule of thumb here is that you generally do not want to risk any more than 2% or 3% of your total trading capital on a single trade. This is perhaps the best risk management strategy out there. If you end up losing a trade, at least you only lose a small portion of your total money.

In terms of risk management, another good strategy, especially as a newbie to start trading Forex, is to stick with relatively small lot sizes. When you first start trading with real money, a lot size of 0.30 at most will do just fine.

Now, what many forget to do is to practice and refine a variety of risk management techniques when using demo accounts. People, the best way to make sure that you manage risk properly when trading with real money is to start doing so when trading with fake money in a demo account.



Keep Practicing

The final thing that we want to touch on for today is that you should keep practicing your trading skills, techniques, and strategies using a demo account until you feel comfortable enough to start risking real money.

If you have not seen success with your demo trading, then there is absolutely no point in trading on the live market. If you were losing money on your demo account, then things certainly won’t go any better on a real and live account. Don’t start risking real money until you are reasonably certain that there is a potential to profit.


Start Trading Forex Profitably – Final Thoughts

Now that we have provided you with some really crucial tips, you should be able to start trading Forex profitably. Just remember that this really does al start with a solid education in Forex trading.

If you need help day trading, and what you need is a comprehensive education, particularly on Forex trading, then the best place to be is the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. At this time, the IMB Academy is the most comprehensive, user friendly, effective, and affordable Forex trading school out there.  


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