How to Optimize COTPS Performance

COTPS is an absolutely fantastic trading program. This is a cryptocurrency arbitrage trading program that buys low and sells high. It’s actually very easy to use, especially if you use the Full Auto bot. That said, you can optimize it to work even better. Today, how to optimize COTPS performance is what we will teach you. This is how you are going to earn that 3.6% in profits as promised by this application.

How to Optimize COTPS Performance

If you follow all of the tips that we are about to list below, you should have absolutely no problems generating 3.6% in profits per day while using COTPS software. Although the tips below may seem very simple, they will directly affect the overall functionality of this cryptocurrency trading software. This is especially the case, as we are talking about these the fully automated function.

Use the Full Auto Bot

If you expect to maximize the returns that this COTPS trading Bot can provide you with, then you absolutely need to be using the Full Auto bot. What you need to know here is that when you download the software from the official website, you do not get access to the fully automated mode.

When you download the software from the official website, the software you get is semi automated. This means that you do need to execute every trade manually, or in other words, you have to watch the software the whole time.

However, if you download this software through the link that we have provided you with here, and then download the Full Auto script, you will be able to use the software fully automated.

In other words, if you use the Full Auto script, you can just turn the software on and let it run in the background for you. This therefore means that it can trade 24/7. Being able to trade 24/7 will of course be much more profitable for you than if you can only trade for a few hours per day because you have to watch the software.

Turn Off Windows Updates

The next thing that you need to do in order to optimize the COTPS application is to turn off all windows updates. Yes, your computer does need to perform windows updates from time to time.

However, the issue is that if you have the COTPS Full Auto bot running, when windows goes through updates, it will actually turn the box off. Therefore, if you are using the bot, turn off windows updates as it will not work.

Always Use Google Chrome 99

The functionality of this cryptocurrency trading bot does also depend on the browser that you are using. When you are using the COTPS application, particularly in the fully automated mode, you absolutely have to be using Google Chrome version 99.

If you are not using Google Chrome version 99, this cryptocurrency trading software will not function properly. If you use Google Chrome, any version other than 99, this software will either not run properly, or it won’t run at all. To check to see if your Google Chrome version is 99, go into your browser, go into the settings, and then look at system info.

Now, if you don’t have Google Chrome version 99, don’t worry, because when you download the Full Auto script using the links we have provided you with here today, within the file folder that you downloaded, there is an application for you to install Google Chrome version 99.

Turn Off Antivirus Software

Another problem that people seem to be having is that if you are running a firewall or an antivirus program, it may block the COTPS application from running properly. Now, this does depend on the exact firewall, antivirus software, and computer that you have.

Some people have reported that they have all of their firewalls and antivirus programs running, and it has not affected the functionality of the COTPS app.

However, there are also some people who reported that the app started working once they turned off their firewalls and antivirus programs. Therefore, turn these things off to ensure that the software runs properly.

Using PC vs VPS

If you want to fully optimize the COTPS application to provide you with maximum profit, you do want to be using a VPS. A VPS or virtual private server is going to provide you with plenty of operating space, functionality, and security. If you are running the COTPS bot on your PC alone, you’re going to waste computer power and electricity.

In case you do not know what VPS is best used with this COTPS app, just follow the links that we have provided here today. On the signup page where you can download the app, as well as the Full Auto script, there is also an official recommendation for the best possible virtual private server to be using with this software.

Deposit with USDT TRC20

The next important thing that you need to know in order to properly use this software is that it only accepts USDT TRC20 tokens as deposits. This is the one and only type of stable coin or stable cryptocurrency that you can use to make deposits. If you try to use anything else, such as ERC20, it will not function. For both withdrawals and deposits, it has to be TRC20.

Check Your Screen Resolution

If your COTPS Full Auto application is not working, it could be as simple as your screen resolution not being ideal. This is a fully automated bot, and when the program is running, it needs to be able to actually see and click on the trade button.

If the software cannot see or click on the trade button, then obviously it is not going to place any trades. Therefore comment your screen resolution is not ideal, the box may not be able to see the button.

Therefore, you need to set your screen resolution to the recommended level as indicated by your computer. The exact screen resolution that you need to use is going to depend on your exact computer, so just is the recommended resolution.

Making Money with Crypto Software – Final Thoughts

If your plan is to make that full 3.6% in returns per day using this COTPS software, then you absolutely want to follow the optimization tips as we have listed above.


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