How I Became a Profitable Trader: A True Story

Just about two years ago I was working full time as an executive chef at a five star restaurant. My name is Scott Daniels, and I spent close to 20 years working my butt off, cooking food for other people upwards of 90 hours per week. It’s not like the pay was bad per say, but not nearly worth all of the effort, hard work, and time away from my family.

I was just sick and tired of never seeing my family, working more than most others, and still struggling to be in a good financial state. For this reason, I wanted to get into market trading. I had heard that the Forex market and the stock market were great places to be. I had some other friends who were making thousands of dollars per week trading securities and currencies. I wanted to do the same.

I figured I would give trading a shot, but it was just way too complicated for me. Remember, I had never traded before, and as I quickly figured out, it’s not something that you can just pick up and be good at in a few hours, days, or even weeks. Apparently, it takes actual training and education to become a profitable trader. Determination alone was not going to get me there.

This is why I started taking an online trading course, but as I quickly figured out once again, most online courses are not all they are cracked up to be. I was so made that I wasted nearly $1,000 on an online trading course that didn’t or couldn’t teach me a darn thing. It was super expensive, the lessons were totally random and disorganized, and there wasn’t even a way to talk to a teacher or to ask questions of anybody.

It was obviously just a way for these people to make quick money by tricking unsuspecting victims into thinking that they actually offered some kind of value. Needles to say, I was not happy, as I was out a ton of money and hadn’t learned a darn thing. At this point, I wasn’t even able to win 25% of the trades I was placing.

Hi, I’m Scott Daniels

How I Became a Profitable Trader with Income Mentor Box

Like I said, I was just about ready to give up on my dreams of becoming a trader for good. I was out several thousand dollars, I was second guessing myself, and I had enough of trading courses that weren’t worth the money. However, when I came across the Income Mentor Box website, I was very intrigued.

The Income Mentor Box website looked quite convincing, and I then quickly realized that I knew who the teacher was, Andrew A. I had actually seen some of Andrew’s trading guides on his trading channel, Andrew’s trading channel. I really liked the few videos from Andrew that I saw, as they were all really easy to follow along with and actually seemed to provide viewers with valuable information that can help me become a profitable trader.

That said, Andrew’s YouTube Channel doesn’t exactly qualify as a ground up education, so I figured what the heck, let’s try Income Mentor Box. No, I wasn’t too thrilled about spending another $299 on yet another trading course, but I figured that this would be my final attempt at learning to become a profitable trader. Let me tell you folks, it was absolutely the best decision I ever made in my whole life, well, maybe expect having kids. That’s pretty high up on the list as well.

Profitable Trader

Starting the Journey with Income Mentor Box

So, just over a year ago, I started the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy. What I noticed right off the bat is the fact that all of the material is presented in such a way that it is very easy to understand and to follow along with, even for total greenhorns like me. I actually really enjoyed each of the lessons, as they were super comprehensive, helpful, and insightful, yet also very easy to understand.

When people say that learning can be fun, it’s usually a big load of BS, but when it comes to Andrew and Income Mentor Box, the more I learned, the more fun I was having. I guess the reason I was having so much fun learning from Income Mentor Box is because the more I learned and the more lessons I worked through, the better my trading skills became and the more able I was to make profits.

Fast forward to about one month after I started the course, and I was about halfway through the 50 lesson curriculum, I had started demo trading. In other words, I was using demo accounts to trade under real market conditions, but with fake money. These practice sessions were going very well. Now I was up to winning about 50% of the trades I was placing.

Fast forward another month, and I had finally completed all 50 of the lessons. By this time, I had indeed become a fairly profitable trader. Sure, I still had some losing days. As far as I can tell, this is unavoidable, as not every day can go my way. That said, I went from losing  up to 90% of my trades to winning as much as 90% of my trades. Now, when I trade, on most days, my win rate is anywhere between 70% and 90%.

Profitable Trader

This of course means that I am indeed making great money. In fact, on the days where I am too lazy to trade myself, and to do all of that hardcore analysis, I just use the free Forex signals service that comes included with Income Mentor Box. This signal service is the only one I have ever used, and I won’t ever use any other.

These signals all come complete with all of the info I need to place profitable trades without actually having to do any research or heavy lifting. Besides the profits I make from my own trading, based on my own skill and research, I am also making anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per day using the Income Mentor Box Forex signals.


Being a Profitable Trader Thanks to IMB: The Present Day

The bottom line here is that I am super thankful to Andrew and Income Mentor Box for providing me with all of the tools and skills that I need to be a profitable trader. I’ve now totally quit cooking for good, and am trading full time for a living.

Well, to be precise, I’m trading maybe 30 hours per week at most, which means that I have cut down on my workload by as much as 70%, yet I’m making up to three or four times as much money as I was cooking food for other people.

At the end of the day, I have become a profitable trader who can support his family, while still being able to spend plenty of time with them. I really couldn’t be any more grateful or happy. I am now a profitable trader, and I owe it all to the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.

Profitable Trader


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