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OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: hourjustpaid.com

The Hour Just Paid HYIP claims to provide investors with massive returns through crypto trading, up to 1% hourly for life. Yeah, it definitely sounds super suspicious, and just way too good to be true. For this reason, we have launched an investigation into this Hour Just Paid HYIP. There is a very high potential that this is a scam!

Hour Just Paid

Hour Just Paid HYIP – Company & Leadership

When it comes to the leadership behind the Hour Just Paid crypto investment program, the website is suspiciously quiet. When we say this, we mean that nowhere on the cryptojustpaid.com website is there any mention of who owns or leads this high yield investment company. Literally folks, there is not a single mention of who is in charge here.

Whenever people ask us to invest large sums of money, but won’t actually tell us who they are, we automatically become very suspicious. Just think about it, if this were a legal and legit venture, then the owners behind it would not choose to remain hidden in anonymity. The only reason why these crooks are keeping out of sight is because they are scamming people out of their hard earned money. This much we are convinced of.


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Moreover, all we have to do is look at the legal status of the company itself, HourJustPaid Limited, to know that something super shady is going on here. The website tries to distract us from the fact that this company is not licensed to provide financial investment services by showing us some bogus registration document. According to the site, HourJustPaid Limited is registered as an official company in the UK. The problem here is that although the registration is real, the name and address used to register the company are both fake.

There is also the fact that just because this company is registered does not mean that it is licensed, which it is most certainly not. Neither the FCA nor any other relevant licensing authority has ever heard of this Hour Just Paid HYIP. In other words, these guys are scammers and they are not allowed to provide investment services to people. Although, we know for a fact that these crooks don’t provide investment services at all. They simply steal money from people under the guise of using that investment to trade crypto and make big returns.

Hour Just Paid

Hour Just Paid User Testimonials – MORE LIES!

Something else you should take a look at are the super fake Hour Just Paid user testimonials featured on the website. Of course, these user testimonials are designed to inspire confidence, that this crypto investment program is the real deal and will put money in our pockets. Well, when we took a closer look at the Hour Just Paid user testimonials, it quickly became obvious that they are not genuine at all.

The people who supposedly left these testimonials are not real people at all. They are nothing more than fictitious names combined with stolen or purchased stock photos. For one, we have seen some of these faces before representing other similar trading scams, and also, we tried looking up some of these people. Of course, we could not find a single one of them.

Hour Just Paid


Hour Just Paid Investment Program – A Bogus Business Model & Promises Of Returns

What definitely stands out as being very suspicious about this Hour Just Paid crypto investment system is that it never really explains to us how these profits are made. Ok, so yes, we are told that our investments will be used to trade cryptocurrencies for profits. However, we aren’t ever told who is going to be doing the trading, exactly what kind of trading will be executed, or anything else of the sort. There is decidedly little information in this regard, and we cannot help but be suspicious.

Moreover, we are told that this Hour Just Paid system can generate up to 1% ROI per hour, every single hour, for the rest of our lives. Folks, does this seem realistic to you? This would make this particular crypto HYIP the highest yielding investment program of all time, in the whole world. The obvious statement here is that these crooks are lying to potential victims. They promise massive returns, ones which are totally impossible to achieve, in the hopes that people will fall for it.

Hour Just Paid

Unfortunately, many people have fallen for this scam, as is evidence by the literally thousands of complaints that have been lodged against it. We personally have gotten dozens of these complaints, begging us to do a piece on this scam, which we are now doing. The fact of the matter is that not a single person has actually every received a payout here, nobody. There are no profits or payouts to speak of, and the completely fake payouts chart on the hourjustpaid.com website is not convincing in the least. A 5 year old child could have created that using some simple art software.

Hour Just Paid

Hour Just Paid Affiliate Program – YET ANOTHER LIE!

The final Hour Just Paid scam factor that we want to cover has to do with the affiliate bonus program features by this Hour Just Paid crypto HYIP. What investors are told is that if they get others to invest, they will get up to 15% in affiliate bonuses.

People, this is just not true. No matter who you get to invest, and not matter how much they invest here, you won’t ever see any affiliate bonus, not a single percent. The only thing you would be accomplishing by referring others to invest in Hour Just Paid, is to help these crooks scam your friends and family out of their hard earned money.

Hour Just Paid

Hour Just Paid Scam Review – Conclusion

When all is said and done, it is glaringly obvious that this Hour Just Paid system is nothing more than another crypto scam. The only purpose it serves is to steal money from innocent investors, to line the pockets of the faceless scammers behind the scenes.


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