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If you have not already been using the Global Crypto App for your Forex and cryptocurrency trading, you really do not know what you are missing. At this time, we and many others agree that this is the number one signals provider and autotrader in the world. It is a highly accurate and reliable piece of software and the ITM rates are fantastic. When it comes down to it, right now, there is not a more profitable piece of day trading tech out there. Today we are doing this Global Crypto App review to inform you of the awesome ITM rate it features, new features added, and new brokers too.

Global Crypto App

Global Crypto App Software – NEW BROKERS!

One thing that you should be aware of when it comes to the Global Crypto App has to do with the plethora of brokers you can choose to trade through. So, the beauty here is that this signals provider and autotrader allows you to choose your own broker, at least from the list of available brokers. The problem with most other autotraders is that they assign you a broker and leave you with no choice at all. Depending on who and where you are, an assigned broker may not be ideal.

However, with the Global Crypto App system, you can choose your own broker from a huge list of compatible brokers. The list of brokers here is huge, and the selection is very diverse, so you should have no problems finding one that works for you. What is even better is that now, just yesterday, 2 new brokers we added to the list for an even better variety, plus there are even more brokers set to be added over the next few weeks.


Global Crypto App Autotrader – NEW FEATURES BEING ADDED!

There is another announcement concerning this Global Crypto App system, and it has to do with some new features being added to the platform. Now, if you have read our previous reviews about this signals provider and autotrader, you should already know that it comes with a plethora of features that makes trading Forex and cryptocurrencies very easy, straightforward, and highly profitable too. However, there are some new features that have already been added, and more to come.

For one, the algorithm of this software includes many different indicators which work in unison to provide you with the best possible Forex and cryptocurrency signals to trade with. Well, this algorithm has just been updated, with some new technical indicators having been added, which should help to increase signal accuracy and profitability a whole lot. There are also a few new indicators which will be added to the algorithm over the next couple of weeks.

Moreover, there is another new Global Crypto App feature set to be added to the equation very soon. If you did not already know, at this time, this software is designed to trade Forex and cryptocurrencies, which is perfectly fine, but right now, stock trading is not included. However, by the end of the coming month, stock market signals and stock trading abilities will be added to the platform. It’s just another great feature that we are looking forward to a whole lot. The more a single autotrading platform can trade the better.



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Global Crypto App Program – BEST ITM RATE OF ALL!

Something that is definitely worth mentioning here is that the Global Crypto App features some of the best win ratios out there of all autotraders right now. If you have been paying attention to our previous reviews, you know that it has the power to provide you with a whole lot of wins. So far we have done a couple of live on camera trading sessions with it, and they turned out to be big time winners.

Our very first trading session, we won both Forex trades placed for a perfect 100% ITM rate. We also did a second live trading session, one where we placed 5 Forex trades. Of those 5 Forex trades, 4 turned out to be profitable winners, for a solid 80% ITM rate. If we take the average here, you can expect the Global Crypto App system to provide you with steady ITM rates upwards of 90%. Folks, our second trading session saw us make nearly 500 Euros in just a couple of hours, which is indeed very impressive.


Global Crypto App System – BIG TIME WINNING TIPS!

There are some crucial and beneficial trading tips you should follow when it comes to this Global Crypto App system.

  • For one, for the time being, when using this software, you should definitely stick to Forex trading, as opposed to cryptocurrency trading. Forex trading is a lot less risky and more reliable than cryptocurrency trading at this time.
  • Something to keep in mind is that there are some Forex currency pairings that are much better to trade with than others. If you plan on trading Forex, some of the best currency pairs to trade with include USD/JPY, USD/EUR, USD/AUD, and USD/GBP.
  • When using the Global Crypto App, one of the most important things to pay attention to is the indicated success ratio. Each cryptocurrency and Forex currency pairing comes with a so called success ratio. It’s a fairly precise indication of how good the chances of each position being a winner are. Just never place trades if this success ratio is under 75%.

Global Crypto App Review – Conclusion

As you can see, there is really no reason why you should not be using the Global Crypto App for your cryptocurrency and Forex trading needs. When it comes down to it, it is absolutely the most reliable and accurate signals provider out there. It already comes with a lot of great features, it’s super user friendly, and there are always new brokers and features being added to the mix. If you want to trade with a solid 90% ITM rate for steady and healthy profits, this Global Crypto App software is the way to go.

Global Crypto App

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