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The FX Trading Markets system claims to be this high powered and always winning Forex trading platform with massive profits. Now, from the outside, at first glance, the website seems to look legit. However, nowadays, with all the scams out there looking to screw people out of their money, we don’t take anything at face value anymore.

This is why we decided to look closer into this FX Trading Markets trading app, to figure out exactly what is going on here. Well, through our digging around, we found quite a few red flags and scam factors which indicate that something shady is going on. This FX Trading Markets is intended to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Is this a scam?

FX Trading Markets

FX Trading Markets Limited – Company Leadership

The first thing which came to our attention here is that this FX Trading Markets company is totally leaderless. Ok, so the company has to have a leader, the person in charge running the show, but he or she is simply nowhere to be found. This is a totally anonymous and faceless scam. Whoever is in charge here is doing their best to stay hidden from sight.

There is only one reason why the people in charge would do this, because they are doing something shady and illegal, and they don’t want to get caught. People, you cannot ever trust a trading platform that wants you to invest tons of money, but won’t tell you who that money is going to. It just doesn’t make any sense and it smells really fishy.


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FX Trading Markets Limited – Company Info

The next scam factor which came to our attention also has to do with the company, if it can even be called a company. First off, the website provides an address, one in London, England. Now, we looked the address up, and while it technically does exist, it does not belong to FX Trading Markets Limited. In other words, this is a total lie, just a false piece of info meant to make the company seem legit.

Well, not only is the address bogus, but the company as a whole is not officially registered in England at all. This means that this company is not legit or real at all. On that same note, there is also no licensing to speak of. In order for this Forex trading app to be legit, it would have to be licensed with the proper financial authorities, which it is not. The bottom line is that FX Trading Markets Limited is not a real company, it’s not registered or licensed, and it has no business trading Forex whatsoever.

FX Trading Markets

FX Trading Markets Scam – A Misleading Demo

Next, the FX Trading Markets system does provide a so called free demo. It is said that people can test out this trading software without having to risk real money. Sure, this sounds great, but it’s also just another mean little trick. If you go to use the demo, you will win nearly 100% of trades placed.

This makes it seems as though the software itself is the real deal with lots of winning potential. However, this is a trick, like a carnival game, it’s totally rigged and bogus. The demo version is engineered to appear as though it only wins trades, and never loses. Rest assured folks, there is no semblance of honesty here. It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

FX Trading Markets


FX Trading Markets App – No Profits!

Ok, so the most important thing to note about this FX Trading Markets scam is the fact that it definitely does not lead to profits. Well, users won’t profit anyway, but the crooks pocketing your cash in the background certainly profit. People, we have received tons of complaints about this app. Apparently, the software shows winning trades and profits, but the profits cannot be withdrawn.

In fact, no money can be withdrawn at all, not ever. This is proof that this FX Trading Markets system is a scam. It’s designed to look like trades are being won, but this is just a front, a distraction. In reality, the people running the scam simply drain trading accounts and steal money, all before the victims ever realize what is going on.

What is also worth noting is that the trading platform itself contains absolutely no encryptions or security of any sort. Now, usually, in this case, we would be worried about outside threats, hackers. However, in this case, the threat comes from the inside. The reason why the crooks behind this FX Trading Markets scam did not secure the system is so they themselves can easily steal your money!

FX Trading Markets

FX Trading Markets Competition & Fake Prizes

The final scam factor worth talking about here is how the FX Trading Markets app claims to have some sort of competition with prizes for the winners. Apparently, leading investors and traders can win a Mercedes sports car, a Hublot diamond watch, and other high value prizes. Folks, these criminals are not giving away diamond watches and cars. Nobody has ever won these prizes. It’s just another trick, a ruse, a bogus claim to get people to invest their money!

FX Trading Markets

FX Trading Markets Scam Review – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, it is painfully clear that this FX Trading Markets system is nothing more than another Forex scam. It’s totally anonymous and the company itself is fake and fraudulent. With bogus prizes and fake promises of riches, this is nothing more than a con job, a complete scam. Please folks, whatever you do, you need to stay as far away from this FX Trading Markets scam as humanly possible.


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