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The FX Robotix App was just recently released, and from what we can tell so far, it’s one of the very best day trading applications out there. We have already done some introductory reviews, an FAQ, and a first profit update too. If you did not already know, we managed to make some killer profits in our first test session with the FX Robotix Platform. Our first live trading session went very well. It was a huge success to say the least.

Now, as is the case with all new day trading applications, especially if you are new to this kind of thing, you may not know how to use it properly. Yes, you do need to know how to use the FX Robotix app properly, which means being familiar with how to use the variety of included features. Right now, we want to do a small FX Robotix app trading guide to get you started, so you know what you need to do to put money in your pocket.

FX Robotix Software

Our Own Success with FX Robotix Software

Before we get into providing you with some crucial FX Robotix trading tips, you should be aware that it is indeed possible to make consistent and large profits with this app. So far, we personally have done one live trading session, and yes, it turned out to be very successful.

We placed a total of 3 Forex trades, and all 3 turned out to be winners. Now, a 100% ITM rate is not going to occur every single time, but the fact that it is technically possible is a sign of good things to come. We made an ROI of 40% on our initial investment in that first trading session!

FX Robotix Trading Guide – Step By Step

Right now, we want to go through a quick FX Robotix trading guide. It’s important to follow all of these tips if you plan on using this software to trade Forex profitably. Let’s get right to it.

Stick to Forex

One of the most important trading tips we can provide you with here right now is that you should stick to Forex trading when using the FX Robotix app. The fact of the matter is that this day trading software allows you to trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies. However, the crypto market is very unstable and unpredictable, which makes profiting quite hard. Therefore, to be safe, you should probably stick to Forex trading for the time being.

FX Robotix Software

Check All News Sections

Before you begin trading with the FX Robotix app on any given day, you absolutely need to take advantage of the dedicated news section. Yes, this day trading platform comes with a full market news section. This market news is all updated live, instantly, and in real time. Don’t underestimate the power of news when it comes to your trading decisions.

Economic, market, and political news can greatly influence your day of trading. It’s important for you to be able to determine which news releases will affect your trading in which ways. You need to be able to analyze news developments.

Therefore, use the dedicated news tab, check out what is happening in the world, and go from there. Moreover, you should also check out the economic calendar at investing.com. Here, you are looking for 3 Bull News in relation to currencies. If there is a 3 Bull News release slated for a specific currency, avoid trading with that particular currency for at least 15 minutes before and after the news release.

FX Robotix Software

The Right Trading Window

Something else that is very important to keep in mind when trading with the FX Robotix app is to always trade during the right times. Generally speaking, the best time to trade is between 9 am and 7 pm. Although, do keep in mind that this ideal time window is for the GMT time zone.

Therefore, if you do not reside in the GMT time zone, you need to adjust your own trading window to match this 9 am to 7 pm GMT trading window. This is when you stand to make the most money combined with the lowest risk of loss.

Check The Market Condition

The next step for you to take before you begin trading for the day is to check the market condition. Yes, the FX Robotix app comes with a market condition indicator, a good way for you to tell in which direction you should trade in.

This market condition feature will inform you if the market is currently in a bearish state or a bearish state. Of course, knowing if the market is currently bearish or bullish will help you to determine whether to place buy or sell trades. It’s important to familiarize yourself with this feature, plus of course what bearish and bullish markets entail.

FX Robotix Software

Don’t Forget To Use The Full Charting Solution

Perhaps the most important thing for you to take advantage of here is the FX Robotix app’s full charting solution. This system comes with a fully functional charting solution that comes complete with all necessary indicators and features you could ever need.

The fact of the matter is that you do need to use some sort of coherent trading strategy to trade, which means engaging in some technical analysis. For instance, you could us the FX Robotix app’s full charting solution to place support and resistance lines for support and resistance trading. Folks, don’t trade blindly. Use an effective strategy, whatever it may be!

FX Robotix Software

FX Robotix Trading Guide – Final Thoughts

Folks, making money with the FX Robotix app is really not all that hard. As long as you follow the tips which we have outline above, you should be able to easily make consistent profits. As you can see from our own live trading session, this app generated an ROI of 40% for us with a 100% win rate. So, without a shadow of a doubt, this day trading software is highly profitable, accurate, and easy to use too. We would definitely recommend using the FX Robotix system if you want to trade Forex profitably.


FX Robotix App

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