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The brand new FX Robotix trading platform was just released yesterday, and we could not be any more pleased about it. For those of you who don’t know, this is a super modern and state of the art day trading platform. This system is designed for anybody who wants to receive reliable Forex and cryptocurrency trading signals. Of course, the fact that this application has the ability to trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies is a big deal.

What is also worth noting is that this FX Robotix platform is currently the only one of its kind that is indeed 100% free to use. The fact that it is free to use, yet is still high accurate and profitable is a huge benefit no doubt, not to mention super user and beginner friendly as well.

Now, of course, we never want to recommend any sort of day trading app to our followers without first testing it out for ourselves, which is exactly what we are here for today. We just did out first live FX Robotix trading session, and we have to say that it went extremely well, even better than we had anticipated. Our first live FX Robotix trading session resulted in a stellar ITM rate, which of course lead to a massive ROI which we pocketed.

FX Robotix Software

FX Robotix Software – Big Time Trading Success!

Alright, so the main point of today’s FX Robotix review is to tell you all about our own awesome trading experience with it. As mentioned before, we always take all of the risk upon ourselves with new trading apps. This is why we did our own test run with it, so we can tell you exactly how it performs and whether or not it is a reliable day trading system.

Well, we are pleased to announce that our very first FX Robotix trading session was a massive success. We did not expect it to perform this well, and it definitely blew our own expectations out of the water. Below, we have solid proof that this software is indeed the real deal and that it has the very real ability to win trades and put money in your pocket.

FX Robotix System – AWESOME ITM RATE!

Now, we wanted to start small here, because of course, there is some risk involved, especially with a new trading app. For this reason, we started off with 3 relatively small Forex trades. Yes, this FX Robotix system can also trade cryptocurrencies, but Forex tends to be the much safer bet, so this is what we are sticking to for the time being.

Out of the 3 Forex trades which we placed with FX Robotix software, all of them turned out to be profitable winners. Folks, this is a 100% ITM rate, which is of course super impressive.

Now, we don’t want to create any illusions or confusion here by saying that this day trading software will always win 100% of trades placed, because this is unrealistic and downright impossible. No, there is not a single app out there that is always going to win 100% of trades placed. However, the fact that this first FX Robotix trading session resulted in 3 trades being won out of 3 trades placed, is definitely a good start and a great sign of big money to come.

FX Robotix Software

FX Robotix Platform – FANTASTIC ROI!

Of course, you are probably interested in knowing what kind of profit that 100% win rate translated to. So, we deposited £1,000 for these 3 trades. Our profit was just under £400. Therefore, the overall ROI this FX Robotix system achieved for us was 40%, or just under. Folks, getting a 40% return on your investment, all in just a few minutes, is absolutely phenomenal. There are not many, if any other system out there that can produce this high level of ROI in such a short period of time.

FX Robotix Software

FX Robotix App – Minor Registration Issues

Ok, so of course, no trading app is without its issues, as is also the case here. Now, this is not a major issue, and we expect it to be 100% resolved in the coming days, but it is still worth noting. We have been receiving tons of emails from people who have had issues in terms of registration, from people that have not been able to do so. Apparently, many people are receiving error messages when attempting to register. Seeing as this FX Robotix app is as profitable and accurate as it is, this is a problem no doubt.

Now, if you have been experiencing any such registration issues, we do expect the FX Robotix team to solve these issues in a matter of days. In fact, many of the errors and bugs have already been corrected. If you are still experiencing issues here, we are happy to help.

If you are unable to register and are receiving error messages, please email us at [email protected]. We will do anything and everything in our power to help you register, including contacting the FX Robotix support team for you. We cannot guarantee anything, just to warn you, but we will do everything we can. IF YOU EMAIL US, DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE COUNTRY WHICH YOU LIVE IN, AS THIS MAY VERY WELL HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE!

FX Robotix Trading Success – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, today we have provided you with solid evidence, proof that this FX Robotix system really does work as advertised. From what we can tell, it is by far the most user friendly and simple day trading application available for people today. Not only is it easy to use, but also 100% free, and of course, highly accurate too.

Folks, we were able to achieve a 100% win rate coupled with a near 40% return on our initial investment, which is nothing short of highly impressive. If you plan on trading Forex or cryptocurrencies, and you actually want to make healthy profits, the FX Robotix platform is your best bet at doing so.


FX Robotix App

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