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If you have not already tried using the FX Coin Bot autotrader platform, you really do not know what you’re missing out on. Yes, this software is still very new, and many have not bothered testing it yet, but we have. We figured it was crucial to do some live FX Coin Bot trading sessions so you folks can see it live in action. Now, you might be wondering just how profitable this autotrader is, and it’s exactly what we are here to talk about today, so let’s get right to it!

FX Coin Bot

FX Coin Bot Autotrader – First Live Trading Session Success

Alright, so the main thing which we want to discuss today is just how profitable this new FX Coin Bot app really is. Now, something that we want to make clear here is that we always do these sessions live on camera.

A lot of people tend to be skeptical of new autotraders, which is why we here always do live trading sessions. We open and close trades live on camera so there is no disputing it when we say that software, such as the FX Coin Bot app, is profitable and the real deal. As you can see from our own first FX Coin Bot live trading video, this software is indeed quite profitable, especially when it comes to Forex trading.

So, to start things off, we decided to place a total of 4 Forex trades with this software. Personally, at this time, we prefer sticking with Forex trading, as opposed to crypto trading, simply due to the state of the market. In case you are wondering, the 4 Forex trades we placed include USD/CAD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, and EUR/GBP positions. In terms of the win rate here, or ITM rate as it’s called, it sat at a solid 75%.

Sure, 75% may not seem great, but if you think about it, this means that the FX Coin Bot app will usually win at least 7.5 out of every 10 trades placed. Now, we have done some other live trading sessions, albeit not on camera, where we managed ITM rates of 90% and up. Therefore, when it comes down to it, when using this software, you can win anywhere from 7.5 to 9.5 out of every 10 trades placed. This is indeed quite impressive, and should in all reality lead to some pretty substantial profits.

You are also probably wondering how much money we managed to make through those 3 winning Forex trades. Our overall profit for the day, including that one lost trade, was just over 450 Euros. Folks, it took us a couple of hours to make 450 Euros with the FX Coin Bot system. That’s pretty impressive, and if you follow some simple trading tips, you should be able to emulate these results for yourself.


FX Coin Bot


FX Coin Bot Platform Trading Tips

Seeing as you may not be an expert Forex or crypto trader, or if you just don’t have much experience with this particular day trading app, you might appreciate the following FX Coin Bot trading tips.

  • One of the first things that you always want to make sure of when trading with this FX Coin Bot software, is to always check the economic calendar. You can go to investing.com and select the exonomic calendar for your time zone. Here, you are looking for what is called “3 Bull News”. You will see 3 red bull icons next to any given currency. If any currency is experiencing a 3 Bull News release, you want to stay away from trading with it for at least 15 minutes prior and after the news release. These currencies are too risky to trade with during 3 Bull News alerts.
  • Another FX Coin Bot tip you need to know all about is that you need to always pay attention to the included probability rating. This probability rating can be seen when you select a specific Forex or cryptocurrency pair. This is a fairly strong and reliable estimate of what the chances are of that particular trade being won if you were to executed it. This probability rate uses a simple percentage scale, so the higher the percent, the better the chance of that trade being a winner. Simply put, you want to stay away from any Forex or crypto pairs which show a probability rate of 70% or lower. The chances of that trade being a winner are too low for you to bother with.

FX Coin Bot

  • Yet another FX Coin Bot tip that you should be familiar with has to do with setting stop loss and take profit levels for all of your trades. If you want to make sure you profit, and ensure that you cut losses to a minimum, this is indeed very important. A good stop loss level will ensure that you can recover some of your initial investment in the rare even that a trade goes south. Also, a decent take profit level will help you bank profits before a trade turns the other way.
  • For the time being, it is strongly recommended that you stick with Forex trading. Sure, trading crypto can be profitable, but the market is very unstable right now, and if you don’t know what you are doing, the chances of losing lots of trades are quite high. The bottom line is that you are best off trading Forex with the FX Coin Bot autotrader.


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FX Coin Bot Update – Final Thoughts

We do think that the FX Coin Bot is currently one of the most reliable and highest earning Forex and crypto signals providers and autotraders out there right now. If you follow all of the tips we have provided here today, and you use some common sense, there is no reason why you should not be able to make some good money using it.


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