Five Minute Profit Sites: HUGE SCAM??


Ok, so the Five Minute Profit Sites system might not be related to cryptocurrencies, not particularly anyway. However, it is definitely still a scam, and in fact, such an epic scam that we absolutely feel the need to cover it. These crooks claim that you can make hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a daily basis with this Five Minute Profit Sites program.

Apparently, you can create your own site in as little as 5 minutes, with just 17 clicks of your mouse. Yes, just 17 clicks, which is oddly specific. The created website is then supposed to generate money for you through advertisement revenue. In other words, it is pretty much just a website with advertisements that bring money in for you.

Sure, this might sound OK from the outside, but once you really analyze this Five Minute Profit Sites software, it becomes clear that there is something fishy going on here. There is very little substance to this whole thing, and what substance there is, just does not make a single lick of sense.

There are quite a few scam factors present here which prove that there is indeed something odd going on here. This is our Five MinutesProfits Sites scam review and we are here to warn you about the very real danger posed by this advertising scam.


Five Minute Profit Sites Scam


How Does The Five Minute Profit Sites App Work?

Ok, so the most suspicious and weird aspect of this Five Minute Profit Sites system is how it works. We are told that with 17 clicks and 5 minutes, we can have our own website. This site is said to generate revenue through advertisements and clicks. Sure, this is a real thing and it makes sense so far. However, what is not told to us is how people actually find the website.

After all, people need to go to this website first in order for money to come your way. The problem is that websites which generate cash through advertisements need to have great content. It does not really matter what the content is, whether about sports, pets, or cars.

The point is that no one will come to your website to see these ads if your site does not have good content, or any content at all for that matter. The Five Minute Profit Sites system claims to make money through ads, but what about the content? Who is going to create the content? What is the content going to be? Is there going to be any content at all?

It seems like even if Five Minute Profit Sites software did create a site for you, no one is ever going to find it or care about it. Content is key, something which is obviously missing here.


Five Minute Profit Sites Scam


Five Minute Profit Sites Program – ANONYMOUS!

Something else that is obvious about the Five Minute Profit Sites system is that it is anonymous. Sure, the presentation video is narrated by some lady who claims to be named Sam Smith. However, we never get to see her live in action.

We only get to see a picture of her, combined with some voice narration. This leaves us with no way to prove that she is a real and genuine person, especially because he name is so generic. Also, we looked her up, and besides her association with this scam system, we found no evidence that she actually exists.

Moreover, we have seen her face being used for other marketing campaigns and several other scams too. Folks, she is being paid a few bucks to narrate this horrible video. She is not the real deal and the Five Minute Profit Sites app is totally anonymous. Are you really going to pay money for bogus software when you don’t even know who it’s coming from?


Five Minute Profit Sites Scam


The PRIVATE Five Minute Profit Sites System Presentation Video

Another aspect of this Five Minute Profit Sites system that gives it away as being a complete rip off has to do with the presentation video. As the story goes, and as mentioned several times on the official site and in the video, this is completely private and exclusive.

One of the first things which the video tells us is that this Five Minute Profit Sites software is private and to not share the video with anyone at all. Yet, all you need to do to see the video is go to the website, which is not hidden, blocked, or password protected at all.

You don’t even need to by invited by a member to see it. So, how exactly is it private or exclusive if everyone can see it? Folks, this is just a trick, semantics and wording used to fool you. They simply say that this junk is exclusive and private to make it feel and look better.

Things that are exclusive always attract more attention because they seem better and make people feel special. It’s just a cheap marketing trick with no merit and no base in truth.


Five Minute Profit Sites Scam



Other Five Minute Profit Sites Scam Factors

There are a couple of other dead giveaways that this is a scam.

  • Nobody has ever made a single penny using the Five Minute Profit Sites system. We have talked to quite a few people out there who made the mistake of buying this software. They were all very severely disappointed.
  • This program claims to be controversial and expose some secret loophole to make its money. Well, whenever you are promised special remedies or secret loopholes, it is a scam. It’s the same tactic that infomercials use to sell crappy products.

Five Minute Profit Sites Scam Review – Conclusion

As you can clearly see, there is nothing to be gained for this Five Minute Profit Sites system. However, there is a lot to be lost. There are so many scam factors present here that we have no choice but to call it a rip off. Folks, please stay away from this Five Minute Profit Sites app because you will lose your money.




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