First Profits With Cryptotrixi Software!


Alright folks, so we already did a little introduction on this brand new Cryptotrixi trading app, a great signals provider and combination trading platform for cryptocurrencies and Forex too. We already provided you with some basic information about it, but you might need a little refresher.

Remember, this Cryptotrixi system is a semi-automated trading platform, one that provides accurate, high probability, and real time FX and cryptocurrency signals for you to trade with. Sure, you have to execute trades individually and manually, but the signals are accurate and the system is quite user friendly.

We actually managed to start trading with the Cryptotrixi program as soon as it was released, as we do like to test this kind of thing out for ourselves. Well, as you are going to see below, our first trading session with this brand new autotrader actually went extremely well, much better than originally expected. Yes, we were able to win some trades and put some money in the bank. That’s the main thing we want to talk about today.

First Profits With Cryptotrixi Software!

Cryptotrixi App – First Live Profits!

The Cryptotrixi system definitely appears to be accurate, legit, and profitable. However, we can’t just take a website at face value. Moreover, we can’t send you into the lion’s den if we don’t know how that lion is going to react. What we are trying to say is that before we do officially recommend the Cryptotrixi app for use, we just had to test it out for ourselves. That’s right folks, we took it upon ourselves to use some of our own money to trade with this brand new software. We wanted to test it out before making a recommendation.

Well, we are pleased to announce that the results were actually very good. Our first live Cryptotrixi trading session was a huge success, and yes, we were able to make some pretty good money. What we realized here is that this new trading software is actually super user friendly. It’s about as easy to use as is humanly possible, which, combined with the other great features it has, allowed us to make some fairly significant profits.

Cryptotrixi Software – Trading Success!

Now, do keep in mind that this first session was just a little test run, so we didn’t invest too much cash or make too many trades. Our first Cryptotrixi trading session involved us placing two Forex trades. Yes, this software can trade both Forex and cryptocurrencies, but we often find that FX is more profitable and easier to deal with, so for our test session, we chose Forex pairs. At any rate, for our first test, we placed a total of 2 Forex trades, which is usually a good amount for a test.

We figured that at least 1 of the trades would turn out to be winners, and to our pleasant surprise, both turned out to be winners. In other words, out of 2 Forex trades placed with the Cryptotrixi trading app, both turned out to be winners and put us in the money. This means that this app featured a 100% ITM rate for out initial session.

Now, don’t always expect a 100% win rate, especially with more than 2 trades being placed, but it’s definitely a very good sign. Those trades were not open for very long at all, and still managed to provide us with a profit of well over 200 Euros. That’s right folks, through 2 small trades that were only open for a short amount of time, with both trades being winners, we made more than 200 Euros. With higher trade volumes and investment amounts, we do expect that the average profits per day can be a lot higher still.


Cryptotrixi System – Other Important Information

There are a couple of other important points and facts about this Cryptotrixi app that you should be aware of, and we want to share these with you right here and now.

Market Analyzer

Something we want to quickly touch on here today is the market analyzer, which comes included with the Cryptotrixi system. The market analyzer is the tool that you will be using to decide which trading signals you want to work with. This market analyzer allows you to choose currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, long or short term trading, and the risk level too. Once you have set the parameters, you will then be provided with the best trading signals. We think that this is a very useful and user friendly feature that can definitely help you make some good money.


Other Platform Features

We do also want to quickly touch on some of the other platform features which this Cryptotrixi app comes with. One such useful platform feature is the market news section. Yes, being aware of economic, political, and industrial news is all very important if you expect to trade profitably, making this a very important feature. Something else about this software you might appreciate is that it also comes with a full charting solution, which is definitely a bonus that helps make life a bit easier when it comes to Forex and cryptocurrency trading.


Cryptotrixi First Real Profits – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the Cryptotrixi trading app definitely appears to be profitable, and we have proof of that. Today, we placed 2 Forex trades with it, both turned out to be winners for a 100% ITM rate, and we banked well over 200 Euros, with virtually no effort or work at all. Remember folks, signing up for this software is fast, easy, and free.

The signals provided, both Forex and cryptocurrency, are very accurate, easy to deal with, and should lead to profits. The platform itself, which we will be talking about in greater detail later on, is quite intuitive and user friendly. We would absolutely recommend testing out the Cryptotrixi trading software for yourself, because we think that you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.



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