If you like investing in initial coin offerings for crypto, don’t get excited about this ETHBot ICO. We have tons of proof that it is a scam, while the system offers no proof that it is the real deal. This is our ETHBot review and we are about to shut this junk initial coin offering down once and for all.





The first thing that came to our attention about this ETHBot initial coin offering is that it is completely lacking of leadership. Well, there are obviously people behind this ICO, but they have done their best to keep themselves hidden in a shroud of anonymity. In other words, these crooks have gone out of their way to make sure that we never find out who they are.

Never once on the website are we informed of who is in charge here. To say the very least, this is extremely suspicious and it makes this ETHBot system seem very unreliable and dishonest. Unless there is something illegal going on, there is no good reason for any leaders of any cryptocurrency ICO to keep themselves hidden from us.

Clearly there is something illegal and fraudulent going on here, or else the owners of this cryptocurrency initial coin offering would not have a problem with letting us know who they are. It is important to note that you should never trust any kind of anonymous crypto ICO or trading system. If you do not know whose hands are holding your money, there is no way that trust can be established. The ETHBot ICO scam is known for stealing money from people, and because it is anonymous, it is impossible to get that money back, not ever.

ETHBot ICO – A Non-Existent Company

Another thing that stood out to us about this ETHBot initial coin offering scam is that the company itself does not appear to be real in any way, shape, or form. The website states that this company is registered in the UK. However, there is literally zero evidence or proof that can confirm this. There are no documents shown to us. Moreover, we did quite a bit of snooping around and came up totally empty. From what we can tell, this ETHBot company is not at all real.

It is not registered in the UK at all. The only place where this business exists is on the website itself. All of the contact details and the address provided on the official website are phony. We tried contacting these guys through all of the listed contact methods and we were not able to get ahold of anybody at all. This is very suspicious and it is yet another sign that this ETHBot system is indeed a total rip off.




At the same time, it is also apparent that this initial coin offering is not licensed at all, especially not to take investments from people. A person cannot just start a company, such as an ICO, and start taking investments from people. Taking investments, reinvesting that money, and providing financial advice, all things which this ETHBot software claims to do, are financial activities that require regulation and licensing.

However, no licensing agency would provide this obvious scam with the right to steal money from you. Yes, these criminals are taking money from people, but they are not investments per say. What we mean is that these clowns never actually invest your money into anything. They simply take it for themselves and do whatever it is that criminals like to do with stolen cash.


Yet another thing that is very suspicious here is that there is no evidence of any cryptocurrency trading going on. The claim here is that the ETHBot ICO will generate your returns through automated cryptocurrency trading.

However, there is simply not a single shred of proof which shows us that this ETHBot trading platform actually exists. There are no screenshots of the software and there is no mention of any kind of coherent trading strategy or algorithm. Even worse is that there is also not a single piece of proof to show that anybody has ever made a profit with this automated cryptocurrency trading bot.

When it comes down to it, it seems as though this is all just a big ruse, a simple and false explanation as to how this ETHBot program will provide you with an ROI. It is not true at all and you will never get any kind of return on your investment here.




ETHBot Initial Coin Offering – IMPOSSIBLE ROI!

The most ridiculous aspect of this ETHBot ICO is the claim of being able to make such huge profits with little to no effort on our behalf. For instance, the “best” investment package requires a $10,000 investment and will provide a 2% return per day for 100 days, until we get our money back. Well, a daily 2% ROI rate is ludicrous. These guys would not make any money at all, and in fact, they would lose their money just through payouts to investors alone. Making that kind of cash is not likely, not in the least.




Also, we are told that we will get a 60% ICO investment bonus if we invest $10,000. That means that any investors who invests $10,000 would get $6,000 for nothing at all. Hmm, well, this is another ridiculous claim. Once again, the ETHBot ICO would lose a ton of money and go bankrupt doing this.

This is beside that fact that nobody just gives away money, especially not that amount. Furthermore, the fact that everybody and anybody we have come into contact with, who has gotten involved with this ETHBot ICO, says that their money is now gone. Folks, this is a rip off and it is intended to take money from you, not to help you make more of it.



ETHBot Scam Review – Conclusion

The ETHBot initial coin offering is a scam, a rip off, and an exercise in thievery of epic proportions. It serves the sole purpose of stealing money from you just so the anonymous criminals running the show can live comfortably.




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