Elite Entrepreneur Club Review: SCAM!


The Elite Entrepreneur Club is a new cryptocurrency trading system that will rip you off. It may look like an attractive option at first, but oh boy how looks can be deceiving. These crooks would have you believe that the Elite Entrepreneur Club system will make you a millionaire, which is nothing more than a massive lie. This is the Elite Entrepreneur Club scam review and we are here to make sure that innocent people like you stay away from this terrible trading app.



Elite Entrepreneur Club App – Who Is In Charge?

One of the biggest telltale signs that the Elite Entrepreneur Club system is a scam is that we have no idea who is running the show. This is a completely anonymous cryptocurrency trading scam where the real owners are choosing to remain hidden out of sight. This is never a good sign. They never tell us their names or anything else which would help us identify them. Folks, you can never trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency trading app that wants you to hand over your money.

Your money will inevitably go missing and because this Elite Entrepreneur Club app is anonymous, you can never take any legal action against them. There is only one good reason for these guys to keep their identities a secret and it is because they know darn well that they are stealing money from good folks like yourselves. They just don’t want to get caught for this fraudulent Elite Entrepreneur Club system and spend time in prison.


Elite Entrepreneur Club System – A Fake Company

Something else that we know for a fact is that the Elite Entrepreneur Club company is totally fake. We checked pretty much every relevant business registry in the world and nowhere is this company registered.

We are provided with some contact details and an address, but they are both completely bogus as well. These crooks try to make people think that the company is real and legit, but that is simply not the case. This is an empty shell with nothing inside of it at all. The company is totally non-existent.


Elite Entrepreneur Club Software – Unlicensed

Yet another scam factor about this Elite Entrepreneur Club app that we discovered is that it is not licensed to trade, take investments from people, or provide you with any kind of cryptocurrency signals. Signals provision and this kind of crypto trading program need to be properly licensed. This is not something that just anybody can do and create. Without the proper licensing, these Elite Entrepreneur Club crooks cannot legally take money from you.

However, they clearly are taking money from people without the proper licensing. We looked these guys up and they are definitely not licensed. No real life and sane licensing agency would ever grant these guys the right to literally steal money from you. Since the Elite Entrepreneur Club company is non-existent, anonymous, and packed to the brim with lies, there is no chance in hell that it could ever get a license to engage in these cryptocurrency trading activities.  


Elite Entrepreneur Club Program – Ridiculous Profits

The next red flag that came to our attention is that the Elite Entrepreneur Club system promises massive gains without any evidence of such. These crooks claim that you can earn up to $4K or $5K per day with this system. Moreover, they also claim that this Elite Entrepreneur Club app is loss free, or in other words, it pretty much never loses a single trade. Sure, this would be awesome if it were true, but obviously it cannot be true at all.

Even the best of the best crypto trading systems in the world cannot win all of the trades placed. Sure, achieving an 80% or 90% accuracy rate is doable, but not 100%. That is simply impossible no matter what angle you look at this scam from. Moreover, even if this system were as accurate as it claims, there is no way that it could make $5,000 per day, every single day. Yeah, this system claims to be able to make money 7 days per week. However, that is also a lie because markets are closed on the weekends.

Moreover, we are also never informed of which coins this system trades in. We are never told of any kind of real trading strategies used by the Elite Entrepreneur Club system, nor are we told about any kind of underlying algorithms or market analysis tools. The bottom line is that you will never be able to make any kind of profit with this Elite Entrepreneur Club scam app. Furthermore, nobody has ever been able to make a successful withdrawal of money from this system, thus putting the final nail in the coffin of this cryptocurrency trading scam.


Elite Entrepreneur Club Trading App – Lies & More Lies!

We discovered quite a few other lies told to us by these Elite Entrepreneur Club crooks, so we may as well tell you all about them too.

  • On the Elite Entrepreneur Club website, it is claimed that several high caliber and reputable news outlets have had feature pieces about this crypto trading system. However, we went to Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and BBC, none of which have ever put up a story about this system. Claiming to be featured on these sites is a trick, a lie, and an illegitimate way to make you think that this system has any kind of merit to it.
  • We are also told that the Elite Entrepreneur Club system only has 50 spots remaining. However, this is just a common marketing pressure tactic meant to get you to sign up before you really consider the consequences. There are not only 50 spots left, mainly because these criminals want to screw as many people out of as much money as humanly possible.


Elite Entrepreneur Club Scam Review – Conclusion

Please folks, stay away from this Elite Entrepreneur Club scam system. It has the sole purpose of stealing money from people and that includes you!




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