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If you have not yet tried the Easy Trade App autotrader, it is a reliable and successful automated trading system for Forex, crypto, & more. With that being said, making profits is not foolproof, which is why we are here today. Let’s go over the most important Easy Trade App trading rules you need to follow!

Easy Trade App Program – Stay Away From The Martingale Method

One of the most important things to note here is that this software is best used for short term trades and scalping trades. Yes, the Easy Trade App system is highly reliable and profitable, but you do need to be careful with it, especially when it comes to long term trades. Here you can choose from various trading methods. These all have different risk levels, different profit potentials, and the trades take different amounts of time to close as well.

What you need to remember here is that this Easy Trade App system needs to be used for short term trades. What this means is that you want to use only the CLASSIC METHOD and the FIBONACCI METHOD! These are reliable, profitable, and ideal for short term profits. However, unless you have your heart set on making big long term trades, STAY AWAY FROM THE MARTINGALE TRADING METHOD! It’s long term, it’s risky, and for most people it just isn’t worth it.

Easy Trade App System – Trade During Recommended Hours

One mistake which people seem to make a lot when trading with this Easy Trade App autotrader is to trade during the wrong hours. Yes, this is a thing, because when using any autotrader, whether for Forex or crypto, there are always recommended trading hours. The case here is that you should always stick to trading between 9 AM and 7 PM.

This is when the market is at its peak during the day, when it’s the most active, volatile, and provides you with the biggest profit potential. Please to keep in mind that this time window is for the GMT time zone. If you live in any other time zone, you need to make the appropriate adjustments to match your trading window to this one we just discussed. DO NOT TRADE OUTSIDE OF RECOMMENDED TRADING HOURS!

Easy Trade App Software – Stick To Forex & Currencies For Now

Yet another Easy Trade App trading rule you need to keep in mind is that for the time being, you probably want to stick to trading Forex and currencies. The fact of the matter is that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a really rough time over the last months. Their values have been steadily dropping and they do not make for very profitable trading.

Now, if you really feel the need to do so, you can trade with Bitcoin, but only if the value of Bitcoin has increased for the day, and is projected to increase more for the rest of the day. Unless Bitcoin’s value is set to increase, you need to stick to Forex and currency trading. At this time, trading crypto just really is not worth the trouble.

Easy Trade App Autotrader – A Good Lot Size To Stick With

The next Easy Trade App trading rule to keep in mind here is that you want to choose a lot size of 0.01. Yes, this is not very large, but this is what we would recommend. Trading with larger lot sizes and larger orders can be profitable, but it is also quite risky.

If you are not really an experienced trader, trading with a lot size over 0.01 can be very dangerous and fatal to the wellbeing of your trading capital. Yeah, you can increase lot size as you make good money and as you gain experience. However, unless you have some good experience under your belt, A LOT SIZE OF 0.01 should be how you trade.

Easy Trade App Software – 3 BULL NEWS

Of course, when trading with this Easy Trade App system, or with any other autotrader, you need to keep an eye out for 3 Bull News. This is extremely important. You can check for 3 Bull News by visiting investing.com.

Go to the economic calendar tab and choose the time zone in which you reside. This is very important because if you do not choose the right time zone for your economic calendar, the information you get will not match your time zone. This can end up in disaster. The rule of thumb here is that you JUST SHOULD NEVER TRADE DURING 3 BULL NEWS!

Easy Trade App System – The Success Rate

Yet another Easy Trade App rule to keep in mind is to always keep an eye on the so called success rate. The success rate is a special tool featured in this Easy Trade App system. This is a percentage which is displayed to you, and it is displayed for all currency pairings and trading assets.

For example, the EUR/USD pair might have a success rate of 80%. This is very good as it indicates that placing this trade has an 80% chance of turning out profitable. However, if you see a pairing with a success rate under 75%, do not trade with it. NEVER TRADE WITH ANY ASSET WITH A SUCCESS RATE UNDER 75%!

Easy Trade App Autotrader – Keep An Eye On Charts

The other thing that you want to do before you start trading is to keep an eye on the 1 minute and 5 minute charts. This is something which is explained well in the video we have included here. DON’T FORGET YOUR SUPPORT & RESISTANCE LINES!


Easy Trade App Trading Rules – Final Thoughts

So, here we are folks. If you follow these Easy Trade App trading rules, you should have no problem making some good money with this autotrader. It’s a fine program to use, maybe not the best in the world, but it does have proven results. Please follow the tips we have outlined here, because they could very well lead to huge profits!

Easy Trade App

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