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It is finally time, because a brand new trading application for Forex, crypto, and more has just been released. We have to say that we have been waiting for a good few months now for a new autotrader to be released. We really could not be any happier that this new Easy Trade App software for automated trading has finally been released. It has been advertised for quite a while now, and after a long wait, it is finally available for use.

The fact of the matter is that day trading is not the easiest thing in the world, especially if you plan on making big money. However, there are applications like this Easy Trade App autotrader that can help make your life much easier. We have heard lots of good things about this brand new automated trading platform. Usually, we are pretty weary of new automated trading systems like this, but the Easy Trade App program does seem to be the real deal.

Easy Trade App

We are here today to introduce you to this new automated trading app. The main purpose of our Easy Trade App review is to provide you with some solid information about this autotrader, the most important things that you need to know about it. If you are on the hunt for a new trading platform, one that can handle all kinds of assets, and allows for both manual and automatic trading, we would definitely recommend taking a closer look at the Easy Trade App platform. Let’s get to it and find out what this new trading system is all about.

Easy Trade App Software – Full Auto & Manual Trading Modes

Something that you probably want to know about this Easy Trade App system is how you can actually trade with it. Well, the beauty about this brand new automated trading platform is that it comes with multiple options for you to choose from. What we mean is that the Easy Trade App program comes with a fully automated trading mode as well as a manual trading mode.

Easy Trade App

Now, the fully automated mode comes with all of the signals provided for you just like that. What is nice about this mode is that you can just turn the Easy Trade App on, let it run, and it will execute trades on your behalf. You can choose the risk level, investment amounts, and other important parameter, but you do not have to execute trades manually or do any research at all. This is great for beginners because you can just turn the Easy Trade App system on and let it make money for you.

Easy Trade App

Just to touch on the whole risk level thing, this Easy Trade App software allows you to choose from 3 different trading strategies. These are the classic strategy, the Fibonacci strategy, and the Martingale strategy. The classic is the low risk strategy with small profits, small but relatively assured. The Fibonacci strategy is a medium risk strategy, but also has medium profit potential. The Martingale strategy comes with the most risk of loss, but it also comes with the largest potential for big profits.

However, the Easy Trade App system also comes with a semi-automated trading mode, which is also known as the manual trading mode. The big difference here is that the manual mode requires you to execute each trade separately. The good thing here is that it allows for a higher degree control over your specific trades. Yes, you do have to know a thing or two about day trading, but this manual mode is great for experts who want to exert a lot of control over trades.

Easy Trade App Signals & Assets To Trade

Something else you might be wondering about the Easy Trade App autotrader is what you can actually trade with it. Well, what we definitely like here is that this program can be used to trade a plethora of assets. The fact is that most trading applications out there are only designed for 1 or maybe 2 specific asset types.

It can be a pain in the neck if you want to trade various asset types. However, this Easy Trade App autotrader comes with pretty much all day trading assets you could imagine. Here you can trade Forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and even more. This is really quite impressive, something we are fairly happy about.

Easy Trade App

Furthermore, the pure quantity of signals for trading which are provided here is awesome. There are over 270 different FX, crypto, indices, stocks, and commodities that you can trade with here. You will get over 70 recommended signals each and every single day, the best ones to trade with. What we think is that the Easy Trade App autotrader is a fantastic trading program if you want a lot of high quality signals and a diverse array of assets to work with.

Easy Trade App Autotrader – Web Based & Mobile Trading

Yet another aspect of the Easy Trade App system that you might like is that as long as you have the extension for Google Chrome or Firefox, you can easily use it. Yes, that is right, the best way to use this automated trading program is on your computer, using the web based platform. It is definitely very reliable, up to date, and responsive, not to mention very easy to maneuver as well. However, not everybody has time to trade from home while sitting in front of their computer.

Easy Trade App

This is the beauty about the Easy Trade App system, because it also comes with a stellar mobile platform. The really cool part here is that the mobile version of Easy Trade App software works on all modern smart phones. It does not matter what brand or operating system you have, as long as it is a relatively new and good working smart phone, this trading application can be used on it. It is really convenient because it means that you can trade on the go, even if you are not at home sitting in front of your computer.

How To Get Started With The Easy Trade App Autotrader

Now that you know just how good this Easy Trade App program is, you probably want to know how to sign up for it. Yes, this is easily done. Just follow the steps we have outlined below, and you will be able to start making money with this Easy Trade App autotrader in no time at all.

  1. Follow the links for the Easy Trade App which we have provided here within this review.
  2. Once you get to the site, you will see a few links where you can create your account for free. Click on the link.
  3. Now you will need to fill out a bunch of personal information, and then verify your account using the email address you provided. You will also need to download the extension for this app, but this is easily done and is all outlined in the instructions.
  4. Once you have created your Easy Trade App account, you will be automatically assigned a broker. You need a broker to trade, so now you have to go to the broker’s website and create an account with that same broker, if you do not already have an account.
  5. Once the broker account is set up, you can fund your trading account with real money and finally start trading.

One thing that you need to be aware of at this time is that the Easy Trade App system does not allow you to choose brokers. You will be automatically assigned a broker when you open up your account. This is no flaw of this trading platform, as this is how pretty much all pieces of trading software work.

Also, in case you have any issues with this Easy Trade App software, there is a great 24/7 customer support system as well. You can contact the support staff through email, by phone, or by using the live chat. The crew here is very knowledgeable and will do everything in their power to help solve any issues that you may be experiencing.

Easy Trade App Review – Summary

We do have to say that we are very pleasantly impressed by this brand new Easy Trade App autotrader and everything it can do. When it comes down to it, we think that this is the number one trading platform in the world at this time. This is true both for beginners and more experienced traders alike.

After all, coming with so many assets to choose from, so many different trading strategies, a full auto and a manual mode, plus so much more, makes it a great deal no doubt. The fact of the matter is that at this time, we would not recommend any other automated trading system over the Easy Trade App program. If you want to make healthy profits through day trading, we would absolutely recommend signing up for this particular signals provider and platform.

Easy Trade App

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